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February 11 Famous Birthdays

February 11 Famous Birthdays

IF YOU share your birthday with famous people born on February 11, people love listening to you. You have an excellent speaking voice. As an Aquarius born today, you are actively involved with the little people.

This tends to keep these famous people youthful and gives them plenty of practice at being a parent or role model.

Moreover, they are just a friendly person that everyone enjoys being around. They are a gift who just keep on giving.


However, as a negative quality, if you share your birthday with the famous people born on February 11, you find it difficult to deal with when people don’t want to let go. This could raise a few questions especially when it comes to adult relationships that could prove to be intimate. You value your freedom.


As a soul mate, a person that is equally liberated and set apart will compliment the style of someone famous born on February 11. They should be careful not to do many things while drinking alcoholic beverages as they are particularly inclined to have some unusual misfortunes.

FEBRUARY 11th famous birthdays traits show that they would make an awesome narrator. The Aquarius born today are captivating people that could mentor a young person. They are extremely easy going and are without many of life’s problems. They like their freedom and want to work at their own pace.


February 11th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11th February Good Traits:

  • Recluse
  • Indulgent
  • Morose
  • Haughty

11th February Bad Traits:

  • Expressive
  • Loving
  • Friendly
  • Inquisitive

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February 11th Famous Birthday Personalities

Alan Rubin, 1943, Trumpet Player
Albert Azaryan, 1929, Gymnast
Alex Jones, 1974, Radio Host
Alexander Buttner, 1989, Soccer Player
Alexander Stephens, 1812, Politician
Alexi Couto, 1996, Pop Singer
Andrew Hammond, 1988, Hockey Player
Andrew Marbach, 1991, Vine Star
Andy Lally, 1975, Race Car Driver
Anthony Ladao, 1993, Pop Singer
Anushka Manchanda, 1985, Pop Singer
Arden Martino, 2005, Gymnast
Arne Jacobsen, 1902, Architect
Asia Cruise, 1990, R&B Singer
Athix Gaming, 1997, YouTube Star
Aubrey O’Day, 1984, Pop Singer

Aubrey O’Day, 1984, Pop Singer
Audrey Peters, 1927, Soap Opera Actress
Barry Church, 1988, Football Player
Barry Weiss, 1959, Entrepreneur
Ben McLemore, 1993, Basketball Player
Benjamin Tallmadge, 1754, War Hero
Bernie Bickerstaff, 1944, Basketball Coach
Bert Greene, 1944, Golfer
Bianca Ferguson, 1955, Soap Opera Actress
Blair Dunlop, 1992, Folk Singer
BlameItOnKWay, 1991, Comedian
Bobby Pickett, 1938, Pop Singer
Bradley Cole, 1959, Soap Opera Actor
Brandy, 1979, R&B Singer
Brian Capron, 1947, TV Actor
Brian Lemon, 1937, Pianist
february-11-famous-birthdaysBrian Matusz, 1987, Baseball Player
Brice Beckham, 1976, TV Actor
Bryan Gould, 1939, Politician
Bryce Salvador, 1976, Hockey Player
Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 1944, Director
Burt Reynolds, 1936, Movie Actor
Caleb Turman, 1988, Guitarist
Carey Lowell, 1961, TV Actress
Catherine Hickland, 1956, TV Actress
Chaboyy, 1991, YouTube Star
Chad Morgan, 1933, Country Singer
Charlie Mills, 1994, Movie Actor
Christian Maggio, 1982, Soccer Player
Christofer Drew, 1991, Rock Singer
Ciro Ferrara, 1967, Soccer Player
Conrad Janis, 1928, TV Actor
Corinne Luchaire, 1921, Movie Actress
Craig Jones, 1972, Pianist
Craig Robertson, 1988, Football Player
CrunkCoco, 1993, YouTube Star
D’Angelo, 1974, R&B Singer
Damian Lewis, 1971, TV Actor

Dansby Swanson, 1994, Baseball Player
Deborah Meaden, 1959, Entrepreneur
Diane Franklin, 1962, Movie Actress
DJ Richardson, 1991, Basketball Player
Dominic Janes, 1994, TV Actor
Ellie Nicole Puckett, 1991, Reality Star
Else Lasker-Schuler, 1869, Poet
Emily Harris, 1947, Criminal
Eric Rush, 1965, Rugby Player
Ervin Zukanovic, 1987, Soccer Player
Ethan Iverson, 1973, Pianist
Ethan James, 1995, YouTube Star
Eva Gabor, 1919, TV Actress
Evan Eckenrode, 1997, Vine Star
Evan Tanner, 1971, MMA Fighter
Ferny Graciano, 1996, TV Actress
Florian Beqiri, 2000, World Music Singer
Florynce Kennedy, 1916, Lawyer
Francisco Silva, 1986, Soccer Player
Fritz Hart, 1874, Composer

