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How To Attract Helpful Faeries To Your Garden

How To Attract Helpful Faeries To Your Garden

Those who spend a great deal of time in their gardens may be interested in attracting the helpful Fae to assist in their efforts. The Fae can be extremely effective in keeping little things at bay, from vermin infestations to problems of simple maintenance.

The Fae are attracted to bright minds, those who are creative, in touch with the earth, and spend a significant amount of their time living a life outside the completely ordinary. The type of people that fall into this category is broad, and sometimes surprising. If you’re an artist, a potter, an actor, or even a simple gardener who keeps their hands in touch with the soil, you can attract the Fae. It starts with having an acceptance and ability to see things with a child’s mind.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Fae prefer areas that are clean, without necessarily being obsessed with order. The wild and creative psyche of these ephemeral creatures tends to prefer an area that’s full of beautiful and creative input. Some care needs to be put into considering what form of Fae one is interested in attracting.In the Garden

The sorts of Faery you’ll be wanting to attract to your garden will be creatures of air and water, fire and wildness. A garden may be well ordered, but at it’s core it is still in touch with the wildness of nature. You plant the seed, but under the soil’s surface you lack complete control, bugs and worms come and go of their own volition, unheeded by human eyes. Birds and bugs enter and leave, spending their time among your plants. It is with this in mind that you would attract the Fae.

Keep in mind that in this venue, Fae can be thought of in much the same way as butterflies and other beneficial insects. Create an environment that they will want to be in, and they’ll come like bees to nectar. To that end you’ll want to consider those things that faeries may put to use. Blossoms from trees are favorites for clothing, foxgloves are often used as homes to settle in, and sunflowers for platforms to enjoy the sun, or to hide under to get out of the rain.

Water features are of paramount importance, the sound is pleasing to their ears, gives a place to bathe and play in the summer sun, and generally gives a restful air to a place. For all their playfulness, the fae are known for quiet moments of meditation and awareness. Water has been used in many cultures for exactly this purpose, make your garden no exception.

Sound is another important element, a common feature of gardens is the quiet buzzing of bees, and the chirp of songbirds looking for stray birdseed. Adding a set of wind-chimes to the garden can give them an airy, ephemeral feel, and definitely adds a pleasant atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

Light is an often under thought aspect of the garden, but is the reason you’ll see things like ‘Faerie globes’ tucked into gardens, opalescent spheres the size of a softball to basketball mounted on stone pedestals. Reflective surfaces are known to be often used as portals, and in the hands of the already transient Fae, they can be used as doorways between gardens, or even their otherworldly home. Consider adding glass and stone murals, hanging prisms, and the always lovely faerie globes to your garden to attract them.

Also, consider building actual home for your faerie boarders. They can be made from cast-off teapots, old mailboxes, dried gourds, even mason jars. Decorate them with small furniture, colorful scraps of fabric, and tuck them into creatively hidden spaces, and the Fairies will happily take up residence. Just remember to make them cheerful and brightly colored!

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Lastly, remember that faeries love treats. Leave out offerings of honey, small short-bread cookies, bits of tea or candy, and milk. These can be left in a central part of your garden, or set in front of each of the faerie homes you’ve constructed.

Following these guidelines will set you on a good path to having these wonderful creatures join you in your garden, and add a mystical air to your time working with the plants. Enjoying the benefits of less vermin and more produce from your plants is just a pleasant side effect! Enjoy your new faerie friends!

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