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August 3 Famous Birthdays

August 3 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 3 will find the colors gold and light green very lucky. It pulls this Leo together. They are not afraid of being a leader.

They’re an exceptional specimen of a workaholic. They are there mainly for the employees. They feel a certain duty to those which are loyal and dedicated like them. And they’re just the kind of boss to always help a valued employee or friend.


While it’s true that this August 3 famous celebrity might not have been so lucky in love, they make an excellent match to the zodiac sign, Gemini. Their levels of compatibility are greater because they like the same things.

They make the cheese or bring home the bacon without complaint. However, keeping it home is a different story. There’s a store owner who loves it when they come by. They need to set some spending limits and perhaps a savings plan.


Famous people born on AUGUST 3rd are money conscious and could be successful entrepreneurs. The power to help people is their gift. They’d make an awesome partner for someone with the same goals in life. However, they can make their lover jealous with all the attention they get.


August 3 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 August Good Traits:

  • Curious
  • Smart
  • Motivated
  • Industrious
  • Supportive
  • Charismatic
  • Humble
  • Creative

3 August Bad Traits:

  • Uncompromising
  • Conceited
  • Tactless
  • Boastful
  • Spendthrift

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August 3 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adria Killen, 1993, YouTube Star
Adrian Gee, 1993, YouTube Star
Adrian Gruszka, 1993, YouTube Star
Aidil Zafuan abdul Radzak, 1987, Soccer Player
Aimee Cheng, 1995, Model
Alejandro Alcondez, 1970, Screenwriter
Alejandro Garcia Padilla, 1971, Politician
Ali Brown, 1971, Entrepreneur
Amanda Kimmel, 1984, Model
Amber Nicole, 1996, Pop Singer
Andrew Lancel, 1970, TV Actor
Andrew McFarlane, 1986, TV Actor
Angelo Pizzo, 1954, Screenwriter
Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean, 1960, Composer

Anne Klein, 1923, Fashion Designer
Anthony Arena, 1990, Soccer Player
Anthony Bartoloni, 1984, YouTube Star
Antonio Lauro, 1917, Composer
Antwone Fisher, 1959, Screenwriter
Apoorva Sengupta, 1938, Cricket Player
Ash King, 1984, World Music Singer
Augustus Moore Herring, 1867, Entrepreneur
Balwinder Sandhu, 1956, Cricket Player
Barry Du Bois, 1962, Reality Star
Billy James Hargis, 1925, Religious Leader
Bob Brunner, 1934, Screenwriter
Bob Davidson, 1952, Umpire
Bonnie Lythgoe, 1950, Dancer
Bowie Tupou, 1982, Boxer
Bradley S. Jacobs, 1956, Entrepreneur
Brandan Schieppati, 1980, Rock Singer

Brandon Peniche, 1986, Movie Actor
Brandon Rogers, 1988, YouTube Star
Brent Butt, 1966, TV Actor
Brent Kutzle, 1985, Bassist
Brigid Brannagh, 1972, TV Actress
Britney Tankard, 1990, Reality Star
Brittany Adams, 1989, TV Actress
Bubba Starling, 1992, Baseball Player
Carah Faye Charnow, 1984, Rock Singer
Carey Vanier, 1981, MMA Fighter
Carl Manneh, 1977, Business Executive
Carly Miner, 1997, Instagram Star
Carrie Ingalls, 1870, Family Member
Chandler Kinney, 2000, TV Actress
Chanelette, 1991, YouTube Star
Charles Edison, 1890, Politician
Charles Pugh, 1971, News Anchor

Charlie Shavers, 1920, Trumpet Player
Chris McQueen, 1987, Rugby Player
Chris Murphy, 1973, Politician
Chris Ramsey, 1986, Comedian
Christo Bowman, 1994, Rock Singer
Christoffer Bergman, 1992, YouTube Star
Christophe Willem, 1983, Pop Singer
Clifford D. Simak, 1904, Novelist
Corey Burton, 1955, Voice Actor
Courtney Hancock, 1988,
Cozi Zuehlsdorff, 1998, Movie Actress
D.R.A.M., 1988, Rapper
Daniel Akpeyi, 1986, Soccer Player

