Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tarot Spreads For Love And Relationships

Love and Relationships: Tarot Spread

There are times when people need more deeply analyze their relationships with partners, husbands, wives, or new acquaintances and find out the prospects of their relationships. There are many layouts for the analysis of the connections. We offer one of them. This tarot spread is prominent in the practice of Tarot readings for love and relationships.


After the Querent mixed cards, we asked him to put a deck to the right or left of him. Then we offer the Querent to remove part of the deck and put it on the opposite side. On our left lie the card representing a woman, and on the right – men. All positions are arranged mirrored.

1- How do relationships look from outside

2- What do people think about each other?

3- What do people show to each other?

4- Feelings to each other (at present)

5-unconscious motives, why are they together?

6- How does the person perceive sexual relationships with the partner?

7- What prevents us from being together?

8- What (or who) helps to be together

9 – Will events happen the next month for both partners?

10 – What do people give to each other?

11- Advice to the client and the future behavior of his partner

12 – Prospects of relationships for the next year or two

13 – The attitude to an opposite sex

14 – What occurs at present?

15,16,17 – What will happen if the situation doesn’t change between the partners


1 – His thoughts about me 2 His feelings 3 – what is he afraid of 4- what does he want 5 – The prospects of the relationship shortly 6- remote prospects


1- The attitude of the Querent to the partner

2- The attitude of the partner to the Querent

3- What will affect their relationships?

4- The prospects of relationships

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