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Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs

Greetings ~ Here, you will find weekly Tarotscopes by the Zodiac signs. for some general insight. They are divided by astrological Sun signs and are based on a three-card spread which I’ll explain in a moment. I am using the Tyldwick Tarot for interested parties, as my Thoth has lost a card, and some of my Waite-Smith deck got wet today.

These are for you to draw inspiration from and tap into, and I aim to present this more as a game than as a “This is happening to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it” sort of thing. This presents roads you can take, something you can consider and act upon if you choose. When reading the Tarot for an entire Sun sign, I am looking into sweepingly large abstract patterns that exist as potentialities and “unformed expressions,” which will (in theory) materialize differently in, say, one Gemini’s life as opposed to another Gemini’s (see what I did there?).

This Tarotscope can be likened to Tetris, as we will examine something that has been “placed,” an upcoming “piece” that you have control over, and some contextual advice. Because we are looking into the abstract, these things can become defined and expressed in various ways. So it is up to you if you choose to play!

Give your sign a click, and see what you think!

For the week of October 2 – October 8



Queen of Coins, 9 of Swords, 7 of Swords. Starting the week with a sad picture. The foundation of the Queen seems to imply your material surroundings and what may give you comfort, Aries. But things don’t look so comfortable, as per the 9 of Swords’ influence. Your environment may be heavy on your mind or less adequate than you would like it to be. You may be caught between how you wish things looked and how they look/feel.

Getting in between those discrete perceptions can be very anxiety-inducing, especially when we want to be comfortable, damn it! The 7 of Swords in this deck depicts a letter of plans and formulas, with a cockroach, communicating that these plans have more or less been abandoned or forgotten. As advice, this card may pertain to resurrecting and enacting a program you may have previously discarded. Though, that seems rather vanilla.

Aries, if you are in a situation where your surroundings are not as comfortable as you want them to be, don’t let your anxiety paralyze you. Don’t stuff your plans away because they’re “not realistic” or any other excuse you can muster to continue any sense of wallowing. Even if something seems futile or insignificant, do it. Just try; it may make you feel better.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


Five of Swords, Knight of Staves, Page of Coins. A fascinating series of images, Taurus. The first card shows what seems to be the outside of a building, gray and lonely, the window broken. The second, presumably “inside” the house, is a beautiful, vibrant, well-decora, ted, and preserved den. These two cards together may make me think that some of your self-confidence and sense of pride has been scuffed on the outside a little bit like someone tried to throw a rock through your window.

But Taurus, if that is what has happened on the surface, then perhaps by going inside, you’ll see that what matters has not been damaged — you still have every reason to feel confident and secure within yourself. With the advice of the Page of Coins, we are transported back outside into a scene of natural aesthetic beauty & craftsmanship. Perhaps this may be taking that fire within you and allowing it to express itself outside of you in a way that inspires appreciation from others and boosts your confidence. People can quickly judge when they don’t know what you’re up to!


3 of Swords, I The Magician, Ace of Coins. Hoo, boy, Gemini. With the Three of Swords as the foundation, we see a stark image of what appears to be from the perspective within a dungeon cell, three ornate prison bars that feel to communicate, “What you want is behind these lovely little archways, too small for you to squeeze through.”

Perhaps you feel like some things are just plain impossible these days, Gemini, and you may be given to throwing your hands up. What is it that you want? Is it to be like the Magician? To know your role and play it flawlessly, as the image may in one sense suggest? Or is it more straightforward than that, with an implication of finding it difficult to channel the attention and focus of the Magician? Or is some sense of mental/emotional trauma giving you cause to direct and redirect energy, as a Magician would? Let’s consider the Ace of Pentacles, Gemini, for this is one of the Magician’s tools.

In this Ace, we find the seed of the material world. It might be said that that seed carries the other three elements inside it and is watered by them until it reaches fruition. Direct your attention to the sources around you, Gemini. What around you is at the start of its material journey that can only grow with your attention and activity? Despite challenges that may be laid into your foundation this week, you may find it therapeutic to start getting some projects off the ground and feel both accomplished and influential.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


Queen of Staves, 4 of Staves, Knight of Coins. Cancer, this looks positively beautiful. We see in the Queen of Staves a lovely courtyard with some fiery-looking plants growing amid a reflective pool and a small fountain with a little cat statue above it. (I love this deck!) In the second card, we see a well-used palette used for painting, four brushes sitting upright in a jar.

