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August 3 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On August 3rd (Zodiac Sign Leo)

IF YOUR BIRTH DATE IS AUGUST 3, you are a Leo who is perhaps youthful, curious, and smart. You normally get a lot of attention and you enjoy this feeling. You have a strong quality of being money-minded and sometimes, concerned with a brand name. It is typical of you to want the very best.

The August 3rd birthday personality are motivated individuals who could pull of being their own boss. You are hard-working and you are not afraid to take the lead.

There are times when you will be happy to let someone else take charge but mainly, find yourself the boss. As the boss, however, you are supportive. You have the power to help people. It is so like you to go out of your way to help somebody who is in need.IF YOUR BIRTH DATE IS AUGUST 3, you are a Leo who is perhaps youthful, curious, and smart.In love, you can be a playful one but usually, love has not been your friend. The 3 August birthdate love compatibility predictions show that you would make an awesome match for someone. As a masculine sign, the Lion will associate with people who are on the same level as the Leo.

The 3rd August birthday horoscope also predicts that you‘re eager to work and it shows in your face and the way you walk. Nevertheless, when it is time to party, you are the center of attention as always.

Mainly, all you need is someone to love. As a negative, the Leo born on this birth day August 3, can be uncompromising, arrogant and tactless individuals. In search of a love connection, there are no surprises as you mainly are attracted to the beautiful ones. It may serve you well to remember, beauty is only skin-deep.

The birth date characteristics for 3 August shows that you are positive people. You posses a self-love that most people do not understand. You could learn to be humble. Although you are good-looking, healthy and wealthy, it is not all about you all the time.

Love is a two-way street when it comes to giving and taking. Compassionate is the Leo who feels that lovemaking is an art. You like being in love. You feel that life is just better with someone to share it with.

As the 3 August birthday astrology rightly says that those born on this day are Lions who understand other people and when it comes to their personal problems, you can give good advice. Despite the obvious traits, you are in possession of a creative and charismatic spirit.

Your birthday horoscope profile shows that you love to show your skills and talents off to other people and are not afraid to give others compliments as an equal.

Your money is not always safe in your hands. You like to shop and you tend not to watch your balances. It is likely that you would forget something if not recorded at the time of purchase and this could be of an inconvenience to you.

What your birthday August 3rd, says about you is that your health regime is one that is based on good habits. You are likely to eat a lot of fruits.

If you have a Leo birthday, you have a weakness for figs, as they can be sweet and juicy. As a good source of vitamins, you tend to eat a lot asparagus, peaches and sunflower seeds. Dishes served with Salmon are rich in protein.

Those born on this day August 3, are Lions who are understanding and can help people find solutions to their personal problems. As the 3rd August birthday personality rightly says, despite your negative qualities, you are enigmatic and confident.

august 3 leo birthday calendarYou don’t exactly need to be a show off. People who truly know you, will appreciate your talents. Learn to control your spending and do not spend beyond your means.

The August 3 birthdate meanings rightly predict that identity and authority mean a lot to you.You thrive on power. You would make changes as a leader.

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Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – 3 August In History

1852 – Harvard beats Yale in their first intercollegiate rowing competition by four lengths
1914 – The Panama Canal receives its first able seagoing ship
1900 – A company called Firestone Tire and Rubber opens
1925 – The last US military troops, after 13 years, leave Nicaragua

Famous Birthdays On August 3

Tony Bennett, Whitney Duncan, Michael Ealy, John Landis, Ernie Pyle, Lee Rocker, Martin Sheen, Isaiah Washington

August 3 Birthdate Sign:

You Fall Under Astrology Sign Leo

August 3 Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Simha Rashi

August 3 Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Sign: MONKEY

August 3 Birth Planet:

Your ruling planet is Sun that symbolizes excellent leadership skills, will power and a passion to achieve your goals.

August 3 Birthday Symbols: The Lion Is The Symbol For The Leo Zodiac Sign

August 3 Birth Date Tarot Card: Your Birthdate Tarot Card is The Empress. This card symbolizes a strong feminine influence with fantastic decision-making skills.

August 3 Birthday Love Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Gemini: This can be an exciting and carefree relationship.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Capricorn: This relationship will be a complicated one which needs a lot of understanding.

August 3 Birth Date Numerology: Your Favorable numbers are:
Number 2 – This is a number that speaks of tact, patience, intuition and endurance.
Number 3 – This number signifies encouragement, joy, adventure and creativity.

Lucky Colors For August 3rd Birthdays:

Gold: This color stands for lavishness, money, wisdom, power and achievements.
Light Green: This colour symbolizes good luck, stability, calmness, harmony and safety.

Lucky Days For 3 August Birthdates:
Sunday – The day of Sun that symbolizes strength, pride, ego and a strong will power.
Thursday – Planet Jupiter‘s day that symbolizes happiness, passion, growth, generosity and wealth.

August 3 Birth Stone: Ruby gemstone represents fire and stands for positive energy, intellect, focus and passion.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gift For People Born On The 3rd Of August: Membership to an exclusive club for the man and a music system or the Leo woman.

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