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Famous Events For February 11

Famous Events For February 11 – Today In History

February 11: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – February 11  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 11th Feb 1531: Following the split with Rome, Henry VIII was recognized as the supreme head of the Church in England.
2. 11th Feb 1543: Ethiopia/Portuguese troops beat the Muslim army in the battle of Wayna Daga.
3. 11th Feb 1543: The French covenant was on this day signed by Karel/Henry VIII.
4. 11th Feb 1575: On this day King Fredrick of Denmark offered the island of Hveen to astronomer Tycho Brahe.
5. 11th Feb 1659: On this day Swedish forces which assaulted Copenhagen were beaten back with heavy losses.


18th Century – What Happened on February 11 – The 1700s

6. 11th Feb 1720: The 2nd Treaty of Stockholm a peace treaty was signed on this day by Sweden and Prussia.
7. 11th Feb 1766: Stamp Act was declared unconstitutional in Virginia on this day.
8. 11th Feb 1790: Congress on this day was petitioned for the abolition of slavery by the Society of Friends.
9. 11th Feb 1794: The first session of the US Senate was held on this day. It was open to the public.

19th Century – February 11 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 11th Feb 1809: The steamboat was patented by Robert Fulton on this day.
11. 11th Feb 1811: Trade with Britain was prohibited by President Madison on this day. It was the third time such a prohibition was imposed in four years.
12. 11th Feb 1814: Norway was on this day proclaimed as Independent.


13. 11th Feb 1826: The University College London was founded on this day. Till 1936 it was known as London University.
14. 11th Feb 1836: The American Physiological Society was organized on this day in Boston.
15. 11th Feb 1852: The first British female toilet was on this day opened on Bedford Street in London.
16. 11th Feb 1854: Coal gas lamps were used for the first time to light major streets.
17. 11th Feb 1861: On this day President-elect Abraham Lincoln takes a train from Springfield to Washington D.C.
18. 11th Feb 1861: A resolution guaranteeing noninterference with slavery in any state was passed by the U.S. House on this day.
19. 11th Feb 1878: The Boston Bicycle Club, the first bicycle club in the US was formed on this day.
20. 11th Feb 1878: On this day the first weekly weather report was published in the U.K.
21. 11th Feb 1889: The Meiji constitution of Japan was adopted on this day. The first Diet convenes in 1890.
22. 11th Feb 1895: Georgetown on this day became part of Washington D.C.
23. 11th Feb 1897: White Rose Mission opens on this day on East 97th Street in New York City.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day February 11th – The 1900s

24. 11th Feb 1902: Universal suffrage demonstrators were beaten up by the police in Brussels.
25. 11th Feb 1903: U.S. Congress on this day adopts the Expedition Act, which authorizes the Attorney General to expedite anti-trust cases through the court.
26. 11th Feb 1905: Pope Pius X publishes encyclical vehementer nos.
27. 11th Feb 1907: A passenger ship Larchmont sinks by Block Island, off Rhode Island on this day. 322 passengers on board lost their lives.
28. 11th Feb 1908: Australia beat England by 308 runs on this day to regain ashes.
29. 11th Feb 1916: The US on this day was notified by Germany, and Austria-Hungry, that they would sink any armed merchant ships starting from 1st March.
30. 11th Feb 1916: Emma Goldman was on this day arrested for lecturing on birth control.
31. 11th Feb 1916: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on this day presents its first concert.
32. 11th Feb 1922: The US intervention army leaves Honduras on this day.
33. 11th Feb 1928: The second Winter Olympics games opened on this day in St Moritz in Switzerland.
34. 11th Feb 1929: The world’s smallest country, the Vatican City was made an enclave of Rome on this day.


35. 11th Feb 1935: It is for the first time on this day that an airplane in the US flew with an auto slung under the fuselage in New York.
36. 11th Feb 1937: This day marks the end of a 44-day sit-down strike at General Motors in Flint Mich.
37. 11th Feb 1941: The German Lt Gen Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli on this day.
38. 11th Feb 1942: The comic book Archie makes its debut on this day.
39. 11th Feb 1943: Gen Eisenhower of the US was on this day selected to command the allied armies in Europe. The British counterpart Gen Montgomery was not happy with the selection.
40. 11th Feb 1944: Aprilia in Italy was on this day re-conquered by German troops.
41. 11th Feb 1944: German U-boat U-424 was sunk on this day off Ireland.
42. 11th Feb 1945: The first turbo-prop airplane, which is a gas-turbine propeller-driven airplane was test flown on this day.
43. 11th Feb 1945: At the historic Yalta conference, the Yalta agreement was signed by Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin.

44. 11th Feb 1948: The legendary West Indian Cricketer Frank Worrell makes a test debut on this day for West Indies against England at Port of Spain.
45. 11th Feb 1950: This day marks the closing of the 4th British Empire Games at Auckland in New Zealand.
46. 11th Feb 1951: Kwame Nkrumah wins the first parliamentary election on this day in Gold Coast, Ghana.
47. 11th Feb 1952: A series of deadly avalanches begin in Europe following a 10-day snowstorm. Austria was the worst affected when the avalanche knocked down a ski resort killing 20 people, mostly Germans.
48. 11th Feb 1953: USSR on this day severed diplomatic relations with Israel.
49. 11th Feb 1953: President Eisenhower refused clemency appeal for the Rosenberg Couple on this day.