The imagery may say it all, Cancer. What have you come to understand about yourself & your motivations for creativity? Are you coming into self-knowledge that enhances this sense of artistic expression? It doesn’t have to be painting — it can be any form of invention. With the Knight of Coins, we are transported into a cozy den with rich earth tones, animal statues, and a lovely extensive fireplace landscape.

As you reflect on yourself this week, Cancer, you may discover and come into contact more thoroughly with a source of creative inspiration, which you may acknowledge as being a more significant part of you than you previously accepted. In context, the advice of the Knight of Coins seems to imply giving this inspiration a practical outlet with some practice and dedication. I recommend allowing yourself the freedom to do what you know you can.


8 of Wands, King of Cups, Three of Swords. We start this spread with an image of a well-used dartboard in the background, its partner darts resting in the foreground, waiting with what feels to be a quiet restlessness for a hand to pick them up and hurl them. Who is charged with hurling these darts? Could it be the King of Cups? The image shows us his office, a cool and lofty scene of elegant simplicity that seems to open itself to the sky.

The person who created this office does not seem to be the hurling darts — he would seem to be the kind of person to contemplate, dream, look out at the world from his generously sized window, and sigh at it, or perhaps to attend to matters “beneath” his office. Leo, the presence of the 8 of Wands suggests that darts are waiting to be picked up and thrown by you this week. Whether or not you take a chance at the bullseye is up to you, though I will say that it seems as though there may be some idle dreaminess that may stand in your way or perhaps some emotional frustration. “Emotional frustration, you say?”

Well, the 8 of Wands may be some arrows of infatuation, and the King of Cups as a mature representative of his suit of emotions, may mean that you have to grit your teeth through this one, Leo. With the advice of the 3 of Swords, in this specific interpretation, sometimes we have to get over the fact that things won’t work out.

But if all that infatuation stuff doesn’t have anything to do with you, then perhaps it’s time to get over whatever notions of the “impossible” may be and take a stab in some direction. Things aren’t always going to be perfect, Leo and opportunities may pass you by if you’re caught up in that painful truth.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


King of Staves, XI Fortitude (Strength), XXI The World. Virgo, the main feature of this first card seems to be the relatively open display of the French horn that sits atop its case in this King’s flamboyant open-air office. The general feel for me here is “loud and proud.” In the following card, we see the subtle Strength of some creeping vines cracking the masonry of a wall that also contains a leonine statue, its strong and proud visage meeting this delicate, patient, yet effective natural force.

At the bottom of this same image is a small finch, seemingly insignificant though its presence feels courageous and bold in this scene. There is a lot of fiery energy here, Virgo. My question is, how well do you channel your ambitions and motivations in life? Can you delineate between when it is appropriate to be loud and when to be subtle? Can you restrain that inner animal that may sometimes be abrasive, grating, and off-putting?

What do you perceive to be true Strength? Is it more like the concept of Fortitude — tenacity, and resilience? Or do you associate Strength with alpha-type personalities? Because The World is in the advice position for this week, I would wager that this is one of those “larger” lessons that may be helpful for you to reflect upon. If nothing else, you may perceive the Fortitude within yourself, especially when you meet the demands of tasks that require responsibility, leadership, and Strength of character as depicted within the King.


Six Coins, 10 Swords, and 5 Staves. Libra, there may be some finality when getting what you need. The 6 of Coins shows a closed but ornate gate, which presumably guards some resources. The 10 of Swords, however, offers a very subtle scene. It is a note, a straight razor, and some markings on the wall that appear to be dried blood. This doesn’t imply that you’ll kill yourself over money, Libra, or anything else!

The 10 of Swords connotes the end of a road, where there is a letting go of how you thought something might turn out. It’s a card that says, “What is done is done, and there is no use in attempting to change it.” Or is there? With the 5 of Staves present in advice, we see a room with an antique shield that displays a crest of two individuals in combat. Also, some weights and spears imply more action but struggle, and perhaps on some level fitness, in a “Darwinian” way.

Looking at these cards, I wonder if you may be given to throwing your hands up and being satisfied with what you’ve been given when you know damn well that you deserve more. This advice tells me, “Break down that damn door and get what you need! Exert yourself!” It may be worth speaking your mind and confronting the dynamic before it settles, and it will be too late.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


King of Coins, Queen of Cups, 7 of Staves. Scorpio, we see two different types of mature energies in the field. The King of Coins shows an office that feels vibrantly earthy, with lush greenery and ornate furniture. The Queen, by contrast, offers a beautiful and fantastic reflective pool, a single sizeable ornate cup at its head, and many white & off-white flowers thriving close by, some of their petals falling into the pool.