Danny Kedwell, 1983, Soccer Player
Dante Fowler, 1994, Football Player
Darya Domracheva, 1986, Biathlete
David Chaytor, 1949, Politician
Dax Holt, 1982, TV Producer
Deniz Akkaya, 1977, Movie Actress
Devon Lee Carlson, 1994, Family Member
Diane Wakoski, 1937, Poet
DJ Spinderella, 1971, DJ
Dolores Del Rio, 1905, Movie Actress
Dominic Moore, 1980, Hockey Player
Dougie Imrie, 1983, Soccer Player
Eamon Dunphy, 1945, Soccer Player
Ed Roland, 1963, Rock Singer
Eddie Payton, 1951, Football Player
Edward Blyden, 1832, Politician
Elisha Otis, 1811, Entrepreneur
Elmar Tampold, 1920, Architect
Emily Baldoni, 1984, Movie Actress
Emily Chang, 1980, Movie Actress
Eric Esch, 1966, Boxer
Ernie Pyle, 1900, Journalist
Esther Earl, 1994, Blogger
Evangeline Lilly, 1979, TV Actress
Francisco Ivens de sa dias Branco, 1934, Entrepreneur
Gary Medel, 1987, Soccer Player
Georgina Haig, 1985, TV Actress
Georgy Shonin, 1935, Astronaut
Gianella Neyra, 1977, TV Actress
Gina G, 1970, Pop Singer
Gordon Merrick, 1916, Novelist
Gordon Scott, 1926, Movie Actor
Grace Jeanette, 2000, Pop Singer
Greg Osby, 1960, Saxophonist
Habib Bourguiba, 1903, World Leader
Hamid Drake, 1955, Drummer
Hannah Simone, 1980, TV Actress
Harry Brant, 1996, Family Member
Harry Heilmann, 1894, Baseball Player
Hayden Carruth, 1921, Poet
Haystacks Calhoun, 1934, Wrestler
Ian Bairnson, 1953, Guitarist
Ilker Gürsoy, 1987, Instagram Star
Isaiah Washington, 1963, TV Actor
Jack Fowler, 1993, YouTube Star
Jaden Henline, 2002, Baseball Player
Jake Garland, 1989, Drummer
James Hetfield, 1963, Metal Singer
James MacGregor Burns, 1918, Non-Fiction Author
James Wyatt, 1746, Architect
Jay Cutler, 1973, Bodybuilder
Jay North, 1951, TV Actor
Jean Hagen, 1923, Movie Actress
Jean-Pierre Raffarin, 1948, Politician
Jim Stovall, 1958, Novelist
Jo Marie Payton, 1950, TV Actress
Joan Higginbotham, 1964, Astronaut
Jodie Wood, 1989, Blogger
Joey Fatts, 1991, Rapper
John C. McGinley, 1959, TV Actor
John C. Stennis, 1901, Politician
John Landis, 1950, Director
John T Scopes, 1900, Teacher
Jon Foster, 1984, Movie Actor
Jonah Ray, 1982, Comedian
Jonas Savimbi, 1934, War Hero
Jorge Lavat, 1933, TV Actor
Jorge Luis Pila, 1972, TV Actor
Jourdan Dunn, 1990, Model
Jukka Hilden, 1980, TV Actor
Jules Bianchi, 1989, Race Car Driver
Julia Tomasone, 1988, TV Actress
Julian Huxley, 1979, Rugby Player
JuliesReborns, 2000, YouTube Star
Karen Alloy, 1977, YouTube Star
Kari Calhoun, 1990, Model
Karl Gotch, 1924, Wrestler
Karlie Kloss, 1992, Model
Kat Edmonson, 1983, Pop Singer
Kenneth Tomlinson, 1944, Journalist
Kevin Sullivan, 1958, Screenwriter
Kevin Sumlin, 1964, Football Coach
Kim Hyung-jun, 1987, Pop Singer
Kingmarysaa, 2004, Star
Kirk Brandon, 1956, Punk Singer
Kollegah, 1984, Rapper
Komal Rizvi, 1981, Pop Singer
Konstantin Melnikov, 1890, Architect
Kris Jenkins, 1979, Football Player
Kristie Ray, 1971, Reality Star
Kyle Schmid, 1984, TV Actor
Lance Alworth, 1940, Football Player
Lance Robertson, 1969, TV Actor
Landry Bender, 2000, TV Actress
Lani Misalucha, 1969, Jazz Singer
Larry Haines, 1918, Stage Actor
Lashunda Nicole Flowers, 1980, Rapper
Lauren Liebenberg, 1972, Novelist
Lee Rocker, 1961, Bassist
Leo Rispal, 2000, World Music Singer
Les Elgart, 1917, Trumpet Player
Lilli Promet, 1922, Novelist
Lisa Ann Walter, 1963, Movie Actress
Lisalla Montenegro, 1988, Model
Louise Platt, 1915, Stage Actress
Lucas Goodman, 1988, Soul Singer
Lucas Lobos, 1981, Soccer Player
Lucky Dube, 1964, Reggae Singer