Gauri Deshpande, 1942, Poet
Gene Vincent, 1935, Pop Singer
Georgia Groome, 1992, Movie Actress
Georgia May Foote, 1991, TV Actress
Gerry Goffin, 1939, Songwriter
GexpGaminG, 1991, YouTube Star
Gianluca Ginoble, 1995, Opera Singer
Go Ara, 1990, TV Actress
Graceanne Parks, 1994, YouTube Star
Greg Horan, 1988, Family Member
Greg Noll, 1937, Surfer
Hank Gathers, 1967, Basketball Player
Hannah Callowhill Penn, 1671, Family Member
Hans-Georg Gadamer, 1900, Philosopher
Hardo Aasmae, 1951, Politician
Harris Allan, 1985, TV Actor
Hiram Sherman, 1908, Stage Actor
Holly Rickwood, 1992, Reality Star
Holter Graham, 1972, TV Actor
Hudson Mohawke, 1986, DJ
Hwang Chansung, 1990, Pop Singer
Ian Edwards, 1972, Comedian
Ilse von Alpenheim, 1927, Pianist
Isaiah Mustafa, 1974, TV Actor
Ivan Shadr, 1887, Sculptor
J-Splif, 1984, Music Producer
Jabari Greer, 1982, Football Player
Jack Howard, 1992, YouTube Star
Jacque Vaughn, 1975, Basketball Coach
Jake Matthews, 1992, Football Player
James Chen, 1976
Jane Yolen, 1939, Young Adult Author
Jarl Andersen, 1997, YouTube Star
Javier Aquino, 1990, Soccer Player
Jazz Raycole, 1988, TV Actress
Jeb Bush, 1953, Politician
Jeffrey Meek, 1959, TV Actor
Jennifer Aniston, 1969, TV Actress
Jeremy Bryan, 1986, Boxer
Jerome Lowenthal, 1932, Pianist
Jesse Rath, 1989, TV Actor
Jessica Green, 1993, TV Actress
Jim McIngvale, 1951, Business Executive
Jim O’Brien, 1952, Basketball Coach
John Fink, 1940, Movie Actor
John Schnabel, 1920, Reality Star
John Supnik, 1999, Instagram Star
Johnny Sky, 1997, World Music Singer
Jon Jones, 1980, Bassist
Jonathan De Castro, 1988, Race Car Driver
Jonathan Jasper Wright, 1840, Lawyer
Jordy Smith, 1988, Surfer
Jose Callejon, 1987, Soccer Player
Josef Desouzadias, 1989, Soccer Player
Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1909, Director
Joseph Tomane, 1990, Rugby Player
Joseph Vann, 1798, Entrepreneur
Josh White, 1914, Blues Singer
Joy Williams, 1944, Novelist
JR Reed, 1982, Football Player
Juliana Herz, 1989, Model
Junjun, 1988, Pop Singer
Justin M Warner, 1984, Chef
Justin Ryan, 1967, TV Show Host
Keara Sweeney, 2001, Dancer
Keith Holyoake, 1904, Politician
Kelly Rowland, 1981, Pop Singer
Kelly Slater, 1972, Surfer
Ken Shamrock, 1964, Wrestler
Kim Stanley, 1925, TV Actress
Lanie Lane, 1987, Jazz Singer
Lee Tockar, 1969, Voice Actor
Leo Szilard, 1898, Scientist
Leslie Nielsen, 1926, Movie Actor
Lloyd Bentsen, 1921, Politician
Lordan Zafranovic, 1944, Director
Lourd De Veyra, 1975, Rock Singer
Lovi Poe, 1989, Movie Actress
Lydia Maria Child, 1802, Activist
Lynn Goldsmith, 1948, Photographer
Maciej Musial, 1995, TV Actor
Madison Cain, 1991, Bassist
Margit Mutso, 1966, Architect
Marilou Hamill, 1955, Family Member
Mark Bresciano, 1980, Soccer Player
Mary Quant, 1934, Fashion Designer
Mateo Flores, 1922, Runner
Matt Besler, 1987, Soccer Player
Matt Good, 1984, Guitarist
Matt Price, 1991, Pop Singer
Matt Thomas, 1996, Pop Singer
Matthew Lawrence, 1980, Movie Actor
