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6 Best Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

What Should You Gift Your Boyfriend?

Your guy has everything he could possibly want (he has you after all!), but you still want to find him a gift that he’ll love. Cologne is cliché. Ties are tedious. What are your options? These gift ideas for your boyfriend will get your creative juices flowing and help you find that perfect present.


#1. Join him in his favorite hobby

Ok, so Frisbee, golf may not be your favorite way to spend an afternoon. But if he is a fanatic, why not go with him for a day. Let him teach you some techniques and spend some quality time enjoying what he loves.

This gift could be as simple as going with him to a hockey game or cheering him on at his softball league. If he has a hobby that he loves, he’ll love sharing that hobby with you, especially if it’s not something you usually participate in.

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#2. Check off a bucket-list item

Has he always wanted to go white water rafting or visit the Louvre? Setting up an opportunity for him to check a goal off his bucket list will make an amazing gift and an amazing experience that he’ll never forget. It doesn’t have to be something outrageous.


Maybe he’s always wanted to read War and Peace. Buy a nice copy for you both and read it together. If you’re willing to participate with him, or a least go along as moral support, it will mean even more.


#3. Give him time with an expert

If there’s something he loves to do, like play tennis or bass guitar, then he’ll jump at the chance to spend some time with an expert or hero in the field. A lesson with someone he looks up to, a fantasy camp or even a clinic or conference in the field can give him the chance to meet his idols and develop one of his favorite interests.

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#4. Make it personal

Most gifts can be personalized these days. You can add initials or embroidery to almost anything. Make a small gift, like a mug or calendar, meaningful by adding pictures or sayings that he’ll love. If he’s great about going to the gym, he’ll be proud to show up with a monogrammed gym bag.


#5. Make him laugh

Everyone loves a laugh and a funny gift will keep him smiling all year. Use your understanding of his sense of humor to help you choose one. Some guys will laugh helplessly at the Dancing Santa and others will gravitate to satire or political humor. Whether it’s a talking toilet seat or the best of Monty Python, your guy will love the chortles that ensue.

#6. Go for the gadget

Most guys love gadgets. There’s always something new and cool in the market, from the latest phone or mp3 player to mini-drones that he can fly around the house.

Remote control toys never fail to please because they combine technical gadgetry with a guys’ predilection for causing mischief. (Yes, he’ll run that toy car into your feet while you’re trying to make dinner, and he’ll think it’s hilarious.) If you tend to get a lot of electronic gifts from him, you can bet he’ll be thrilled to get one from you.

The most important thing about gift giving is thinking about your boyfriend, what he loves, what he needs, what makes him happy. A gift doesn’t have to come in a box with a bow. When he sees the effort you made to find something meaningful for him, he’ll love his gift and he’ll love you for it.

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