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How To Use Feng Shui To Position Your Desk?

8 Feng Shui Ideas to Position Your Desk

Many everyday people face challenges, such as procrastination or being unproductive, while sitting at their desks attempting to do work. Some believe this is their work, while others are lazy. If you are the type of person, who feels your career is coming to an end, or your job’s enthusiasm has come to a halt, learn the 8 Feng Shui ideas for desk positions that could directly impact your career. The people face while trying to get work done. It comes from the simplest thing. It comes from the Chinese word Feng Shui. The Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings enhances balance. Arranging your desk position often releases positive energy that allows individuals to be more efficient and productive.


Which Way Should My Desk Face In Feng Shui?

#1. Have a Commanding Position

Some people are probably wondering what the command position is. The command position is when you sit in the corner farthest from the room’s door. Individuals who enjoy control often prefer this place and want to feel in charge.

This may put you in charge of your business life and often allows you to see new business opportunities. This position often puts people at ease because it prevents their thoughts and ideas from floating out of the room.


By putting you in the spot where you have the most incredible visual control of your space, the command position puts you in charge of your life and your business.

This position helps you welcome the opportunities coming through your door rather than turning your back on them. Lastly, and most importantly, this desk position enables you to avoid feeling confined and blocked by a wall or decor in the room. Once you try the command position, you will immediately recognize the positive impacts on you.


#2. Do Not Sit in Front of the Door

Sitting in front of the door causes all cheerful Chi to exit and negative Chi to enter the room. Opening the door can cause individuals to wander and lose focus. If the door is open, there can be many distractions, whether the desk is at home or an office in a building. Some of these distractions include people or noises. When these distractions occur, it allows people to lose their train of thought and often causes business decisions and ideas to be lost.


The only positive thing that makes this position optimistic is that you can see any problems and be in charge of your office space.

How Should I Position My Desk According To Feng Shui?

#3. Keep Your Back Towards a Wall

NEVER have your back away from the wall. When your back is away from a wall, it causes you to miss business opportunities and attract negative Chi.

Business is symbolically brought to you through your door, so try your best never to turn your back on these opportunities. Facing away from the door or not keeping your back to a wall puts you in a vulnerable state. In addition to this thought, you tend to feel a distracting urge to keep turning around to check behind you, interrupting the flow of your ideas and the quality of your work.

#4. Always Have a View of the Door

Having a view of the door is vital for being productive with any work you do on a desk. When you view the door, you show your authority to anyone who enters the room. This allows individuals to feel confident and accomplish any form of work they are working on. A view of the door will enable you to control and know everything is going on. You can see people walking toward you, which causes the person to be less on the lookout by turning around.

Feng Shui Tips And Tricks For Desk Position

#5. Place Desk In An Open Area

Doing work in an open area always results in the best outcome possible. Having a free space to do work allows all ideas to flow and grow freely. It allows people to have an open mind and not feel overwhelmed by barriers a cramped room can have. Having clean empty rooms results in a clear mind. This opens all business ideas and opportunities immensely. Being in an open room causes the brain to receive more oxygen and think more clearly.

#6. Place Desk Near Cabinets

Some people may believe that having your desk near cabinets is overwhelming and crowded. Placing your desk near cabinets allows you to feel organized, and it also allows you to have more room for work on your desk.

Placing work in a cabinet near your desk gives you easy access to all critical work or files. This results in people feeling organized and prepared, which results in people being able to accomplish more work and get the job done more productively with fewer worries.

How To Feng Shui Your Desk Position?

#7. Never Face a Window

When your desk faces a window, your Chi energy and attention flow right outside through the window, something even worse than the Feng Shui perspective, a desk facing the window, causes you to miss out on meaningful business opportunities. Turning your back to the door might want to come in and walk right through your door.

When you face away from the window, it often gives you another advantage. This advantage is that it allows the natural light coming in over your shoulder to illuminate your work. Furthermore, it reduces eyestrain from a back-lit computer monitor.

#8. Place Desk Near Artwork

Many people place artwork or home decor in the rooms of their house that they enjoy—this artwork and home decor trigger certain emotions and feelings that affect the person’s mood.

If you have any artwork that makes you feel happy, your mind allows you to complete work and place your desk in a spot where it is visible. People will be surprised by the positive effect of a simple painting or even a small sculpture. Opening your mind to this opens many business opportunities and doors that can positively impact your future.

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