Max Baer, 1909, Boxer
Maxime Talbot, 1984, Hockey Player
Mehgan James, 1990, Reality Star
Melville Fuller, 1833, Supreme Court Justice
Michael Ofili, 1998, Vine Star
Michael Thompson, 1954, Guitarist
Mike Mollo, 1980, Boxer
Mike Richards, 1985, Hockey Player
Mike Shinoda, 1977, Guitarist
Mishal Husain, 1973, Journalist
Mo Willems, 1968, Children’s Author
Murderized, 1999, Vine Star
Napoleon Orda, 1807, Composer
Nasty C, 1997, Rapper
Natalie Dormer, 1982, TV Actress
Neil Robertson, 1982, Snooker Player
Nick Barmby, 1974, Soccer Player
Nicki Clyne, 1983, TV Actress
Nikola Mirotic, 1991, Basketball Player
Olga Pikhienko, 1980, Gymnast
Olgerts Dunkers, 1932, Movie Actor
Ollie Marland, 1995, Pop Singer
Ondrej Mares, 1949, Sculptor
Otis Clay, 1942, R&B Singer
Paisley McKnight, 2011, Family Member
Paul Bocuse, 1926, Chef
Peter Hayes, 1976, Guitarist
Pierre Curzi, 1946, Movie Actor
PJ Brennan, 1986, TV Actor
Q’Orianka Kilcher, 1990, Movie Actress
Rafael Lange, 1997, YouTube Star
Rafael van der Vaart, 1983, Soccer Player
Rahim Moore, 1990, Football Player
Rajat Kapoor, 1961, Screenwriter
Ricardo Pereira, 1976, Soccer Player
Richard Hamming, 1915, Scientist
Richard Mastracchio, 1960, Astronaut
Roba Stanley, 1908, Country Singer
Roberto Moreno, 1959, Race Car Driver
Robin Hawkins, 1986, Rock Singer
Russ Freeman, 1960, Guitarist
Ryann O’Toole, 1987, Golfer
Sair Khan, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Cussins, 1989, Reality Star
Sarah Butler, 1985, Movie Actress
Sarah Palin, 1964, Politician
Scotty McKnight, 1988, Football Player
Sean Fender, 1998, YouTube Star
Sebastian Velasquez, 1991, Soccer Player
Sergio Mendes, 1941, Pianist
Sha Money XL, 1976, Music Producer
Shanina Shaik, 1991, Model
Shawn Hernandez, 1973, Wrestler
Sherlyn Chopra, 1984, Model
Sheryl Crow, 1962, Pop Singer
Sidney Sheldon, 1917, Novelist
Sienna Bojsen, 2006, Family Member
Sierra Deaton, 1991, Pop Singer
Stelios Rokkos, 1965, Pop Singer
Stephen Schneider, 1945, Teacher
Stephen Thompson, 1983, MMA Fighter
Steve McManaman, 1972, Soccer Player
Steven V. Roberts, 1943, Journalist
stillGLAMORUS, 1986, YouTube Star
Sunny Keller, 2003, YouTube Star
Takeshi Obata, 1969, Comic Book Artist
Tammy Baldwin, 1962, Politician
Taylor Lautner, 1992, Movie Actor
Tess Taylor, 1990, Reality Star
Thomas Edison, 1847, Inventor
Thomas Turgoose, 1992, Movie Actor
Tina Ambani, 1957, Movie Actress
Tina Louise, 1934, Movie Actress
Todd Benzinger, 1963, Baseball Player
Tommy Ball, 1900, Soccer Player
Tony Hulman, 1901, Entrepreneur
Tracy Saenz, 1995, Model
Trevor Guthrie, 1973, Soul Singer
TY Treadway, 1967, TV Show Host
Varg Vikernes, 1973, Guitarist
Victor Lucas, 1968, TV Producer
Vinny May, 1990, Drummer
Vio Romano, 1913, Sculptor
Vivian Fuchs, 1908, Explorer
Wayne Blackshear, 1992, Basketball Player
William Beckett, 1985, Rock Singer
William Du Pont Jr., 1986, Entrepreneur
Yaris Sanchez, 1991, Model


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