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Valentine’s Day: The Breakup Day?

Breakup on Valentine’s Day: Good or Bad Idea?

February 14, Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate romance, has often turned out to be the breakup day for many couples. If you closely follow the relationship status changes on social media platforms like Facebook, you will be startled to find out that the rate of break-up percentage is unusually high a few weeks before and after Valentine’s Day.

Compared to April to November, break-up rates between couples are pretty high during the Valentine’s Day season. So why do people prefer to end their relationship during the days leading to Valentine’s Day or immediately after the day? Some people even wait for the V-day itself to terminate their relationship.


There must be some comprehensive reasons for such breakups occurring, particularly during the Valentine’s Day season. Here are a few such reasons for people parting their ways amid the season of romance.

1. High Expectations

People generally look forward to celebrating V-Day with their partner in a gala extravagant way. So we plan and foresee in advance the gifts our partners will give us and the extraordinary way the celebration is going to unfold.


We can expect a lot from our partner regarding the gifts and celebrations but never communicate enough. As a result, our expectations do not reach our partner.

What happens at the end? Our partners bring some gifts according to their choice and financial capability and celebrate the occasion according to their liking.


Often, our partner’s choice and liking do not match ours, and we are in for a big disappointment. In such disappointments often become a real cause for break-up between coppery less.

2. Mounting Pressure leads to breakup on Valentine’s Day

It has often been seen that our partners expect a big surprise from us on the V-Day. We try our best to match our partner’s expectations by manipulating our resources and outdoing ourselves every consecutive year, without any precise knowledge about the nature and kind of our partner’s expectations.


We feel very disappointed when we see that our efforts have failed to elicit the desired response from our partner. Such disappointment gives rise to pressure.

The pressure of satisfying our partner with gifts of their choice and celebrations to their liking. We expect V-Day to be a good occasion to spend time together with our partners.

However, the anxiety of matching up to our partner’s expectations generates a lot of pressure on us, and we tend to fight between us on small pretexts, which often causes separation.

3. Realization of Relationship

The break-up season mostly starts after Christmas as nobody wants to ruin their holiday season, and it concludes a few weeks after the V-Day. Why so? People usually evaluate the state of their relationship between the said periods.

It is tough to celebrate the day of love and romance when one or both partners feel unhappy in their relationship and are uncertain about the future of their relationship.

People evaluate their relationship during this period and decide to part ways if they feel that a continuation of the relationship is undesirable.

4. The Pains Of A Break-Up

Some people wait until the V-Day gets over even though they realized that their relationship is untenable. They do so to have a soothing effect on the pain of a break-up.

The theory is to spend the day together so that the partner is not left alone on the very day of love and later part ways citing incomprehensible differences.

5. A Revengeful Mind

One may have been left in the lurch by your partner without any formal break-up. You feel betrayed and cheated by the action of your partner.

Try to be revengeful by terminating your relationship on the particular occasion of V-Day to avenge the humiliation you have undergone due to your partner’s betrayal. But these are planned break-ups and often leave a lasting impression of bitterness in our minds.


We are supposed to enjoy the day of love and romance with heavenly affection and love. Instead, we discuss the reasons for a spurt in break-up percentage in and around Valentine’s Day.

When the day of love has witnessed the most number of break-ups over the years, so prevent the recurrence of such break-ups, we should appreciate the strength of love and learn to live in the moment as it unfolds. But fights and bickering are an inevitable part of romancing between couples.

We cannot avoid or eliminate it. However, we can marginalize its impact by adopting a little bit of rational thinking and a practical approach. So we have come to live on this planet to let love blossom and not for any unnecessary, frequent breakups.

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