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Symbolism of Black Color in Feng Shui

Symbolism of Black Color in Feng Shui

Colour is an undeniably strong force; it plays an essential function in almost every life form on this Earth, from attracting mates, deterring predators, or signaling danger: it is intrinsically linked to our biological state of being. Its visual nature brings out our deepest emotions and impulses and can drive us to feel or act in a certain way.

Out of all the colors that we see, Black is probably the most misunderstood and is unfairly associated with the negative: depression, anxiety, and death. In complete contrast, Feng Shui associates Black with the liquid element of water. It is believed to be a color of calm, mindfulness, elegance, knowledge and wealth.

Balance And Symbols In Feng Shui

Balance is a state of mind; it enables us to feel harmony and, ultimately, peace within ourselves. The external world may be a difficult place to live in – having a peaceful internal world is essential to be resilient and make the most of life, despite the hard times.

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Being complicated animals, humans have developed many philosophies and systems to seek out balance – Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, is one of such. Chinese symbols act as the representations of absolute values which can be in use to restore balance. Symbols are uniquely powerful tools, in the sense that they are automatically assimilated into our subconscious, and the messages that they carry are conveyed to our minds without us even realizing it. It is logical, therefore, that Feng shui uses symbols as a means of expression.

In Feng shui, the cosmos (or bagua) of the world which we perceive is divided into five different elements (wood, fire, water, earth, and metal), each representing particular aspects of our human lives. Colors, in turn, symbolize those elements, and are used to attract certain things and create a sense of balance within ourselves; be it materialistic concepts such as financial wealth, or more abstract pursuits like creativity.

Black Color Symbolism

Considering the nature of the color, its associations with such qualities make sense: black absorbs all wavelengths of light and does not stimulate our mind the way a bright color, say orange, would. It is described as having a “conserving” type of energy, meaning that rather than giving off the power. It conserves it. This runs in parallel with the physical fact that (as was just mentioned) instead of reflecting wavelengths of light, Black absorbs and preserves them.

As a result, staring into the Black leaves your mind alone with your thoughts, with no distractions in between: it encourages mindfulness, in a way that no other color does. The absorptive nature of Black may also metaphorically refer to the absorption of information, and build-up of knowledge. Reminiscent of a depthless void, the emptiness it suggests offers our mind an endless space into which new thoughts can be created and expanded. It provides the absence of overcrowding, resulting in the sense of calm. It is no wonder, then, that black represents yin to the Yin Yang.

Black Color Symbolism In Daily Life

Being a neutral color, Black is easy on the eyes, and its simplicity gives it a certain elegance. This is evident when looking at trends and fashion in our consumerist society: the LBD (Little Black Dress), an item labeled as every woman’s wardrobe staple, or luxurious black Maserati, are both highly prized and promise to add style and elegance to the owner’s outwards image. A noticeably calm, composed person gives off a sense of beauty and confidence to his or her demeanor, which in turn suggests a sense of professionalism. And professionalism, depending on the nature of the career path, is likely to bring financial wealth.

Considering our discussion on the sequence of effects that Black offers, it is essential to understand that Feng shui focuses on the flow of influences that colors have. It looks at the accumulative effect of those influences on our persona, state of mind, or external image.


Remember, our thoughts drive our actions – and our efforts, in turn, may result in obtaining what we seek. In Feng Shui, colors are not merely symbols: they act as the initiators of the flow of thoughts and perceptions, which bring about action and hopefully, achievement.

So, it is not a matter of only stating that a specific color symbolizes specific traits: it is instead the more complex and analytical understanding of the impact that a pure color may have. It is the understanding of the reasons why the color symbolizes certain traits.

Philosophical analysis aside, what simple lesson can we learn from Feng shui?

Well, never underestimate the color Black and the zen that it inspires deep within us.

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