Douglas MacArthur Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

U.S. Army

Douglas MacArthur

Birthday :

January 26, 1880

Died On :

April 5, 1964

Birth Place :

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Marked as “the chosen one,” Douglas MacArthur served as the Allied Force Commander. An American warrior, he was highly known for his apt skills during WWI, WWII Pacific War, and The Korean War. In other words, he acted as the leading General of different states.


Douglas MacArthur was a real Ninja in the making. Not only was he known for his distinctions but also sincerity. He loved to travel to and fro, but he didn’t forget about his daily work. Acting as the leader of several army groups, MacArthur took risks whether his team obliged or not. Getting his hands dirty was his routine. MacArthur lived in the present hence directing each member to facts. He focused on his central text; “working hard and playing hard later.” From the heart, he hated pretenders and lazy people. His motive was to inspire and lead others comprehensively. Even after his demise over a decade ago, he is still a global icon.


Early And Childhood Life

MacArthur was first seen in the world on 26th January 1880. He spent his childhood life in Little Rock, Arkansas. His two senior siblings were his guiding light as he was growing up. He also spent ample time with his mother, Mary MacArthur. His father, Douglas MacArthur was a renowned Army Captain in the U.S.

At nine years of age, MacArthur's father took his family with him, Washington D.C where he worked. Douglas MacArthur was enrolled at Force Public School. During his free time, MacArthur learned several army skills including, riding on a horse and shooting. In 1893 his father was stationed in Texas. His son joined him where he attended West Military Academy. At his teen, Arthur Jr. entered the U.S Military Academy. Little did the lad know he would graduate with first honors. To his surprise, he was one of the high ranking cadets at that time.



Gaijin’s career started with high hopes. In 1903 he found himself as a U.S Army Corps Junior Officer. Afterward, he was appointed as a 2nd Lieutenant. After a few hurdles of life and hard work, Douglas MacArthur triumph knocked in 1905. The same year he took the initiative as Pacific Chief Engineer and 2nd Battalion in Washington. As years passed, he turned into a mega deal across the globe. First, he acted as an Engineer Officer and Commanding Assistant Officer.

Forty Second Infantry Division (Rainbow) was unleashed in 1917 in Germany. He commissioned the State’s guard to form this army after the declaration of the German war. In short, his accordance was Major Colonel of the Unit and Chief of Staff.

Being a sport’s lover, MacArthur saw himself as leading man of the American Olympic Committee. During President Franklin Roosevelt rule, Douglas MacArthur was appointed as the military advisor. In the mid of 1941, he made several attempts to prevent Japanese from entering the Philippines land. Later on, Japanese invasion came to light.

From 1942 to 1951, MacArthur took several military fields. Major ones include being the Supreme Commander of Southwest Pacific and Allied Powers, United Nation military forces and so forth. After serving for over a decade, President Harry Truman started to question his fighting skills and intelligence. Before long, MacArthur found himself off the hook, and his career became a bygone.


Major Works & Achievements

MacArthur had his lion share as far as his father was concerned. He would more so be recalled for his endurance as a Brigadier General during the WW1. His consistency and hard work were seen in the course of WWII (Pacific War).

MacArthur achievements are visible even to the unknown. While still studying at the Military establishment, he received a gold medal. He was also a receiver of a Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Medal of Honor and Navy Medal. He closed the awarding deal with Sylvanus Thayer decoration for his exemplary service around the nation-state.


Personal Life & Legacy

For nine years, MacArthur lived with his wife; a socialite, Louise Brooks till they parted ways in 1929. He then married Jean Faircloth in 1937, and the couple had a son called Douglas MacArthur focused his later life in Olympics. He fell in love with sports till his demise on 5th April 1964. Down the memory lane, both the son and father were accorded with this prestigious award- The Medal of Honor.

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