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Compound Reading in Tarot Spreads: Different Ways

Different Ways Cards Compound Reading in Tarot Spreads

There are spreads where the event is described by one card. There are spreads, where cards compound reading in Tarot spreads, and two or three cards describe events. The correct interpretation of the card or cards depends on how well you will describe the event. We‘ll begin with an analysis of one card (with layouts, where the analysis is performed on one card). One card can help describe the situation, emotions, expectations, behavior, etc.


You can use one card for the analysis of the day. The one-card tarot spread – My day In the morning Ask yourself, “What will be my day?” and pull out one card. First, describe the emotional background and the activity of the day. Then describe the different possible events, which can occur by this card. In the evening, analyze the events that took place and compare them with your description.


For example, you pulled out The Magician’s card. Possibly the day will be active and full of communication. You’ll not only plan but also negotiate with other people. In the future, obtaining information can help you to realize your plans. It is also possible to obtain information on courses or in a conversation with a specialist. To get the answer, What will be my day?’’ you can use 3 cards and get more information 1 – A general description of the day- 2 – Major events for the day 3 – advice.


3 Cards and Information

For example

Today you pulled out the following cards 1 – The Magician 2- The Fool 3 – The Emperor.

The Magician – The day will be very active, and dynamic. There will be a lot of communication, which will help in the implementation of plans. The Fool – You may have various situations and unplanned meetings during the day, which will greatly help you. The Emperor – The advice of this day – regardless of unscheduled meetings and other events, try to complete what was planned for today. Create your version of the interpretation of those cards, or fill up the given interpretation.


Task While studying Major Arcana cards, every morning, ask yourself: what will be my day?” and pull out one of the Major Arcana cards (from the ones you have learned). After examining the values of all the Major Arcana cards, the cards are selected from all the Major Arcana. In the evening, analyze and write in a notebook those events of the day, that you think are appropriate to the card’s value.

The outer and inner self of man It is believed that the outer self of man – is his style of behavior by which he is evaluated by surroundings, the inner self – man‘s inner world, and his main features Using the following two-card Tarot spread, we can determine how surrounding see a person, and what he is.

Card No.1 – will show the inner self.

Card No.2 – will show the outer self. For example, Hierophant-Fool – is a man who has extensive spiritual and life experience with an already established system of values, but outwardly he shows curiosity for new things, likes to joke, and acts playfully. Task find such combinations of cards that will point to the harmony between the internal and external image, the inner and outer Self.

The Tarot spread – Event‘s characteristic

1 – Characteristic of a situation 2 – what will interfere in the situation 3 – what will be the worst in a situation 4 – what will assist in the situation 5 – what will be the best in the situation This spread helps to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the situation and make the right decision.

The combination of two cards There are layouts in which the two cards at once describe the situation. To learn how to describe the situation under the two cards, we need to understand one of the card combination principles. 1 – describe the situation in general 2 – describe the situation in detail, using the cards’ meanings, depending on the sphere (business, relationships, health, etc.)

For Example – the situation describes the Fool‘s and Magician’s Cards 1 – we have to take out one word from the total meanings of Fool‘s card (for example, new), and one word from the total meanings of Magician’s card (for example, study) linking these words we have an event – a new study 2, we can refine this event, just taking more words from meanings of the cards, for example, there was a sudden decision to study. The man overcame the fear of learning by the effort of will, etc. The combination of two cards shows not one but several different events. As long as you combine the cards, it would help to see as many interpretations of the events.


Describe the situation and person by the following cards:

The Magician and The Fool

The High Priestess and The Emperor

The Magician and the Emperor

The Tarot spread No. 2 – Event‘s characteristic

This spread can help to analyze any situation – relationships, work, and other events shortly

1,2 – Characteristic of the situation

3- what will help with the situation 4 – what will interfere with the situation 5 – what will the client do in the situation 6 – the result


1,2 The Fool and Emperor

3 – The Magician

4 – The High Priestess

5 – Justice

6 – The Chariot

1,2. The situation can be related to the possibility of obtaining a new job or a new position. 3. To help with this situation (The Magician ) can perseverance and the will of man, as well as possession of knowledge and the ability to acquire new skills. 4. Interfere in the situation (The High Priestess) can a period of uncertainty 5 clients will (Justice), weigh the pros and cons. 6. The result (Chariot) says that the client will decide to take a new position.

Try to see more situations and the various Ways Cards Compound Reading in Tarot Spreads

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