Lucy James, 1991, YouTube Star
Luis Da Silva, 1982, Basketball Player
Luzu, 1985, YouTube Star
Maguy Kabamba, 1960, Novelist
Mamie Gummer, 1983, TV Actress
Manish Paul, 1981, TV Show Host
Marcel Dionne, 1951, Hockey Player
Margeaux Simms, 1981, Reality Star
Mari Koda, 1986, Dancer
Maria Breese, 1989, TV Actress
Maria Karnilova, 1920, Stage Actress
Marino Tartaglia, 1894, Painter
Mark Reynolds, 1983, Baseball Player
Marlene Dumas, 1953, Painter
Martha Stewart, 1941, Entrepreneur
Martin Roscoe, 1952, Pianist
Martin Sheen, 1940, Movie Actor
Marv Levy, 1925, Football Coach
Masahiro Sakurai, 1970, Voice Actor
Mathieu Kassovitz, 1967, Director
Matt Haag, 1992, YouTube Star
Matt Joyce, 1984, Baseball Player
Matt Lange, 1986, DJ
Matthew Moffit, 1993, YouTube Star
Mauricio Merino Jr., 1991, TV Actor
Max Landis, 1985, Screenwriter
Melissa Ponzio, 1972, TV Actress
Michael Ealy, 1973, Movie Actor
Michael Stern, 1910, Journalist
Michael Strusievici, 2001, TV Actor
Michel Verne, 1861, Novelist
Michelle Buswell, 1983, Model
Mike Holmes, 1963, TV Show Host
Mike Roberts, 1992, Music Producer
Milan Rahall, 1997, Vine Star
Mile Jedinak, 1984, Soccer Player
Miles Williams, 1992, Vine Star
Moe Bradberry, 1994, YouTube Star
Mohammad Bashar, 1988, World Music Singer
Molly Hagan, 1961, TV Actress
Nadia Ali, 1980, Pop Singer
Nate McMillan, 1964, Basketball Coach
Nazareth Mitrou-Long, 1993, Basketball Player
Neil Magny, 1987, MMA Fighter
Nikos Dabizas, 1973, Soccer Player
Nino Bravo, 1944, Pop Singer
Noah Riley, 2000, Vine Star
Osvaldo Ardiles, 1952, Soccer Coach
Paul McCloskey, 1979, Boxer
PD James, 1920, Novelist
Philip Casnoff, 1949, Stage Actor
Pope Shenouda III, 1923, Religious Leader
Prince Louis Of Luxembourg, 1986, Royalty
Rachel Meyer, 1985, YouTube Star
Ray Reach, 1948, Pianist
Richard Adler, 1921, Composer
Rod Beck, 1968, Baseball Player
Roscoe Mitchell, 1940, Saxophonist
Ruben Limardo, 1985, Fencer
Rupert Brooke, 1887, Poet
Rushdy Abaza, 1926, Movie Actor
Ryan Carter, 1983, Hockey Player
Ryan Lochte, 1984, Swimmer
Ryan Steele, 1990, Stage Actor
Sam Hutchinson, 1989, Soccer Player
Sandis Ozolinsh, 1972, Hockey Player
Scroobius Pip, 1981, Rapper
Sean Fujiyoshi, 1991, YouTube Star
Shakeel Badayuni, 1916, Poet
Shanelle Workman, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Shawn J. Jackson, 1990, Comedian
Sid Bream, 1960, Baseball Player
Sonny Bill Williams, 1985, Rugby Player
Sophie Albert, 1990, TV Actress
Spike Stent, 1965, Music Producer
Stephen Carpenter, 1970, Guitarist
Stephen Gleeson, 1988, Soccer Player
Stephen Graham, 1973, Movie Actor
Steve Hawkins, 1962, Basketball Coach
Steven Berkoff, 1937, Movie Actor
Steven Millhauser, 1943, Novelist
Sunil Chhetri, 1984, Soccer Player
Syreeta, 1946, Blues Singer
Tasmin Archer, 1963, Pop Singer
Terry Wogan, 1938, Radio Host
Thomas Costello, 1996, YouTube Star
Todd Gurley, 1994, Football Player
Tom Brady, 1977, Football Player
Tom Tsuchiya, 1972, Sculptor
Tony Bennett, 1926, Pop Singer
Travis Willingham, 1981, Voice Actor
Troy Glaus, 1976, Baseball Player
Tyrod Taylor, 1989, Football Player
Victor Pope Jr., 1993, Vine Star
Virgil Green, 1988, Football Player
Vuxxy, 1988, YouTube Star
Walter Wriston, 1919, Entrepreneur
Whitney Duncan, 1984, Country Singer
Will Muschamp, 1971, Football Coach
William Burnham Woods, 1824, Supreme Court Justice
William Kowalski, 1970, Novelist
Wilmer Lopez, 1971, Soccer Player


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