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6 Bad Feng Shui Tips For The House

House Features That Create Bad Feng Shui

When decorating or organizing your new or current home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some of the bad Feng Shui tips for the house and its energy levels are listed below. When attempting to successfully Feng Shui your space, visualize the energy flow traveling through your home. The easiest way to do this is to imagine water pouring in from your front door.

Where would it naturally flow to? Where would the water get trapped, or where would it escape? These spaces that hoard or lose water are the ones that need your help the most. Feng Shui can change how each room ‘feels’ by changing the flow of energy through your choice of furniture placement, art pieces, and color decorations.


What Is Bad Feng Shui For the House?

#1. Bad Feng Shui Tips For the House: Alignment of the front and back doors

Picture the energy flowing into your home. When the front door and back door align, this flow goes in one end and out the other without having the opportunity to enrich the rest of the house.

If you have this dilemma, there are ways to improve the energy flow throughout your home. It is suggested that painting one of the doors a different color could help. A bold-colored front door would attract certain kinds of energy and make a statement to others.


Place a circular table in the middle of your home or between the two doors. This table will then divert and spread the energy throughout the house.

A vase with flowers on the circular table can bring even more life into this area. Find a way to redirect anywhere you feel the energy is escaping or becoming stagnant. Furniture placement and decoration choice is a great way to do this.


#2. A staircase directly in the front  door

Similar to how the back door across from the front door robs the home of the energy that flows in, so can a staircase or bathroom. A staircase across from the front door immediately sends the energy up or down the stairs.

It will leave the heart of your home feeling malnourished. Bathrooms do the same thing. They suck up the energy that flows into them, almost serving as a dead end for that flow of energy. Employ furniture and decorations in the same way you would for door alignment. Redirection is key to fixing a bad Feng Shui layout.


#3. Place your main bedroom above the garage

This applies to placing the main bedroom over any high-traffic area or where heavy activity is done. It can even extend to not putting any room where you would like to relax over a high-energy location. Bedrooms, especially the master, need to be a place of serenity and balance.

Decorations in this room must reflect the balance between the two people living there. Putting a mirror at the end of the bed is considered a Feng Shui no-no.

If you like this, though, make sure that it is centered at the foot of the bed and not to any side over the other. The feel of the room will affect its inhabitants over time. Peace and equality nourish relationships, allowing the people involved to focus on something else.

 #4. Bathroom or staircase in the middle of the house

With this tip, it is essential to remember that staircases transfer energy up and down and that bathrooms trap the energy flowing through your home.

The house’s middle is considered the home’s heart, and it should be where the energy reflects that. Redirect with the use of furniture and decorations. When placing furniture, though, make sure that you are not crowding the foot of the stairs.

Placing the furniture so close to the bottom of the staircase will stop the energy flow or cause it to stagnate. Clutter in this area will create the same problems. The clutter traps the energy and feelings present when it is placed there. It’s essential to keep the home’s heart feeling fresh through a continuous flow of new, cleansing energy.

#5. Darkened long and narrow hallways

This one may be more of a given. Do you want to recreate the spooky house in the new hit horror movie by darkening the long narrow hallways that your house may have? I know I wouldn’t want to, just in case.

It is best to lighten these spaces up to bring the energy back into their corners. Opening windows or leaving some of the doors open would help do this and prevent the stagnation of the energy. The placement of mirrors at critical points on the wall can allow more light into these areas.

When placing these mirrors, make sure you aren’t directing the light into a room that’s pushing the energy out of the hallway again. Push the energy along the hallway to bring life to it that would otherwise be missing.

Natural light is crucial not only for positive Feng Shui but also for your overall health. Open the curtains to all your windows to bring that positive energy flow and vitamin D into your home. Similarly, opening the windows themselves will allow your house to air out and get more oxygen-rich air inside.

#6. Buy sad pictures for happy living spaces

Would you want to wake up, stretch, and then open your eyes, and the first thing you see is a painted picture of a woman crying?

While these paintings can be stunning and thought-provoking, they do not belong in a room like your main bedroom or living room. Sometimes, subconsciously rather than consciously, these images can etch away your overall happiness.

Bad tips for the house

The way you decide to color your rooms will do the same thing. The color and decoration pieces chosen for a room will affect your overall mood. For example, in the master bedroom, incorporate some red with pictures inspiring images of love to bring out that passion in your relationship.

Orange is suggested for your living room since it is a social color. It promotes long conversations and reminiscing. Black even encourages certain emotions.

Scientifically black is the color that absorbs all others. When applied to your home in small amounts, the strength it symbolizes can inspire you, your family, and your guests.

Everything in your home affects how the natural energy flows and feels as it travels throughout your house. Some ways that the Feng Shui is affected are out of your hands, like how the house was built.

But other ways, like having a living room that invites people in to stay awhile, can be achieved through the way you choose to place furniture or the color you decide to paint your walls.

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