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The Feng Shui Tortoise: 10 Interesting Facts

10 Interesting Facts About the Feng  Shui Tortoise

Feng Shui is the art of bringing positive energies to our living spaces, work areas, businesses, and lives. Feng shui operates on the belief that humans can manipulate their surroundings to aid the flow of chi and to live in harmony with their environment. The Feng Shui tortoise symbolizes and brings an abundance of good things, whether at home or work!

Depending on the flow of ch’i and its direction, it will have different effects if the animal can indicate a particular Direction. To the south, there is the Red Phoenix. To the East, there is the Green, Golden Dragon; to the West, there is the White Tiger; and to the North is the Black Tortoise.


Animals in Feng Shui

Each animal has qualities that they represent that match the intended attributes of the flow of chi. A fifth animal, the yellow snake, also lies in the center of the four directions. The Red Phoenix represents summer, energy, luck, and good fortune.

The Green/Golden Dragon symbolizes wisdom, culture, and educational enrichment. So the White Tiger is unpredictable and brings surprises and adventure.

If one needs good fortune or financial success, then the Tortoise is to be kept.


Tortoises and turtles are often confused, sometimes by their names changing. The names of these celestial animal, but to clarify, a turtle is a water animal, and the Tortoise remains on land.

A tortoise is a representative of the yang (earth) elements, in particular, water, mountains, and hills. But in Chinese culture, mountains or hills portray a feeling of support and protection, similar to the shell’s shape on a tortoise’s back.

Think of how mountains can be a protection against negative forces (such as an enemy army or a big storm). In the same way, a tortoise can bring protection against negative energies.


Following are ten Interesting Facts and Tips for Using the Feng Shui Black Tortoise in your everyday life.

Feng Shui Tortoise: Tips To Bring Wealth, Love and Luck

#1. Black Tortoise

The Tortoise is meant for protection, comfort, and support. The image of a turtle or Tortoise should be kept in the home areas that need that support.


#2. Shows the Direction

Because the Tortoise represents chi flowing in a northerly direction, a tortoise or something that means a tortoise, such as mountains, a group of trees a hill, should be placed at the south of the home or the workplace. (Landscape can be manipulated to create these, but a taller building or other structure can also be in place and do the same job).

#3. Wealth and Success

The Tortoise will provide protection and support, but it can be used to improve wealth. To bring that luck, put a tortoise in the southeast part of the home, and add it to the workplace to help with career success!

#4. Health and Happiness

Please put it in the East part of the house to increase health, happiness, and positive relationships.

#5. Refreshing and Revitalizing

Place an image of a tortoise underneath the bed if there are sleeping troubles, increase refreshing and revitalizing rest, and provide the support mentioned above and financial opportunities.

#6. Wealth

Add a tortoise to the north part of the home to attract more income and wealth.

#7. Dragon and Tortoise

A dragon and a tortoise can be combined into one image to get the positive energy and potential for wealth. The dragon symbolizes power and the Tortoise’s support and influence, so bringing this object to the workplace increases financial and career status.

#8. Longevity

The Tortoise is also a symbol of longevity. So it is a tenacious animal and can bring positive energy to encourage the owners to keep positive.

#9. Chinese Legend

Chinese legend also states that the Tortoise emerged from the Lo River one day, bringing the secrets of the Bagua or Pah Kwa, the source of Feng Shui. It is like a template that shows all of the “enrichment” of Feng Shui. Experts can use it to stay positive.

#10. Chi – An Ancient Force

Ch’i is an ancient force that flows through and around everyone and everything. Ch’i’s direction can be manipulated and adjusted to our advantage to live in harmony with the environment and encourage luck, success, wealth, health, and happiness.

Many animals in Feng Shui are auspicious and can be used as symbols in the home or the office. But 4 animals represent the directions of ch’i. Feng Shui can place the right areas to give energy.

The Tortoise is the animal that represents the North and winter and longevity, protecting the wealth. So images of a tortoise can be placed in the home to bring positive energies.

Ideally, one can keep a tortoise as a pet and place the cage in the south direction. Then it is a slow yet robust and tenacious animal that works to provide protection and opportunities.


Animals and Directions

It is considered to be a good fortune for the Tortoise. But It would be beneficial to have all four of these animals in the home in their proper places. They represent each of the directions of ch’i, and each has a job and a purpose.

With this knowledge, people can work in spaces and their lives to help ch’i flow calmly. People can use it to bring about change and positivity and eliminate the opposing and dark forces.

Dreaming of a Tortoise

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