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Dating A Flight Attendant: The Ups And Downsides

Critical Things To Know Before You Date a Flight Attendant

They are pretty, gorgeous, presentable, classy, and there is no doubt that they are among the nicest of ladies you can find. However, have you taken your time to discover what it means to be dating a flight attendant?

Perhaps you may also be dating another man or woman who is exclusive to another profession and feel you have it all. Wait until I tell you what you are missing if she is not a flight attendant! Before I continue, you should also bear in mind that dating a flight attendant also has some negativities. However, let’s first look at the positive sides.


I am Dating A Flight Attendant: Benefits

1. They are Hot

Flight attendants are naturally beautiful; I mean hot. It is a known fact that all flight stewards and stewardesses look like supermodels. This is because beautiful ladies are more attractive, and that makes it requirements that profession.

Like a beauty pageant, one undergoes rigorous screening before being admitted to a flight attendant training institute. Some of the requirements are her physical features such as skin tone, weight, height, and neatness.


So even before one comes out as a qualified flight attendant, you are sure that she is hot. How will you feel being the partner of such a person?

2. They are Courteous

The airline industry is a very competitive one, and there is no room for flaws or disrespect to customers. Just one mist can cause an airline to lose a customer.

This is why the flight attendant who is the first point of call for all customers boarding a flight must be well mannered. Good manner is a requirement of all flight attendants, and in fact, they are being taught in school. This makes them able to relate to all manner of people.


This means you can take her to any high-profile program without having to think twice. In an actual sense, you are more than good to go as she will know how to carry herself throughout the program.

3. They are Caring

Due to the nature of their work, flight attendants become naturally caring. As they work in the industry for a long period, they develop a caring attitude in their relationship with customers.

She can, therefore, replicate this when it comes to her dating life. She will pamper and spoil you in your home. Actually, she knows the right buttons to press and what exactly to do to make you happy.


4. Hardworking

Let me also add that flight attendant are also very hardworking and will go to all lengths to keep your home clean. Of course! They love to work.

When they are off airline duties, they find it hard sitting idle. Hence, they channel all that energy into doing chores and other stuff in the house. Who doesn’t want a hardworking lady?

5. Financially Sound

With high economic standards and having more to achieve in this modern era, no one wants a dependent partner. The ideal thing is that at least each partner has a paying job so that both can contribute to running their home. Dating a flight attendant means not all responsibilities would be on your shoulders as she can also contribute. So at least your wallet will be safe from overspending regarding paying bills, providing for the house, and taking care of your partner’s basic needs. A flight attendant’s salary is awesome!

The Downsides or Cons of Dating a Flight Attendant

Okay, enough of the fairy tales, now let’s face reality. As often said to every coin, there are two sides, you may have heard of the bright side of having a flight attendant as a partner, and now it’s time to consider the dark side.

6. Prepare for Long Misses

Dating a flight attendant means living a lonely life, and that is ironic. Due to their busy work schedules, most flight attendants tend to spend more time in the air than at home, and it even gets worse during the festive seasons such as Christmas due to high patronage by travelers. Therefore, before you opt for a flight attendant, be ready to handle some amount of loneliness.

7. Doing House Chores on Your Own

You went in for the beauty and class with all the goodies that come with now, so now prepare to do the home chores. She will be away most of the time, and you will be left home alone to do the laundry, cleaning, and cooking all by yourself.

In a relationship where kids are involved, it means you will have to either employ a nanny or take care of the kids and their grooming, which can be very stressful for a working man.

8. They can be Promiscuous

Digging further deep, it is an open secret that most flight attendants are promiscuous. They travel to different countries and meet different men who are probably hotter and financially sound than you. Remember that not all women can say no to such men. In addition, being long from home means being sexually starved, so to satisfy their sexual desires, they can hook onto other men.

9. They can be Bossy if they Earn more than You

Being a flight attendant is a lucrative job. Apart from their usual monthly pay, some attendants get tips from passengers, and that really increases their purse.


So if she earns more than you do, there is a high tendency to become bossy and try to control you. As we all know, money is power, and once she has it, she may dominate in control. That is not to say that there are no exceptions.

10. They are always Stressed Up

My final point has to do with stress. Stress is a powerful enemy of workers of all sorts. It can make one moody and hyperactive with the least confrontation. The stress from the flight and all other related issues would be dumped on you when she returns home.

This can put pressure on the relationship and drain the happiness from it. In conclusion, I believe all the above are things worthy of consideration before you make that move to date a flight attendant.

It must be said that there are exceptions to the above-listed points due to personal and cultural differences. Hence, relationships with a flight attendant may well be different than expressed above or perhaps exactly as stated.

Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Hence, one must take his chance and learn how to strike a balance in everything when falling in love with a flight attendant.

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