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How To Lose That Belly Paunch?

How To Lose That Belly Paunch?

This article is especially for us middle-aged men. Why is it when we over eat or drink that we gain wait around our mid-waist, on our stomach?

I mean we would not mind if it went onto our arms, giving us bigger biceps right? But no, it goes where it looks least flattering on our bellies, great for the beach (not)!

So once you have a man belly or a woman belly (sorry ladies it seems to be mostly has men that are inflicted with this gene mutation!) how do you get rid of the thing? Here are a few proven tips.

bellyBefore I go any further I have to say the gentleman shown here is not a severe case. I did want to provide you with visuals of the most extreme cases you may well see at the beach every summer! Lets leave that to the imagination and we may have all felt like that too anyway!

So what can we do to lose the “tyre” as it is jokingly referred to around or waist?

Here are a few tips:

#1. Cut Down the Food!

We all used to eat so much. Now scientists are realizing that smaller meals more often are far better for maintaining weight. We do not need three huge meals a day! That will be a starting point. Instead have 3-6 smaller size meals.


#2. Stop Snacking

Snack less and when you do make them healthy snacks and/or smaller portions.

junk food

#3. Walk

Walk heaps, like everyday for kilometers or miles on end drinking water all the while. This cannot be emphasized enough for all those crazy fad diets, walking is the best way to literally walk off the blubber believer me. I have done it. Gone from a 38-39 inch waist back to a 32 inch of former years. I swear I walk everywhere!

Even park your car further from the office, from work to make sure you do more walking. Do what I do at weekends if you live near to the shops. Walk instead, carry heavy grocery bags home. This will give as good a work out as any gym will. Just go easy on the back and take regular rests on the way home.


#4. Water

Drink lots of water and fluids. This is key to losing weight. Drink at least a litre of water a day, more so in hot weather. This flushes our body with water it needs, removing toxins and waste which of course takes off fat and blubber!

drink water

#5. Drink less, especially Beer

Beer is known to give many of us men a beer belly. I no longer drink the stuff except occasionally. Instead drink low calorie wine or wine less often.


#6. Sauces & Gravies

Cut out altogether or go low fat. These add so much to that paunch. They are also laden with sugar so increases your chance of diabetes 2 if you have a lot of them.


#7. Sweet Cakes & Desserts

These should be a rare treat. Only have them on odd occasion not after every meal as many of us grew up having! I know, I did. My mother was the best cook and we had full dessert after every single meal (2 times a day at weekend!). We had cookies in between and cake but then I was not a sedentary office worker or researcher/writer at my computer hours at a time. Instead I was outside running all over the place, burning up that energy.


#8. Know What You Are Buying

Start reading all the ingredients on the back of food products. You would be shocked at the contents! To think even baked beans have massive amounts of sugar added.

#9. Cut Down on the Sodas & Soft Drinks

If you have them buy the very small cans now available. Alternatively buy the normal can and throw half away. You have only consumed half the 30g-40g of sugar in the can!


#10. Less Of Candy

If you enjoy the taste of a sweet or candy buy a very small size. This will reduce your sugar intake and prevent more of a belly occurring.


Once you start doing all of the above at the same time as well as changing your diet to less processed food, more home cooked you will notice the difference.

Also introduce slow juicing. Buy a slow juicer and have green juices with celery. These will accelerate your weight loss and your belly paunch.

Oh, and how could I forget, eat lots of Caesar, green salads. If you find them a bit boring and many of us men do, add some tomatoes or  balsamic  for flavour.

Remember that tomatoes are important for guarding us men against prostate cancer so eat lots of them! More importantly eating salad like a rabbit could be preventing or reversing even diabetes, cancer, all sorts of later on in life diseases.

In addition you are getting that sexy stomach back in time for next summer if not this!:-). At least tell yourself that as an incentive!;-)

slimmer bellyAlso to get extra cheat points, start eating celery as a healthy snack. This wonder vegetable actually causes you to lose weight when you eat it.

Have peanut butter or cheese spread on it and you will be in snack oasis:-), Better still you will be losing weight at the same time! Finally keep it off, once you have lost the blubber. It is so much easier to keep weight off than to lose it as you will have no doubt found out:-)

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