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Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance And Meanings Of Happiness

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Suits Of Cards In The House Of Happiness

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Happiness

Let us understand more about the different suits of playing cards in the house of Happiness of the Gong Hee Fot Choy Chinese Oracle.


Fot Choy: The Clubs Suit In The House Of Happiness

7 of Clubs: A message will make you happy. You may be informed of your dream coming true.

8 of Clubs: In the coming days you are going to achieve great success. Prepare for celebrations and accolades. Do not feel lethargic. Your endeavors’ are sure to be crowned with success. All these will make you happy.

9 of Clubs: Luck will help you to be happy. You may not achieve exactly what you had desired, but, what you will gain is sufficient to make you happy.

10 of Clubs: A forthcoming journey will bring back happiness to your life. Do not miss any proposal for a short trip. You will realize how traveling can bring happiness in one’s life.


Jack of Clubs: Spending time with relatives can make you happy. If you are staying alone, get in touch with your friends. You may attend a get-together.

Queen of Clubs: You may not be too concerned about happiness since you usually lead a happy life. But the forthcoming happiness in the next few days is too good to be missed.

King of Clubs:  Someone calling will make you happy. You may feel like talking to someone so that you feel so glad. Go ahead. There is no need for you to feel low.

Ace of Clubs: A gift from someone will make you immensely happy. Or, the happiness of someone getting a gift will make you feel the joy that you have never experienced before.


Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The Diamonds Suit In The House Of Happiness

7 of Diamonds: The success card is in the house of happiness. Even you can understand its meaning. What you have worked for will bear fruit, which will delight you.

8 of Diamonds: You will be overjoyed to inherit a fortune. You may enjoy it at someone else’s expense, and this will make you very happy.

9 of Diamonds: You will feel the vibes of happiness quite unexpectedly. The pleasant surprises you will unearth will add to your happiness.

10 of Diamonds: You will make more money than you expected, and this will make you happy. The next few days are the most favorable time for you to buy lottery tickets.


Jack of Diamonds: Kind words from someone very dear, will make you feel happy. You may also get a letter or an e-mail from an old friend that will bring happiness to your life.

Queen of Diamonds: This season has surprise cheer in store for you. Enjoy the seasonal charms to add to the pleasures of life.

King of Diamonds: Fighting a case in the court? You are going to see rays of hope in the coming days. The decision will go in your favor.

Ace of Diamonds: An adventure tour will renew the charm of life. The repose of the adventurous side of your nature does not let you feel that life is interesting. Wake up and move out for a few days.

Gong He Fot Choy: The Hearts Suit In The House Of Happiness

7 of Hearts: Happiness knows no bounds in your life. There can be nothing better than the happiness card in your house of joy. So enjoy.

8 of Hearts: Your love life will bring happiness to you. If single, someone’s admiration will make you happy.

9 of Hearts: You wish to be happy. This wish is becoming even stronger since you still are in some kind of trouble. Remember, genuine wishes come true. Work hard. Whatever the result, you are going to be happy.

10 of Hearts: You will be happy through a reunion or a wedding party. It can also be your wedding ceremony.

Jack of Hearts: You will be happy to gain popularity. The events in the next few days will make you popular.

Queen of Hearts: Reunion with old friends can make you feel happy. You will be pleased to hear words of wisdom from one of your close friends.

King of Hearts: You will enjoy a lot in the coming days. Happiness will be in your life even long after joyful events are over.

Ace of Hearts: A happy time at your house. You will be happy with all your family members. The support that you get from your family members will make you feel even more confident to reach any target and achieve any goal.

Gong Hee: The Spades Suit In The House Of Happiness

7 of Spades: If you have been suffering from some health problem, it is time to get rid of them. Vibes of recovery are on your card. You will feel refreshed.

8 of Spades: Something can get in the way of your happiness. Be careful about a third person trying to harm you.

9 of Spades: Something in the coming days will disappoint you. Have the mind to accept bitter experiences. Happiness awaits you after you overcome the sensations of frustrations you may have had.

10 of Spades: Are you feeling too depressed? Have the mindset to fight this little phase of hardship. Happiness is in store for you shortly.

Jack of Spades: You are planning to do something that will make you happy; carry on with your creative activities. Be careful about the little insignificant things that create problems, especially if ignored.

Queen of Spades: Someone’s ingratitude may hurt you. Do not lose your cool. Do not ponder that helping others or thinking of others has lost its worth in this materialistic world.

King of Spades: Someone will call you and give you a message that will make you feel concerned about something. See your house of callers. If a heart card or a diamond card, you need not worry too much. Be careful if it is a spade card.

Ace of Spades: News of the death of someone you knew may disappoint you. Try to accept the inevitabilities in life.

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