50. 11th Feb 1956: British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, who had gone missing for five years, reappeared in the USSR. They denied working as spies for the USSR.
51. 11th Feb 1958: Ruth Carol Taylor was on this day hired as a flight attendant. She was the first African-American to be hired for the post.
52. 11th Feb 1958: Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Chu En-lai was on this day succeeded by Marshal Chen Yi.
53. 11th Feb 1959: Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad on this day played his last test match against West Indies in Delhi.
54. 11th Feb 1961: A high-ranking Nazi and SS officer Adolf Eichmann was on this day indicted on 15 criminal charges in Jerusalem, Israel.
55. 11th Feb 1963: The domestic operations division of the CIA was created on this day.
56. 11th Feb 1964: Fight begins on this day between Greeks and Turks in Limassol, Cyprus.
57. 11th Feb 1964: Taiwan on this day severed diplomatic relations with France.
58. 11th Feb 1968: Border fights begin between Israel and Jordan.
59. 11th Feb 1969: Diana Crump became the first female jockey in the US to compete against men, in Hialeah.

60. 11th Feb 1970: Japan on this day became the fourth nation to put a satellite in orbit (Osumi).
61. 11th Feb 1971: It was on this day that the Seabed treaty, outlawing nuclear weapons was signed by the US, UK, and the USSR.
62. 11th Feb 1974: Test launch of rocket Titan-Centaur failed.
63. 11th Feb 1974: The US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger unveiled on this day President Nixon’s seven-point “Project Independence”, to make US energy independent.
64. 11th Feb 1974: Libya on this day nationalized three US oil companies that had not agreed to 51% nationalization in September.
65. 11th Feb 1975: On this day Margaret Thatcher became leader of the British Conservative Party defeating Edward Heath.
66. 11th Feb 1976: Clifford Alexander jr was on this day confirmed as the first black US Secretary of the Army.
67. 11th Feb 1978: China on this day lifted the ban imposed on Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dickens.

68. 11th Feb 1979: The Prime Minister of Iran Bakhtiar resigned on this day as Ayatollah Khomeini seized power and became the supreme leader of Iran.
69. 11th Feb 1981: The Polish Prime Minister Jozef Pinkowski was on this day replaced by Wojciech Jaruzelski.
70. 11th Feb 1983: This day recorded the 4th largest snowfall (18” of snow) in New York City.
71. 11th Feb 1984: Challenger-4 of the 10th Space Shuttle Mission, 41-B, returns to earth on this day.
72. 11th Feb 1985: An accord was on this day signed by King Hussein of Jordan and Yasser Arafat of the PLO.
73. 11th Feb 1986: Iran on this day began the Fajr-8 offensive against Iraq.
74. 11th Feb 1986: On this day activist Anatoly Scharansky was released by the USSR. He leaves the country.
75. 11th Feb 1987: The United States performed on this day a nuclear test at their Nevada test site.
76. 11th Feb 1987: The Constitution of the Philippines goes into effect on this day.
77. 11th Feb 1987: British Airways on this day began trading stock.
78. 11th Feb 1988: Antony M Kennedy was on this day appointed to the US Supreme Court.
79. 11th Feb 1989: Barbara Clement Harris was on this day Consecrated as the first female bishop.
80. 11th Feb 1990: Nelson Mandela was on this day released from prison after 27 years of imprisonment.
81. 11th Feb 1991: Unrepresented Nations and People Organization, UNPO was on this day formed in Hague, Netherlands.
82. 11th Feb 1992: An F-16 jet crashed in a residential district in the Netherlands. No casualty was reported.
83. 11th Feb 1993: US President Bill Clinton on this day selected Janet Reno to be appointed as US Attorney General.

84. 11th Feb 1994: Lu Parker of South Carolina was on this day crowned as the 43rd Miss USA.
85. 11th Feb 1994: US space shuttle STS-60, Discovery 18 lands on this day.
86. 11th Feb 1995: US space shuttle STS-63, Discovery 19 lands on this day.
87. 11th Feb 1998: In the 48th Berlin International Film Festival, “Central Station” wins the Golden Bear.

21st Century – February 11  This Day In History – The 2000s

88. 11th Feb 2002: In response unprecedented rocket firing and shooting attack on Israeli civilians by Palestine, Israel on this day attacked the Palestine Security Head Quarters in the Gaza City.
89. 11th Feb 2007: Finance ministers and bankers from the Group of 7 (G-7) renewed pressures on China to relax its control over its currency. They said efforts must be made to improve Yuan’s exchange rate flexibility.
90. 11th Feb 2007: In a national referendum Portugal legalizes non-therapeutic abortion on request by women during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.
91. 11th Feb 2007: The U.S. military accused Iran on this day of supplying increasingly sophisticated bombs known as Explosively Formed Penetrator. The weapons captured in Iraq had Iranian markings.
92. 11th Feb 2008: Europe’s space laboratory Columbus successfully docked with the International Space Station on this day. It was delivered to the space station by US space shuttle Atlantis.
93. 11th Feb 2010: Meetings by European leaders have started talks of how to bail out the Greek economy. This has the highest fiscal deficit and government debt to GDP ratio.
94. 11th Feb 2011: The Egyptian revolution comes to an end after 18 days of protest with the resignation of its President Hosni Mubarak and the transfer of power to the Supreme Military Council.
95. 11th Feb 2012: Israeli Air Force on this day conducted four air strikes on the Gaza Strip.
96. 11th Feb 2013: There was an explosion in the Komi region in Russia which killed 18 coal miners.

97. 11th Feb 2013: Pope Benedict XVI tendered his resignation on this day. The resignation was to take effect from 28th Feb. He was the first pope to resign since 1415.
98. 11th Feb 2014: A grenade was tossed into a movie theater in Peshawar, Pakistan. Eleven people were killed.
99. 11th Feb 2014: A military transport plane crashed in Algeria. 77 people were killed in the crash.
100. 11th Feb 2014: Democratic Governor Jay Lee on this day suspended the death penalty in the state of Washington. The decision was based on his belief that the death penalty was sometimes used unfairly and in an inconsistent manner.

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