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8 Easy Ways To Date When You Are Too Busy To Breathe

8 Easy Ways To Date When You Are Too Busy To Breathe

Are you so busy that your friends have to make an appointment to see you? Do you look at your life sometimes and despair that you’ll ever be able to date and find your soul mate?

Don’t worry, even the busiest people can find the time to date. Follow these tips to navigate your stuffed schedule and find your best match.

#1. Be clear about what you want from dating

Start with the end in mind. Are you looking for a long-term relationship, maybe marriage and kids? Or are you looking for someone to have some fun with. What kind of man or woman do you want – career-minded, family-focused, sporty, intellectual?


The more specific you are, the easier it is to filter out unsuitable prospects. If you’re short on time, you want to make sure you go on dates with people who are looking for the same things you are and who match your interests. This approach makes the most of your precious time.


#2. Use online dating

Some people shrink from online dating sites, but these can be especially powerful for busy people. You can meet people you otherwise never would have. And you can get to know them through email and phone calls before committing the time for a date.


Find out if they have the same interests and goals as you do. When you choose a date, you’ll be much more likely to have a great time and get started on the relationship you wanted.

#3. Don’t over plan – just go on a date

Filtering out possible matches online can give you a great excuse to procrastinate. Don’t let your nervousness about dating or your busy schedule keep you from actually meeting your date in person.

You should know after a few emails and phone calls if this is someone you want to meet. If so, bite the bullet and take the date. If not, drop the connection and move on.


#4. Multitask – take a date out with your friends

If you’re too busy to date, you’ll be too busy to spend time with friends also. You don’t have to choose between friends and a love life. Take your date out with friends or if you two have similar hobbies, find a group where you can practice your hobby and get to know each other at the same time.


For example, if you both love softball, join a team together. You’ll have fun with friends and your date at the same time. You’ll need to commit to some one-on-one dates or your relationship will never develop. But finding a mate who can hang with your friends and hobbies can ease your schedule woes.

#5. Adjust your expectations

When you’re trying to squeeze in some dating time to your over-taxed schedule, be realistic about your progress. You expect your date to go well based on your emails with them, but it’s a disaster. You may have one evening a month to meet your date and they have to cancel.

It may take longer than you thought to find someone to ask out in the first place. Have patience and stay focused on the rewards of your efforts. Also, be honest with your date that you are extremely busy.


Let them know that you are committed to building a relationship, but you’ll need understanding on their part. Some people may bail on you, but when you find the right one, they’ll enter the relationship with eyes open.

#6. Find a mentor

If you’re having trouble getting your dating life going, find someone you know who has figured it out. Find out what they do to make time for dating and how they’re able to prioritize a relationship. They may have made some hard choices about putting a love life over work. You’ll need to think about whether you’re willing to make those choices.


#7. Learn to say ‘no’

Take a look at your busy schedule. Are you devoting time to activities for the benefit of others but not yourself? Do you have a problem saying ‘no’? If you are overbooked because you can’t disappoint others, you’ll benefit from refusing people every now and then.

You can explain that you need to make some time for yourself. Most people will understand. It’s also important to learn to say ‘no’ when you’re asked out by someone you don’t want to date. When time is at a premium, a polite ‘no’ is your best friend.

#8. Improve your productivity

Even if you’re good at saying ‘no’, you might still have trouble finding time to date. Take a look at how you spend your day. Is there some way to increase your productivity and find time for love? There are countless productivity experts who can help you make the most of all your time.

Start by tracking your activities every day. Pay special attention to classic time wasters such as email checks, office water-cooler conversations, and useless meetings. You might find with a little improvement in efficiency you free up enough time to find the love of your life!

Dating is hard enough, but when you’re as busy as a one-armed paper hanger, it can seem impossible. The truth is that people will always find time for what’s truly important. If you honestly seek a love life and follow these dating tips, you’ll have no problem attracting a mate who fills your life with joy – not appointments.

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