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Anna Comnena

Birthday :

December 1, 1083

Died On :


Also Known For :

Greek Princess

Birth Place :

Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey

Zodiac Sign :


Although she called it quit the world in 1153 AD, Anna Comnena still lives in our midst. Her presence is always felt when someone utters her indelible name. She first rose to fame as a Greek princess and later on, she was regarded as a resounding scholar. The polymath came after writing a biographical and historical text called Alexiad. The tome explained her father’s reign called the Byzantine Empire. As a result, it became easier to define and describe the 1080s War of the Normans to the last slumber of Alexius.

Anna received a strict upbringing hence she received the best education and life. Above all, intelligence and ambitions escalated her beautiful soul. Although she was adorned as a Greek princess after his father’s death, she resigned before the end of her tenure. Only because of her husband, Bryennios despised the rank. It was there that she opted to concentrate on history and philosophy.

Childhood and Early Life

Anna Comnena was first seen in the world on 1st, December 1083 in Porphyra Chamber, Constantinople, and Byzantine Empire. Anna’s father, Alexios I Komnenos was the acting Emperor of Byzantium. Her mother was called Irene Doukaina. Comnena’s father ruled Byzantine for three decades. As she grew up, she loved to spend time with his dearest father as well as her younger sibling. During her day, noble women received a quality education. As a result, Anna didn’t get the left anomalies, but she fitted in every field.

Her parents did everything beyond their power to makes sure that their eldest child learned a wide array of subjects. Just to mention but a few, Anna Comnena studied medicine, astronomy, mathematics, literature, and history. Above anything else, she loved medicine.


Later Life

Anna Comnena was lucky to attain a highly-prestigious name in her teenage life. She loved to read and write old poems. Her father sensed her intellectual and humanitarian skills. In that note, he established a sizable orphanage and hospital that accumulated over 10,000 orphans and patients. It was an advantage to her since she loved everything that dealt with medicine.

Since inception and her teenage life, Anna knew that she would once come to rule the Byzantine Empire. However, hell broke loose when his younger brother John II Komnenos took over as the next heir in 1902. Anna was devastated to the core, thanks to her mother’s comfort that she allowed her brother to take the throne.

In 1112 Comnena’s father was diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, and he was unable to rule his empire. It was there that he allowed his wife, Irene to manage his administration. After some time Irene gave the realm to Nikephoros Bryennios who in turn came to marry Anna Comnena.

With Comnena’s medical experience, he helped many physicians to take care of his father’s health. Unfortunately, he closed his eyes in 1118 where Anna’s younger brother was ordained as the next emperor in line. However, Anna and her mother, Irene wanted to get rid of him, but her husband watched them at a distance. They aimed to blackmail him without anyone’s consent.

As time and months passed, Anna Comnena's conspiracy was uncovered. As a result, she didn’t have any other choice than to retire together with her husband. Unfortunately, Nikephoros passed away in 1137 and Irene along with her daughter retired from the court.

While living in the nunnery, Anna took the time to study history and philosophy. It was there that he wrote the Alexiad memoir. It was the only work that explained the political views during his father’s tenure.


Personal Life and Legacy

At first, Anna Comnena got engaged to Constantine Doukas, the son of Michael VII and Maria of Alania. But Doukas died before marrying Anna. In 1907 she came to marry a young man called Nikephoros Bryennios. The union had four children named Alexios, John, Irene, and Maria. At 70 years of age, Anna breathed her last in 1153 AD.

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