Friday, June 25, 2021

Midlife Crisis And Astrology

Baby Boomers – Midlife Crisis And Astrology

What does the baby boomers’ midlife crisis have to do with astrology? I am just using them as an example because many of them are now thinking of preparing themselves for retirement. They have survived the midlife crises, which may and may not have changed their lives, and they have hopefully grown up. But never mind if they haven’t because this generation likes to play and enjoy life. So many of them have spent their life savings or, as they say, “spent the kid’s inheritance” so they can travel the world and enjoying freedom after many years of working hard.

We all grow slowly and have to go through different stages of learning here in life to reach maturity. If we think we can jump these stages of learning, we may find ourselves in deep trouble and then realize that there is something missing. Changes happen to all of us, but when transformation occurs, it is mainly on the inner personal level, and it is barely visible in the outer world. But they are important turning points in our lives.

The midlife crises period – Uranus opposite natal Uranus

When a person reaches the age of 39 – 41, it is usually when the midlife crises hit us, and according to astrology, it is when the transiting Uranus is in opposition to the natal Uranus in your chart. This is a time when you will do some self-examination and taking a good look at yourselves. You are not old, but you are not so young anymore, either. We feel we have come this far by climbing and working hard, and now we have come as far as we can, and maybe it is now downhill for us.

For some us, it may be a time when we feel we have forgotten to follow our dream and goals, and we can become a bit discouraged and feel it is too late we have missed the wave. Some people under this Uranus transit long to feel free and independent while others are open to the new awareness this transit will bring as new discoveries come to light.

Some people now want to make big changes

Some people now feel compelled to make changes in their lives with this Uranus transit, and this can cause conflict with others who will be affected by these changes. However, Uranus is well known for bringing upheavals and sudden changes in people’s lives. At the beginning of the Uranus opposition, many feel that they have lived limited lives, and they now want to spread their wings, and some may act impulsively. They simply want to do their own thing and are sick and tired of responsibilities. So, they break off relationships and leave good secure jobs because they can’t stand the stress and the pull this opposition creates.

Midlife crises can be a difficult transit to go through, and some people may choose to seek help in the form of counseling. But the best way to handle this transit is to understand that it is there to make you more aware that you can do more with your life than you have done in the past. When you get over the initial feeling of having missed out, and it is too late, then you will be able to let the feeling of excitement in which also comes with this transit.

You will come to realize that there is still so much you can do in life, and it is not too late to follow your dream. The good thing about it is that now you are so much wiser and have a whole lot of experience behind you that you can now use to improve your life. Baby boomers or not astrology can help you handle your midlife crises.

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