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7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

According to Feng Shui, a good bedroom is one that promotes a nourishing and harmonious energy. It invites you and lures you in, calms and excites at the same time.

The following tips will help you to create the ultimate Feng Shui bedroom to please both, the senses and the flow of Qi or energy.

The following tips will help you to create the ultimate Feng Shui bedroom

# Feng Shui Tip Number 1:

Let go of the clunky materialistic items like your TV and exercise equipment, even your computer will mess up the positive flow of energy in your much needed private space.

Your good energy is destroyed when these types of items are present. There are many videos online at places like youtube that can help you arrange furniture and eliminate other items that dampen the flow of positive energy.

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# Feng Shui Tip Number 2:

Be mindful of the quality of air you are breathing in. Opening windows will help to cleanse the air in your bedroom. This does not mean you put an assortment of plants in the room.

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This will create bad Feng Shui unless you have a large room and the plants are placed far away from the bed. Instead think about using essential oils to clear the air.


# Feng Shui Tip Number 3:

Tip number three is all about lighting. It’s important not only for the mood of the room, but also for the energy of the room. Light is our number one source of energy in the bedroom.

Candles although small provide a great Feng Shui atmosphere. Just make sure that you buy candles with no toxins in them. Letting in natural light during the day will also help the flow of energy.

# Feng Shui Tip Number 4:

Tip number four relates to what colors you may pick for your room. Make sure you use soothing colors to create a good balance in your room, don’t go for the ostentatious.

Your bedroom should be balanced to promote the best flow of energy, restorative sleep and sexual healing. The best colors for a Feng Shui bedroom would be fleshy tones of the skin. These earthy tones will help provide a calming environment and a positive inviting room for you.

Feng Shui Tip number four relates to what colors you may pick for your room

# Feng Shui Tip Number 5:

Tip number five is all about decor. When choosing images like paintings or photographs for your bedroom, please take to heart what images you’re portraying in the room. Images have a lot of strength behind them.

The best advice for choosing decor is to choose things you wish to see in your own life. Never use sad or lonely images to decorate your sleeping space.

# Feng Shui Tip Number 6:

Follow the basic guidelines for placing your bed in the room. When placing your bed make sure it is easily accessible from both sides of the bed. Have two end tables one on each side. Avoid having the bed in a direct line to the door. This will help provide a good looking room as well as a positive energy flow.

Follow the basic guidelines for placing your bed in the room

# Feng Shui Tip Number 7:

Finally keep all the doors shut at night, this means even the closet doors. Make sure to keep the closets tidy as well. It will help promote a healthy life and relationship as well.

The idea of the perfect bedroom in the Feng Shui style may bring many things to mind. But following these simple steps will keep you on the right track and provide you with a room that is full of love, relaxation and healing.

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