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Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune The House of Money

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Money

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Money

Let us understand more about the different suits of playing cards in the house of Money of the Gong Hee Fot Choy Chinese Oracle.


Fot Choy: The Clubs Suit In The House Of Money

7 of Clubs: You may get a message that will inform you of a scope to earn or make money.

8 of Clubs: You are going to achieve something that will bring money. It may be a promotion in your profession. It may also be the acknowledgment of your hard work.

9 of Clubs: Money is on its way and into your purse. Luck is by your side and it influences the inflow of money.

10 of Clubs: You are going to gain money through a journey. It may not be that you earn hard cash. You may choose such travel plans that help you save a considerable amount.


Jack of Clubs: Relatives will help you get some money. Or, one of your relatives may also experience a huge monetary gain.

Queen of Clubs: Inquirer. A fair woman will help you earn money or can show you a lucrative way of earning money.

King of Clubs: Vocation. You may find the inflow of money getting stuck at moments. You need not worry at all. Things will be fine before the end of this season.

Ace of Clubs: Gift. You will receive a gift check or a handsome amount of money as a gift. Do not just finish everything you get.


Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The Diamonds Suit In The House Of Money

7 of Diamonds: You are going to achieve success and will earn money more than you expected. If you are a professional in the world of finance, there is a possibility of remarkable success for you.

8 of Diamonds: You will get a large amount of money as an inheritance. You may have known it earlier. However, in the coming days, you will be known for certain.

9 of Diamonds: To your utter surprise you may find a large amount of money in your purse. Money vibes are strong. Even small efforts to make money will bear rich fruits.

10 of Diamonds: Anything you do at this moment will bring you money. At least, the money card in your house of money signifies this.


Jack of Diamonds: You will receive a letter or an e-mail informing you that you are going to get some money. Maybe you once gave it to someone and he/she wants to return it.

Queen of Diamonds: You are going to be rich by the end of this season. Strong money vibes on your cards indicate that you will gain lots of money soon.

King of Diamonds: You may have to deal with legal issues to get the money you deserve. However, money vibes are quite strong on your cards. You will get what you deserve.

Ace of Diamonds: A new business venture or any other new undertaking will prove to be a money tree for you. Be sincere in your efforts. Success is sure to crown you.

Gong He Fot Choy: The Hearts Suit In The House Of Money

7 of Hearts: You are going to earn some extra money that will make you and your family members happy. You may have needed this money badly.

8 of Hearts: Money and love come hand in hand in your case. But you have to be careful. Make sure that your new love is not after your money.

9 of Hearts: Your wishes whirl around money at this point. You have no reason to be disappointed. You will earn more than you have expected.

10 of Hearts: You will gain money through a reunion or a get-together. If you are getting married, it is going to cost you a lot of money. Do not misunderstand. Nothing related to dowry is indicated.

Jack of Hearts: You will gain money and that will make you popular. Or, you will become popular by dint of your activities, and your popularity will bring money to you, without the least effort on your part.

Queen of Hearts: You will gain money through one of your friends. It may be that you borrow from him/her in your need. It also may be that he/she finds the means for you to earn money.

King of Hearts: Enjoy and make money. Unusual vibes on your card indicate that you will gain money. Great times are in store.

Ace of Hearts: You may have to ask your parents for money. Again, your family may need financial help. Attend to the present needs.

Gong Hee: The Spades Suit In The House Of Money

7 of Spades: You may have to spend a good amount of money for treatment purposes. Even if you are on a diet, doing exercises, and taking other nutrients for better health, beware that your expenses do not cross limits.

8 of Spades: You may have to face problems to get money that is due to you. If you are working on some projects, make sure that you receive your payment on time.

9 of Spades: You may feel dejected that money due to you is not forthcoming. Do not get frustrated. Have patience you will get it, but it may be delayed.

10 of Spades: Money matters may not seem too bright for you. However, you will see a silver lining before the end of this season.

Jack of Spades: You have to give serious thought to every decision related to money. One mistake on your part may cause a huge financial loss. So, take care.

Queen of Spades: If you have given financial help to someone, this is the time you will experience how ungrateful people can be. You are suggested not to expect gratitude or gratefulness from anyone.

King of Spades: Someone may call you asking for money. If you have borrowed some money from someone, he/she may call you asking for a refund, it is better to keep the money ready.

Ace of Spades: Deal cautiously with your financial matters. There is a possibility of a financial drain shortly. You are advised to avoid making big investments.

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