Which are you this week, Scorpio? The King or Queen? Perhaps you have a mind to reach some element of material establishment in the case of the King. Or, maybe you have recently found some source of this quality. Or, in a larger sense, the whole concept of material establishment and how it plays out (King) has you feeling profoundly and emotionally sensitive (Queen). With the 7 of Staves, we see a simple image of 7 toy soldiers arranged on top of a box in an otherwise empty room. Scorpio, the implication of the advice is to rise to a challenge.

If you seek material establishment and your sensitivities feel to beset you, the advice may be to see that challenge for what it is and “step up.” Often the Queen can be somewhat mutable in social circumstances, molding and conforming to be a mirror for those around them. These qualities, which may play out as being amenable to suggestion and social influences, likely don’t serve in the face of such a challenge.

Alternatively, if the larger concept of material establishment has you feeling emotionally touchy, what can you do about it? This is true courage, Scorpio — rising to a challenge that makes your role feel insignificant but giving it your all.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


9 of Staves, 7 of Staves, Queen of Swords. Sagittarius, necessarily I wouldn’t say I like it, but these seem rather poignant in what they feel to be underscoring. What you’ve been putting energy into may be growing heavy on your shoulders and is beginning to feel more and more like an insurmountable challenge.

The Queen of Swords, as your advice, seems to ask you to confer with your rational mind of understanding. This is the part of you that looks at those “hard truths” and can see them for what they are without pretension. That said, the implication here is not to give up but to maybe take a strong drink of some sobering water so that you can see the situation.

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


IX The Hermit, XIX The Sun, 8 of Cups. Say, Capricorn, what’s that light we usually see in the Hermit’s lantern…? It looks like a miniature sun. With a foundation of some solid introspection and perhaps alone time, you are discovering more and more of what makes you tick — what that fiery solar core inside of you looks like.

In some senses, it may be said that we are each like lanterns. We have something within us that emanates our “soul-ar” essence. It may be refracted or warped by the shape of the lantern. But what happens when the lantern disappears, and that essence pours out unrestrained? I get the sense that you may have some opportunities to see the effects of what happens as you do this in the coming week, Capricorn.

Getting to the 8 of Cups, it may be said that something in your current comfort zone may be worth looking at in a significant shift from the Hermit & the Sun, like a “step” to be made. This may be abandoning what is small and petty, or something you’ve been doing that makes you say, “It’s not what I want, but it’s fine for now.” What is just “fine” for now, and what would happen if you ditched it, Capricorn? With the Hermit and The Sun as your foundations this week, I strongly sense that you are more than prepared to let the notions of “fine” go.


Queen of Cups, Knight of Coins, 3 of Coins. This week, these cards seem to underscore an element of creative collaboration. The first two cards seem to highlight qualities within yourself that may be aligned toward a creative purpose or personalities in those around you that you may be able to draw together. The Queen has a depth of emotion and insight. It might be able to bring deep imaginings to the surface for her to see.

The Knight of Coins, by contrast, seems to have a practical “use it or lose it” type attitude. Work patiently and methodically to get something done. With the 3 Coins as advice, the overarching theme seems to speak to blending these qualities to produce something. To reiterate, these qualities certainly exist within you. Still, perhaps you may be capable of identifying roles in an upcoming project and facilitating a streamlined flow between the “dreamers and the doers.”

Tarotscopes by the Zodiac Signs


3 of Coins, XII The Hanged Man, King of Coins. Throw yourself into it, Pisces! Combining the 3 of Coins and The Hanged Man feels like a sense of surrender to a budding project. It may or may not be collaborative. But the 3 of Coins usually feels like work that is inherently “bigger” than you. Convenient, since The Hanged Man can sometimes communicate the sentiment of surrendering to something larger than oneself.

With the King of Coins as advice, perhaps there may be resources available for the project or someone who may be capable of contributing the necessary resources to see it through. In another sense, the King of Coins may represent the advice of a vision of material establishment. This furthers your responsibility to a space, a business, or other material commitment. The idea of what may become “solid and stable” may be your guidepost for the work of the 3 of Coins. And, the surrender to it that comes with the Hanged Man.

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