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Year Of The Pig

Year Of The Pig – Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Pig is the last animal year in the Chinese zodiac.

This Chinese year comes after the Year of the Dog.

They are easy-going and stress-free people who live life to the fullest.

Years of the Pig are considered to be lucky and fortunate.

Read on to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of people born in the years of the boar.


Year Of The Pig: Dates

Year of Fire Pig:

22 January 1947 – 9 February 1948
18 February 2007 – 6 February 2008

Year of Earth Pig:

8 February 1959 – 27 January 1960
5 February 2019- 24 January 2020

Year of Metal Pig:

27 January 1971 – 14 February 1972
23 January 2031- 10 February 2032

Year of Water Pig:

13 February 1983 – 1 February 1984

Year of Wood Pig:

31 January 1995 – 18 February 1996


Year Of The Boar: Personality Traits

Chinese Year of the Pig people love eating and feasting. They love a luxurious life. They symbolize generosity and modesty. The Pig Years are a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Year Of The Pig: Positive Traits

The Year of the Pig people have a tough exterior with a powerful spirit, which helps them to achieve their desired objectives. They dislike conflicts with other people and avoid squabbling. With their friends, they are loyal, helpful, and desirable. Pigs are brave, courteous, diplomatic, and sincere. They are committed and caring towards their partners in love. They approach problems with courage and find suitable solutions.


Years Of The Pig: Negative Traits

Individuals born in the years of the Pig are not good at expressing their viewpoints. They are short-tempered and impetuous. They have only a few selected friends. Pigs are immature and believe others easily and hence are likely to be used. They sometimes try to trick others, which may create problems for them.

Influence of Elements

Personality traits of Year of the Pig people are symbolized by the elements.


Metal Pig

Metal Pigs are sure of their capabilities, and hence are very stubborn. Unlike other pigs, they are ready to fight for the right cause. They can be good managers who rule by understanding rather than by exercising authority. They are diligent workers who are devoted to their work or relationships. Metal pigs believe others straight away till they are deceived.

Water Pigs

Water Pigs are highly flexible in their approach to others and life. They can withstand stress to a high degree and are good mediators. These people are the perfect people to solve disputes and to get others out of tricky situations. They will be very good life partners, companions, and associates at work. Water pigs will do well to exercise sufficient caution before they trust others to avoid being cheated.

Wood Boar

Wood Pigs are highly generous to the last penny, and hence may go bankrupt. They can be quite adamant. They insist on helping others, and nobody can prevent them from assisting others. These Boars are good project managers as they break the project into parts, and plan their execution to perfection. They are realistic in their approach and do not procrastinate in completing their objectives.

Fire Pig

Fire Pigs are highly forceful in what they want to do. They will put their heart and soul into accomplishing their goals. They are big show-offs who want to be in the glare of publicity with their big group of companions. Fire Pigs are very diligent workers and are highly ambitious. Fire pigs have natural managing capabilities and can motivate their workers to be industrious and productive. If they are betrayed, they can be extremely unforgiving.

Earth Boars

Earth Pigs are very practical and relaxed. They are meticulous in dealing with any impediment. They like the quietness of a home and enjoy being with their families. These Boars do not have high aspirations and are content to be hard-working and faithful employees. Earth pigs make wise decisions, and have a big social circle.

Year Of The Pig: Health

People born in the Chinese Year of the Boar are physically fit for life. They enjoy social gatherings and banquets. They should control their propensity to eat and drink too much if they have to maintain their health. Pigs are quite relaxed and rarely end up with stress-related problems. Enough sleep, regular work-outs, and balanced food are recommended for the Pigs.

Year Of The Boar: Career

Those born in the Pig Years are highly inventive and have original ideas. They take up jobs of their interest and are very dependable. Pigs are fortunate to have good careers. They look for secure jobs suitable for their capabilities. Some of the suitable professions are doctor, administrative manager, scientist, social worker, entertainer, caterer, transporter, and interior decorator.

Year Of The Pig: Love

Year of the Pig people build a group of good companions because of their honesty and earnestness. They do not interfere in others’ affairs and are straightforward. They are loyal to their friends and are very much attached to them.

Pigs are loving and passionate in love with their mates and are committed to them. They are prepared for a long-term relationship if they are happy with their partner. Sometimes problems may crop up when pigs cannot express themselves properly.

Year Of The Pig : Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Sheep, Rabbit
  • Should Avoid Pig, Monkey, Snake
  • Lucky Colors: Golden, Gray, Brown, Yellow
  • Unlucky Colors: Green, Blue, Red
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
  • Lucky Flowers: Marguerite, Hydrangea, Pitcher Plant
  • Lucky Directions: Northeast, Southeast

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