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7 Feng Shui Tips For Thanksgiving

#How Can Feng Shui Make Thanksgiving  Better?

Thanksgiving is the time of year again in the US! Depending on the location, the air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing, and people are starting to get their holiday vibe. But the only Thanksgiving is a time to be with loved ones and share in prosperity and abundance. Utilizing specific Feng Shui tips for Thanksgiving can tone down the stress and chaos level in the home.

For people in the US, Thanksgiving starts a lovely holiday season that people love to get excited about. Thanksgiving is a time of being with family, friends, and people that are important to us.


Pilgrim’s Harvest

It’s a celebration of the Pilgrim’s first successful harvest after a long struggle in the early colonies’ original settlement. It’s a time for people to say “thank you” for all the good things they have been blessed with and to spend some time filling up their plates to enjoy the fruits of their labor (that long year).

Being grateful can be difficult, especially when there are so many sad and bad things in the world today, but that’s why Thanksgiving is so special. It forces us to pause and remember to be grateful.


Now, with Thanksgiving comes a LOT of preparations. The host will host guests, organize the menu, cook, and decorate the space. Those who are not hosts will need to prepare something to bring and perhaps even bring a host gift. A holiday is supposed to be fraught with positive Feng Shui, but with all this hustle and bustle, organization, and preparation, things can quickly get out of control. So, this is where Feng Shui comes in as a lifestyle intended to bring balance, peace, and organization.

Feng Shui Tips For Thanksgiving: Tricks You Can Use

#1. Decorate using the right colors

Lucky for us, Thanksgiving’s colors are just the perfect ones for holidays: orange, red, and brown. Red and orange are fire-element colors that encourage socializing and friendly conversation (perfect holiday activities).

Brown is an earth color that encourages practicality, loyalty, and groundedness. This pairing can help reduce those common family fights! Fresh fruit and vegetables can also be displayed as part of the décor because they attract health and longevity.


 #2. Bring nature in

Add plants to the decorations, such as pumpkins and yellow mums. Adding the splash of nature helps restore energy and a lovely color to the atmosphere.

#3. Consider table shape

Not only will a rectangular table have sharp corners that can be awkward or uncomfortable for guests to place themselves around, but it won’t help the chi to flow as freely. Use an oval or a circular table to encourage chi to flow without hindrance and help guests have more comfortable conversations (they will see everyone at the table).

#4. Think about the lighting

Lighting is essential in Feng Shui. It affects the feeling of a room and can either create tension or ease it. Holidays should always have soft and easy lighting that creates a comfortable atmosphere. So, keep those lights dim and soft on Thanksgiving Day! Use candles to add to the vibe as well.

#5. Create prosperity

Mirrors encourage reflection as well as attract wealth and prosperity. Please include them in the décor, especially under the centerpiece.

It will help bring a sense of prosperity to space and encourage people to reflect on what they’re grateful for this year! Also, be a good host. Provide snacks and drinks while people are waiting for dinner to be served. It encourages social time and shows that the host is prosperous and willing to share that prosperity with others.

#6. Balance is key

Invite an even number of guests to feel balanced pairs; everyone can feel included in table conversations. Or, if there isn’t an even number of guests, try grouping chairs in small groups, and try having balance in other areas: balanced décor, balanced utensils, dishes, kitchen tools, etc. Balance provides stability and, thus, peace and harmony.

#7. Clean! Best Feng Shui Tips For Thanksgiving:

Before the holiday, ensure the home is clean, organized, and ready for guests and merriment! When hosting, it is essential to provide a warm and comfortable environment for guests to be in. That way, they will feel welcome, will have a good time, and a whole good feeling will fill the space.

Thanksgiving is such a memorable holiday! These tips are the main ones and are pretty straightforward and basic to follow. The holidays can be highly stressful for many, so take the time to relax and do some planning. So with some careful planning, Feng Shui can be used to help ease a bit of that stress and chaos.

That way, the beauty of Thanksgiving can shine through, and families and friends can enjoy some good food and each other’s company.

In addition to the tips above, people could do a few more things during the Thanksgiving season, which is good and brings positive Feng Shui. When there is positive energy around, why not share it?? However many do not have the ability or the funds to have a fabulous and abundant Thanksgiving dinner. (And that’s what this holiday is all about!) .

Thanksgiving Dinner

Take the time to give back, and either volunteer somewhere that provides dinner to people or give money so that some can have that chance to experience the holiday. Both things are aligned with good Feng Shui and will bounce good things back.

Also, as mentioned previously, this is the time to be GRATEFUL. Not only is Thanksgiving about spending time with people and eating well, but it is a season and a holiday of giving thanks. So, take that time to reflect on all that has been provided for this year.


What good things happened? What blessings have been bestowed? And from the wrong things, what could be learned? Reflection and meditation is a beautiful aspect of Feng Shui that helps people connect to their inner selves and restore their peace and purpose.

So, reflect on all the things to be grateful for, and SHARE it with others! But the attitude of being thankful can be hard to maintain, so make sure to spread it. One of the best ways to do it is at the dinner table before even digging in for the Thanksgiving meal.

Please take a moment to be silent, reflect, and have everyone share what they’re thankful for this year. It can be a great test of patience too!


So, in conclusion, enjoy this holiday.

To decorate with the right colors, choose the proper lighting, create balance and prosperity, consider table shape, bring nature in, and clean, clean! Use these essential tips, give back, and start building an attitude of gratitude that can last the whole year.

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