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Candle Magick – Healing Spell

Healing Spell In Candle Magic

The candle is transient. It has the symbolism that it provides light during its use and plunges all into darkness afterward. This serves as a most useful tool in candle magic healing spell for those purposes that desire a thing to be no more.


It is also useful as a measure of a ‘charging period’, the energies of the candle being transferred to some other magical artifact and stored to utilize. In this case, we are utilizing the following rules:

Berkana – Healing, Hagalaz – Purification


Candle Magick – Healing Spell Components


How To Do The Healing Spell?

This healing candle spell is used to charge a special water mixture to aid in healing. You will take a white bowl half filled with distilled water, and place it in the center of your working space. You will then mark the candles with a Berkana rune, and Hagala rune from the Elder Futhark.


These are magical runes carrying the powers of healing and purification respectfully. Once so marked, you will anoint the candles, from tip and base towards the center to invoke the energies you are about to call on.


This being done, you will place the candles around the bowl of distilled water, and ignite them while thinking about the name of the person you wish the healing to effect. Saying a prayer to this effect to the spirit or deity of your choice would be appropriate at this time.

Healing Powers

This lends their healing powers to the working. The candles at this point should be allowed to burn down, the flickering of their light infusing the water in the bowl with their healing energies.

Once the candles have burned down, pour the bowl of water into a container to store it. At this point, you have two options. If possible, it would be best to have the individual who is ill consume the healing waters you just made. You can use it to anoint them wash them if possible, or even pour them into a bath with them.

Barring all of this, you may bake it into a salt cookie of the sort used to make Christmas ornaments, and give it to them as a talisman against ill health, and to speed healing.

The White Candle lends the power of purification to the working, Black provides the power of protection and banishment. Green feeds the working with the powers of healing and growth, speeding the recovery of the afflicted person. Remember, as with all candle magick workings, it is appropriate to get the permission of the one who is ailing.

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