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Dating A Feminist: How Tough Or Easy Is It?

Dating A Feminist – How Is It In Real?

Dating a feminist can be tough for several reasons. They feel the need to be at par with men and believe they can do whatever men can do. This makes their approach towards a relationship very different from a non-feminist.


They don’t accept that men should dictate the path of a relationship or be the head of the family. But does any man want to share his power and authority as the head of the house with a woman called “feminist?”Here are reasons dating a feminist can be a waste of time.


1. Their Career Comes First

Feminists feel the need to be empowered to be at par with men. They seek economic freedom and even equal wages at work. So just as you feel you are the man so need to work to provide for the family, feminist also has the same mentality because they don’t want to be free economically. With this, she will choose her career first before any other thing, including the relationship.


2. She May not Cook for You

Some radical feminist believes that cooking for your partner is a slavery mentality. To them, a man has two hands just like a woman, so he should cook. She is a career woman and not your cook. So don’t expect her to leave the office early to cook supper. That won’t happen!


3. Miss Independent

Feminists believe that being independent of men is the sure way to be on par with them. With their “insecurity,” they want to do things independently, thinking that they don’t need a man in any way. To them, asking a man for help makes them “weak.”

4. She Wouldn’t Want to Bear a Child

Some feminists don’t have the thought of having their own children. To them, pregnancy and motherhood can restrict them from doing many things. They are career women and need to have goals to achieve.

Getting pregnant for nine months and having to breastfeed the child and the other inconveniences that come with motherhood can hinder their career development. They are not ready to undergo any of such troubles.

5. You May Be not In Charge

She wouldn’t want you to open the door or pull the chair for her during a date. After a date at the bar or restaurant, she would want to pay her own bills. In fact, if you were staying together, she would want to share the utility bills with you.

Since she has taken some responsibility at home upon herself, she would want equal powers. So what is the essence of being the man if you are not given a chance to fulfill your “manly responsibility.”

6. Dating a feminist can mean a defensive attitude

They are always in the defense mood. She will try to defend whatever she stands for as a feminist: equal wages, freedom to reproductive choices, or not wearing abra. She will nag when she feels a comment you made is “derogatory” to women.

7. Some of them Hate Men

Some feminists believe that men are a hindrance to their progress and achieving their dreams. They believe men have dominated women for centuries, and it’s time to liberate themselves. Why would you waste your time dating someone who detests men?

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