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Feng Shui Tips For Good Looks And Money

Feng Shui Association between Looks and Money

Take a moment to examine the office in the picture above. It is clean, uncluttered, peaceful, yet energized. Not only is the office beautiful, but it is designed to increase the wealth of the individual just by the way the objects are positioned. How is this possible? This easy solution is possible through the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui’s practice results in an aesthetically pleasing space and can increase specific attributes in a practitioner’s life if utilized properly. Let’s read more about how Feng Shui can be used to improve good looks and money.


Feng Shui practices have been employed for thousands of years to create harmony, balance, and peace with the natural world. The term itself means “wind and water” in Chinese and incorporates several key principles in creating a calming environment that many find especially advantageous.

Key Principles of Feng Shui

Chi: The term “chi” describes the energy flowing and changing all around us, resulting in good or bad feelings in certain locations. Feng Shui’s goal is to create a free-flowing, peaceful path for chi to move throughout your space.


Chi enters through doors and exits through windows. If you can visualize chi as a wind that needs to flow freely through your space, it is easier to identify objects that may block its path. It will also make it easier to introduce objects that will activate, attract, and increase the chi in a space.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements refer to the cumulative effect of the colors, shapes, and textures surrounding you. The Elements consist of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood and are all distinguished by a particular attribute. Feng Shui strives to establish a balance of all these elements in the environment.


How To Get God Looks and Money with Feng Shui?

#1. The Bagua

The key to determining proper Feng Shui of objects is the Bagua, as it is used as a placement map for particular elements within the space. The Bagua features nine different aspects in distinctive positions:

  1. Power/Wealth/Abundance
  2. Fame/Future/Reputation
  3. Love/Relationships/Marriage
  4. Creativity/Children/Legacy
  5. Compassion/Travel/Helpful People
  6. Self/Career/Work
  7. Knowledge/Wisdom/Harmony
  8. Family/Health/Community
  9. Well-Being/Balance


#2. How to Use Feng Shui to Increase Wealth

If you aim to increase your power, wealth, and abundance directly, it is best to focus on that aspect of the Bagua, represented by the wood element and purple colors.

The first step of a Feng Shui cure to increase wealth is to consult the Bagua chart to identify which room in your dwelling contains the center for power, wealth, and abundance. It is critical to utilize either the horizontal or vertical Bagua chart aligned with your dwelling’s overall shape, as this will increase your ability to identify the correct space.

Orient your Bagua, so the map’s base is aligned with the primary entrance to your dwelling. The purple section of the Bagua listing power/wealth/abundance points to the room that houses your prosperity. Identifying the prosperity location in your home does not mean that you need to move your home office to the bathroom! It just means you need to focus on specific aspects of that room to improve your overall wealth and prosperity.

#3. Increasing Wealth in Your Home

Visualize the prosperous place as symbolizing prosperity and take the necessary first steps to reflect that image. A prosperous place must not be neglected, cluttered, or empty. Instead, it should be well-maintained, and clean, and include objects that make you feel prosperous.

Think about how Wood’s wealth element interacts with the other elements – Wood is strengthened by both Water and Earth, which nourish the Wood and provide a firm foundation for growth. Incorporating objects of wood, water, and earth are easy ways to strengthen a space’s prosperity.

Now what? If your prosperous place is indeed the bathroom, as is mine, the most important things to incorporate are symbolic. To prevent “flushing your wealth,” keep the toilet seat down, include either a yellow or brown object signifying Fire and Earth, or “dry up” all the water flowing through the bathroom.

If your prosperous place is the kitchen or dining room, focus on replicating the abundance of food. Hang a mirror to reflect the table or stove burners, as this symbolizes doubling food and keeping the space clean.

Displaying valuable objects such as crystals, fine art, or other expensive collections in a living or family room will increase its effectiveness as a prosperous place. Adding plants in beautiful pots will symbolize flourishing wealth immediately and replace any unhealthy or dying plants immediately to continue success.

If your bedroom is your prosperous place, decorate it with artwork featuring water. But the water should always be depicted as flowing into your room; if the water flows away from the room, it signifies wealth leaving.

#4. Increasing Wealth in Your Office

How can you make these principles work for your office? If you only have one room or cubical to practice Feng Shui, start by identifying the southeast corner, just as you did for your home. This corner now becomes your prosperous place. Keeping the space clean of clutter can help your concentration, but it allows the chi to flow more freely.

If you can choose your office’s color scheme, decorate with green, brown, blue, black, or earth tones. This decoration can be the wall color itself, or curtains, pictures, or fabric panels. For highlight colors, choose red, orange, magenta, or purple, as these will serve to activate the energy in the area. Any pictures hung should bring in the Wood element’s energy and feature forests, leaves, trees, grass, or parks.

A small water fountain is an excellent way to incorporate the Water element. Make sure the water is clean and flows in a continuous loop.

Many Feng Shui practitioners will set up a Feng Shui aquarium, which features particular fish to increase wealth. If you place an image of water will also depict the water as flowing into space. Bringing in a live plant is also a great way to increase your abundance as it brings vibrancy to space. So try a traditional money plant lucky bamboo.

Finally, keeping the environment pleasant with peaceful music, good lighting, and inviting aroma will activate good energy.

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