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Crystal Magic – Crystals With Water Elemental Properties

Crystal Magic – Crystals With Water Elemental Properties

In this article we will take a look at a few crystals used in magickal rituals that belong to the water element.

Crystal Associations

Psychic, Telepathy, Fortune Telling, Emotions, Healing, Water, Ocean, Dreams, Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra), Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)


#1. Amethyst

This stone is well-known for it’s connection to spirituality, and can be very powerful in assisting you in overcoming addictions. As a balancing stone of water, it can level out your emotions and serve as a great assistance in transformation. Additionally it can be used to drown out negative energies, washing them clean.


#2. Aquamarine

The aquamarine stone is used to help attune one to our spiritual awareness, and work as a shield for our aura and higher self. It allows you to travel within, and allow you to open up your spiritual energies and open your awareness. It is also known to help you maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.


#3. Azurite

Azurite, stone of heaven, useful in developing our psychic abilities and intuition. Used as a focus, it can be a powerful assistant in meditation, helping one reach the state and bring about prophesy and divination. Can also be used to help cleanse the third eye chakra and bring about balance if it is chaotic.


#4. Blue Calcite

The watery energies inherent in it’s color allows the opening of the way for expression of our emotions and for leeching out the pain associated with them. This stone is excellent for aligning our energies and grounding off the excess.

#5. Blue Lace Agate

This stones light blue colors help serve to bring a certain peacefulness to those that grasp it in their hand. The natural layering of the stone lends its energy well to us traveling between the different states of consciousness, leading to stronger intuition and knowledge of our deeper and higher selves. It is a stone most useful in assisting with dream travel, and astral projection.

#6. Blue Tourmaline

Also known as Indicolite, this stone strengthens our communication and opens psychic pathways in the mind. It can help you in your relationships, bringing a kindness and understanding to them whether they are of romantic or merely familial natures. It serves as an excellent conduit for energy, since it can transmit but not store it.


#7. Celestite

Celestite, as its name implies, is tied to the heaves, but most of all to the powers of emotion. Like water to the soil, it can aid your growth and increase the flow of creativity, honesty, and clear communication between you and others by washing away the impediments.

#8. Chalcedony

This stone comes in a veritable panorama of hues, and is often banded with these colors in appearance. It can be translucent, and bears a close relationship to Quartzes and Carnelian. It will enhance our inner goodness, makes us more responsive, and properly applied can encourage the generosity of others.

#9. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla, with its deep blue colors, helps to ease pain from emotional turmoil. It can expand your ability to love again by washing away the pain from those that ha come before, and can help you remain without stress in the face of those things that generate negativity. Properly applied it can purify your home.

#10. Lapis Lazuli

This stone will bring peace to your life, opening up your heart chakra, easing a troubled mind, and clearing the way for wisdom to take it’s place. The deep blue of this color borders on indigo, and as such serves to assist in the opening of the crown chakra as well, opening the eye, and bringing us into the realm of intuition, greater virility, and honesty.

#11. Moonstone

This stones very color is reminiscent of the celestial body from which it gets its’ name, and in turn infuses it with the powers of the water that body controls. As such this stone brings about a great deal of intuition in the person bearing it, and opens up our ability to give and receive emotional input. Additionally, with its lunar associations, it can help with the menstrual cycle, bringing ease to it.

#12. Pearl

This jewel of the sea is unique in that it is not formed within the earth, but within the body of another living creature. As such they are calming and centering, bringing about a great sense of truth, loyalty, and accountability. It is often seen as a stone of inner wisdom.

#13. Sapphire

This deep blue carborundum brings about the desire for divine contact, and as such can bring about a deeper spiritual devotion and assist in prayer. The stone will bring about prosperity in those areas of our lives that matter, opening psychic abilities, facilitating joy and happiness, and assisting in our general health.

#14. Selenite

This stone has a most unusual appearance, having deep layers of fibrous appearance, and promoting mental clarity and openness. It can provide us with the ability to be flexible in the face of adversity, and can encourage good business practices in those around us, and within ourselves. It can remove energy blocks and overall clear away the obstructions.

#15. Sodalite

Sodalite is a blue stone interspersed with veins of white, and can open the pathway between your head and heart chakras. It will open up the lanes of logic, rationality, and consciousness, while opening us up to the powers of wisdom, and healing. When called on to bring about peace, this stone is a good one to carry, being well-known for its ability to facilitate mediation.

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