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Day Of Week Astrology

Day Of Week Astrology

The basic principles of the day of week astrology dictate that the qualities of different planets are present in the people who are born on the respective day. There are seven days in a week and each day is related to one of the seven planets that can be observed.

Each planet affects an individual in different ways depending on the planet with which the days are connected. The fortune tellers believe that different the planets are energetically linked to the days of the week.

Nowadays a day is considered from midnight to midnight. However in the early days a day was supposed to start from sunrise and end at sunset. In the calculation of day of week astrology this principle is used. The days of week astrology helps in finding personality qualities and characteristics.

While considering week day astrology one needs to consider various factors like the ruler of that particular day and also the guardian angel. These factors have serious effects in the life of an individual.


It is believed that different days of the week have different kinds of influences on the characteristics of a person. This variation occurs especially because different planets have different kinds of energies attached with them. The day of the week analysis is done on the basis of the day on which the person is born.

There are many experts available who specialize in the analysis of the days of the week. However they are usually very expensive and sometimes meeting them might take a lot of time. One could avoid this situation simply by using the calculator presented over here. This day of the week astrology calculator is considered to be highly accurate if the correct data are filled in.

All one needs to do is enter the name and date of birth along with the month and year. After this the button free astrology reading is selected. Once this is done a detailed report comes up. This report basically contains the day number, the day name and the corresponding planet name.

The general effects and features of that planet are explained and their effect on the user is also mentioned. The report also contains the names of angel, name and element. These have very important effects on the analysis of the day of the week. Some relevant future predictions are also made.

One must try using this tool at least once for a detailed analysis of the day of the week. This would give that person a chance to do the needful to enhance the chances and opportunities for good.

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