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Benjamin Holt

Birthday :

January 1, 1849

Died On :

December 5, 1920

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Concord, New Hampshire, United States of America

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It is quite skeptical that San Joaquin County in California was known as the central seat of government. This was regarding proper infrastructure, industrialization and most of all 1848 to 1849s Gold Rush. But it was due to the re-cultivation of ample acidic and boggy like soil that turned the San Joaquin Delta into an irrigated land. The outcome allocated the freeway for expensive machinery that eminent masterminds and tycoons like Benjamin Holt and Robert G. Le Tourneau filled with pride.

Childhood and Early life

Paul Revere shared the same date of birth and month with Benjamin Lorey Holt who was born on January 1; 1849. Benjamin spent his childhood days in his motherland in Concord, California. He was a native of the quarries and The Granite State in New Hampshire. His mother was called Harriet Parker Holt while his father William K. was a resounding businessman. The local schools from his neighborhood accommodated his early and late education. He attended Tilton, N.H where he later joined New London Institution.

In 1868 Benjamin Holt teamed up with his brother, Harrison where they established the manufacturing company of hubs and wagon spokes. He also created his own industrial company in Concord that significantly added more output in the manufacture of running gears and wheels. Here he resumed his business for a decade. He managed to build-up promising trade as well as becoming a famous commercial dealer.


Later Life

From 1849 to 1920 Benjamin Holt became the president of his own company, Holt Manufacturing Company of Stockton. His work was credited far and beyond since he designed quality products of Caterpillar. His three brothers followed him where they launched their family business in San Francisco. A Stockton Wheel Company was formed in 1883. Here they dealt with wooden wagon wheels as well as manufacturing the steam traction engines.

For the reputation of his business, Benjamin Holt opted to do a Caterpillar test near his company in 1904. Luckily the Caterpillar penetrated through the thick soils where it came to be used in a road building and agricultural purposes. For durability, Benjamin had to change the design of the traction engine. Luckily the machine worked as expected all winter.

Early in 1906, the Holt Company managed to sell his first track-type traction engine (Caterpillar). In the mid of the same year, Holt partnered with his nephew, Pliny Holt where they produced the first gasoline-powered caterpillar. His company formed a statutory corporation with the Aurora Engine Company. In two years’ time, Holt’s company had already sold thousands of Caterpillars as compared to the wheeled steam traction engines.


Personal Life

In 1890 Benjamin Holt married Miss Anna Brown, a miner. The couple was blessed with five children. While death was not meant to be celebrated but Benjamin’s end knocked on December 5, 1920.The entire community was shocked by the sudden news. The brainpower of the great-great inventor was still bright and lively to the latter. Even though death came to close his eyes, he will forever be remembered as an industrious and diligent entrepreneur.

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