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Wood Thrush Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Wood Thrush Animal Totem Symbolism

The wood thrush animal totem is an elegant little song bird with a jovial voice and a love of the environment. This particular bird reflects how we should always speak our truth and pay attention to how we communicate through spoken word.

By focusing on our speech, the wood thrush spirit guide shows that we are more aware of how our words affect other people. This attention to others demonstrates the key themes which are associated with the wood thrush: those of love, unparalleled devotion, and living in harmony.

Like all avians, the wood thrush animal guide is associated with the element of air (for obvious reasons). The air element primarily ignites thoughts on perception, intellect, focus and thinking and awareness. So it is only natural that this bird sparks the same reflections in you.

When the wood thrush symbol comes to your awareness, you can take it as a sign to engage in thoughtful meditation to sort out anything going on in your mind.

Wood Thrush Associated Traits

Focused, Intellectual, Communicative, Thoughtful, Aware, Perceptive, Reflective, Loving, Monogamous, Devoted


Symbolic Meaning Of Wood Thrush

Of all the birds, the wood thrush is the symbol of solid, healthy relationships. It happily appears in our lives to signify that we are engaging in a long-term relationship that will never break down at any cost. In this way, the wood thrush acts as a congratulatory animal totem.

These birds choose to live with only one partner throughout their lifetimes, exhibiting monogamy at its finest. They are completely devoted to their partner and instruct us to follow suit. By being so dedicated, they show us the advantages that come with a trusting partnership.

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Along with the stability of the “marriage” arrangement, the wood thrush animal guide also highly values the family unit, often caring physically more for others than themselves. They are selfless, fiercely loyal, and caring members of a flock and will stop at nothing to protect their family members. Do not allow their sweet songs to fool you.

An angry or defensive wood thrush is a force to be reckoned with, attacking their enemies with the ferociousness of a tiger. It protects itself and those it cares about with extremely aggressive tactics, such as nose diving, making loud and unsavory noises, and puffing out their chests with large breaths.

These choral birds may also impose these maneuvers in defense of their homes, which they encircle and make rounds of regularly. As an spiritual animal totem, the defensive thrush suggests that you look at and ponder your own defense mechanisms.

As a relentless protector of the environment, the wood thrush symbolic meaning further emulates not only devotion but also fertility, peace and abundance. When the wood thrush comes near our home, we can see it through the reflection of window glass since it is reflective in nature.

Wood thrush is a symbol in and of itself, teaching us that we should connect ourselves to our inner mind. It is the true reflection of our soul and can provide us with a true sense of what is right and what is wrong. Listening to this inner voice will guide us in the right direction.

Writers, poets, singers, songwriters, and other artistic types often have the wood thrush as an animal totem. It opens your heart to the romantic potential that lies within all of us, although this potential might sometimes be hard to acknowledge.

The wood thrush symbol meaning allows you to be alert as to what may be hidden under the surface and gives you the strength to shed your fears in matters of the heart. The wood thrush flies into your life when you are in a rut of negativity. You may be behaving stubbornly or selfishly and have stopped thinking of others‘ feelings. Maybe you are finding it hard to accept due criticism or have lost the desire to carry on in your endeavors with vigor.

Wood thrush symbols do not only exist to make you aware of yourself and your circumstances. They are also there to call on as a spiritual guide when we find ourselves needing a push to continue our journey. If you want to improve yourself and better your life, this animal totem can assist you.

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