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Crystal Magic – Gems With Earth Elemental Properties

Crystal Magic – Crystals With Earth Elemental Properties

This article talks about a few crystals that are associated with the earth element in crystal magic.

Crystal Associations

Security, Animals, Firmness, Comfort, Grounding, Root Chakra (Muladhara)

#1. Agate

A geological relative of Chalcedony, and in its appearance for concentric rings of color, often leading to a clear core. The Agate is created by silicate filling in hollows through a porous stone. The can form in many beautiful formations, and are well known to be good for healing.


#2. Celestite

Celestite is very effective in crystal magick for opening our minds to the light of Akasha and consciousness. It fuels creativity and clarity of communication. It can assist you in traveling astrally, as help cleanse the body both spiritual and physical of toxins. Can also aid in pain relief.


#3. Emerald

Green mysterious emerald, able to bring us calmness in times of turmoil, and help center us with its earthy green hue. It is strongly associated with many of the chakras, and can help purify those energies into balance. Enhancing compassion, balance, and tranquility.


#4. Green Jade

This stone will assist in bringing joy into your life, able to clean away the detritus that we can carry along with us and leaving us clear and refreshed afterward. This jade can deeply entrench a sense of accomplishment, and help you get to the place where you have in fact achieved.


#5. Green Tourmaline

A stone well suited to cleansing our nervous system, and letting our inner energies circulate cleanly throughout our system. It is known to help with chronic fatigue, and can help bring about our goals.


#6. Halite

Halite serves to help enhance your mood and help prevent our more dour side from taking command. If you need to leave negative feelings behind, and open yourself to original unfettered thinking, this stone can assist a great deal.

#7. Hematite

This silvery black stone serves as an excellent sink for negativity in crystal magic, giving peace from stress and bringing about rebirthed energy. It’s magnetic nature can help to bring about a feeling of optimism and attract people to you. Also known to be good for keeping one cool, and often worn in summer for this purpose.

#8. Jasper

Available in a rainbow of colors, Jasper is the stone of selflessness. Jasper is not a stone of speed or haste, but instead makes it’s effects known very gradually. As such it is good for calming, and those who are extremely sensitive to stress. One interesting effect of red jasper in particular is its assistance with a woman’s fertility time.

#9. Jet

Jet can help us to dispel fear and bring about a sense of calm and to dispel sorrow and depression. Kept in a place of business it will protect you from treachery and sudden massive loss. It can be used to protect you from a known source of negativity, turning it’s effects aside, including interruption in an office.

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