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Gray Color Symbolism in Feng Shui

The Symbolism of Gray Color in Feng Shui

Of all the colors used in Feng Shui, gray color is the most neutral. This is because gray is an equal balance between black and white. White is the color of purity and innocence. Black is more mysterious. It is a color of power. Because gray is in the middle, it represents the perfect balance between the two.

This makes it a color without much emotional influence in one way or another. But, this means that grey can promote calmness and clear thinking. It also means that it can be a dull or draining color. Because of this, it is essential to think about how and where you use gray in your home.


The color gray represents the element metal. Metal is an element that is connected to focused energy. This energy is related to productivity and discipline. Finding the right balance of mental power in your home is crucial.

Too much metal can be oppressive. Too little can lead to a chaotic environment. Finding the perfect point in the middle can invite a clear and focused chi into any space. This energy can be beneficial in both living spaces and working spaces. Adding a little gray can help the energy levels in any living room, kitchen, or office.

Gray Color in Feng Shui: Its Effectiveness

#1. Gray Creates Calm and Energy

This keeps the chi in a room from becoming overwhelming. These shades are the right choice for relaxation areas.


The color will not interrupt any other energy that is going on in the room. It will create a backdrop that allows for clarity and peace of mind. Gray is a quieter color and will not take the focus of a room. This makes it a good background for using many colors or textures in a room.

#2. Grey Can also drain energy

Avoid using too much gray to soak up the energy in a room. A monotone gray color palette can create stagnant chi.


This can lead to issues like tension, stress, and anxiety. Like any good thing, using too much removes the color’s benefits. Luckily, gray is an easy color to combine with others. Make sure that you use colors related to elements like fire and water. This way, the metal does not become overactive. You can also use different textures to break up the energy flow. Both of these things will make the chi flow much better.


#3. Gray is a Neutral Color

It is seen as a color of logic rather than emotion. It is a mature color and is often associated with old age. This makes it a shade of wisdom and experience. Because gray does not interfere with emotions, it allows you to clear your mind. By using gray, you can promote clear thinking and problem-solving.

#4. Gray Can also help a Color of Authority

Dark grays, in particular, are commanding and powerful. Use this color to display or assert your dominance. A dark gray room will show others that you are the one in charge. When used correctly, it can help earn you respect. Others will be more confident in your abilities and accomplishments. If the color is overused, it can be intimidating and off-putting. Make sure to find the appropriate balance, or you might scare people away.

#5. Gray Can be a Helpful Color

Putting gray into your living room or entryway is an excellent way to welcome people. It will make them feel at ease while they are in your house. Gray is also the right color for your workspace. It will help you stay focused and keep you productive when working for a long time. It also works well in an office meeting space for similar reasons.

#6. Keep Your Mind Clear

The gray will keep everyone’s mind clear and on track while working. Gray also promotes teamwork and helps to calm emotional conflict because it is neutral. These qualities are beneficial in spaces where people will be collaborating. This can also be useful in a kitchen, as this is an area where stress can accumulate.

Kitchens often cause problems for Feng Shui as you have little control over where appliances go. This can cause energy disputes in the room, seeping into your cooking. Gray can work well to help settle these disputes and keep your mind in the right place while you are cooking.

Avoid putting too much gray in any bedroom. According to the principles of Feng Shui, gray can also promote loneliness and depression. These are not things you want to invite into your bedroom or other family members’ rooms. While this could pose an issue in any house, the bedroom will do the most damage.

Most of your time in this room will be spent sleeping. During this time, you will be unable to defend yourself against these energies. The bedroom is where you must be careful about how much you use this color.

#7. Gray Belongs to The Element Of Metal

It can be used in certain Bagua areas of the house to boost the energy there. Putting gray objects in the North, West, and Northwest corners will benefit the chi in your home. The North Bagua is related to your career and life plan. West is connected with children and creativity.

Grey colour symbolism

Northwest is associated with blessings and helpful people. Metal interacts well with all these things, creating a calm and inspiring environment. Avoid putting gray in the East and Southeast Bagua areas. Both areas have wood as the dominant element, and wood and metal do not interact well.

One of the best ways to incorporate gray into your home is to accent color. This keeps the gray from becoming an overwhelming presence and taking too much energy. A little gray can go a long way. You are using this color for a decorative pillow, chair, or piece of abstract art.

Metallic Shades of Gray color in Feng Shui

All metallic shades of gray like silver and pewter are an excellent way to bring this color into a room. Use metallic grays for candlesticks, picture frames, lamps, and appliances. Offset gray with blue, purple, and brown colors to keep it from going dull. Using just a tiny amount eliminates the chance of the color sucking up your energy. Instead, it will bring sharp, clean energy to your home, enlightening and inspiring you.

Finding the proper balance is the most important thing to remember when using gray. So gray is not an easy color to use. But it doesn’t take much to overdo it, and the effects can be dramatic.

Use this color very sparingly at first and introduce it slowly over time. This will prevent you from creating adverse side effects with the color. But don’t let this scare you from using the color entirely. In the right proportions, gray can create the calm and focused energy that many spaces need.

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