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Celtic Cernunnos Symbols: Inner Strength

What Does It Mean If You See Cernunnos?

The Celtic Cernunnos Symbols bring a message of versatility and power. When you encounter it in what you are doing, it should spark your mind and motivate you to stick to what will work for you. The challenge you face is common and phenomenal and will be overcome if you stick to your rules of life. You have to keep encouraging yourself and moving in the direction that will be important, as in success and change. So, you have to maintain a high level of discipline and hope for the best results.


What Is Cernunnos Associated With?

Many things have an association with goddesses and will be important if you have the right attitude and help you make life more simple. Improve your quality of life every time you face the same kind of Cernunnos and will be crucial in making life flexible. You have to encourage yourself and have the right things that will be ejecting negative forces in life. Be confident and expect everything to go smoothly.


Are Celtic Cernunnos Symbols The Green Man?

You have to understand different things in life that accord honesty and inner strength. Of course, they are things that will bring good luck on your side. That means you have to keep working on your goals and ensure you reach the epic of your success. You have to encourage yourself as the Cernunnos will be there to boost your attitude and give you support where you need it. It will subject you to something that will be reflected in your future.


Signs Of Cernunnos

You have to differentiate between different signs that portray the goddess and the ancient spite guides. So, the signals will differ, and you have to know it’s what will be communicated to you. The important part is knowing what the spiritual world is installing for you. It will assist you in making the rounds that will bring positive change into your life. Success is important, and you have to work towards achieving it in life. Set your purpose well, and let your mission be the guiding point.


You have to believe in one god and have a high level of commitment. It will assist you in supporting yourself and choosing the right path for your future. The trust you have in your gods should be clear and be the course of your hard work and success. All these will talk more about finding success at the end of the day. Keep off from negative forces that might derail your power.

Celtic Cernunnos Symbols Significance And Meaning

It teaches you important life factors and something that can help you know what the future holds. You have to understand that you can change anything that you wish in life. But you have to overcome challenges and be strong mentally to reach the epitome of your desires. All these will come to fruition when you have the willingness to invest in risky but profitable areas.

Celtic Cernunnos Symbols

The Celts were a highly spiritual people. They were also polytheistic, meaning that they believed in many gods instead of just one, like many of the major religions in play today. Their gods were both fearsome and powerful but also kind and merciful.

For many years, the Celts worshipped many gods. Later, many of them converted to Christianity, and their gods were pushed to the side. However, because of ancient writings and drawings, we still know about their gods today. One of their gods was Cernunnos.

Cernunnos was mostly a benevolent god for the Celts. This god was worshiped all over ancient Gaul by the Celts, and later worshiping of this god was accepted in Great Britain and parts of France. Cernunnos was depicted as looking mostly like your average human man. There was one thing that set him apart, though. He had large antler-like projections coming from the top of his head. In most drawings, they appear to be the antlers of a stag. This was no minor god to the Celts.

Celtic Cernunnos Meaning

Cernunnos governed many important aspects of Celtic life: the circle of life and death, wealth, animals in general, and fertility. Cernunnos symbolism is also said to have held domain over the underworld and astral planes. Unlike in many other religions, just because he rules over the underworld, it doesn’t make him inherently evil. If you are worried about that aspect when thinking of getting a tattoo of this god, stop worrying. All ancient gods have their good and bad sides. It all depends on how you look at it.

Much of the symbolic meaning behind Cernunnos, or a tattoo of Cernunnos, comes from simply what he is the god of.

Celtic Cernunnos Symbolism

Cernunnos Symbols

#1. Fertility

It’s a bit strange to have a male god govern over fertility, but it’s not unheard of either. Fertility is essential when it comes to having children but also raising animals. You would want healthy children to become warriors and healthy animals to eat. It would not be crazy for some of the Celts to sacrifice to this god for this reason. This also throws in a little bit of symbolism for male power instead of females because Cernunnos was male. Sexual power is also important here, as needed if you want even a hope of having a child.

#2. Wealth

Wealth is measured in coins, but this god often carries a bag of coins so it can’t hurt. This has a lot to do with how a person gains money in the first place. In the case of the Celts, much of their wealth came from what they could scavenge after a battle. Because of this, Cernunnos can also be related to aspects of warlike strength, power, honor, and male power again.

#3. Animals

Animals were critical to the Celts back then so they are important to people now. Raising and selling animals relates to Cernunno’s domain over fertility as well as well. This shows that Cernunnos can also symbolize the connections within the world. Unity and stability are also important themes here.

#4. Life & Death

Life and death, the circle of life, the beginning and end, are all names for the same sort of thing. Humans do not have much control over when they are born or when they die. That is all attributed to Cernunnos. Ultimate power, balance, and cycles are important symbols here.

Now that you know more about Cernunnos and his symbolism, you may be even more encouraged to get a tattoo of him. If you are not so convinced, you can read more articles about the symbolism on this site, and you might find one that seems to speak to you. Whether it be Celtic or something else, you can be sure to find the symbolism you are looking for.


Celtic Cernunnos Symbols is about the ability to change your perception of life. Nothing easy will happen when you don’t work to achieve your goals. The success you admire will be there when you set your goals clearly and stick to what will bring your outcome closer. Importantly, let your attitude be an integral part of your mind. It will sit you in making decisions.

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