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10 Ways To Cure Back Pain

10 Ways To Cure Back Pain

Back pain whether it be lower or upper back, can be one of the most painful experiences. It can also put you out of action for weeks or even months. Here are a few tips on how to cure it and prevent it from happening in the future.

1. Keep rest to a maximum of 3 days in bed. Those back pain sufferers who remain active and stay up on their feet as much as possible seem to heal much better. Of course in severe cases like slipped discs this is not possible. At all times too the doctor’s own advice should be followed.

2. Take walks if you can, this actually releases tension in your back.

back pain3. Go and see an acupuncture specialist. Yes, they stick needles in you but this is said to be a remarkable way of unblocking energy. Pain in the body is essentially blocked energy. Putting pins in strategic parts of the body, near the energy blockages can alleviate the knots and relieve pain.

4. Massage. Whether you go for the soft Shiatsu or the stronger Swedish, deeper massage is your choice. Whatever you go for it helps to remove back pain. It may take a few visits and you must make sure your masseur or masseuse is officially qualified and not a relaxation therapist.

5. Eat a healthy diet, less coffee, less processed food, more natural and fresh foods. The same things that apply for a healthy heart apply for a healthy back!

6. Water. Drink plenty of water. Water lubricates joints and helps them to move fluidly. The more you drink the better.

7. Comfortable bed. It may be that you need to replace your bed. A bed should be replaced every 5-7 years. Also it should be between not too firm and not too soft, something in between.

8. Painkillers. An obvious one but if in extreme pain take painkillers temporarily. Modern medicines were meant to be used in times like this!

high heels

9. High heels. Ladies, I know you love them and they look great! However studies show these are one of the biggest causes of back pain. They may not give you any pain now but it is in later years you pay the price! Maybe just reduce the height a little, your back and spine will thank you years later!

10. Hydrotherapy. For chronic and severe lower back pain exercises in a pool are very effective. This sort of therapy is especially good for older people suffering from back pain since the exercise is low impact yet can provide tremendous pain relief quickly.

Other ways to prevent back pain in the first place include lifting objects the right way, bending at the knees every time with no sudden jerks or movements. Also if riding a bicycle, making sure that the saddle is the right height and that you ride it with the right posture.

Talking of posture is a very important aspect of modern living is when you are typing at a computer or laptop. Ensure that you have the right posture and take regular breaks to stretch.


In addition to all the above, eating well, sleeping well, exercising frequently including swimming whenever possible will avoid back problems later on in life. Next time you reach for only the painkillers think of all the other more natural ways you could reduce the pain.

As you can see there are so many ways to prevent back pain and this is perhaps the best way to cure potential back pain, to stop it from occurring in the first place.

It also goes without saying that all the above tips must be taken as only general information and that your doctor has the final say in your health strategies.

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