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7 Feng Shui Tips for Attaining Fame

How Feng Shui Can Make You Famous?

There’s the money, the connections, the talents, the glamour, and so on. Many people think of one day achieving the fame they’ve desired for so long to feel important and that they matter. Here are some Feng Shui tips for attaining fame.

But, becoming famous can be a challenging thing to do. But it can also be excessively worn and taxing on a person if that’s their only life goal. Life is more than recognition.


But, if we’re looking at strictly becoming famous, there are many factors to consider. So one has to have the desired talents, or the connections, or the money, or the time and energy, and yes, even the luck. But, maybe, just maybe, Feng Shui can help.

Hence in Feng Shui, eight aspects of life are included on the Bagua, or life map. But one section is called the fame and reputation area.


So, to help head on one’s way towards fame and success, they should nurture and encourage this particular area. For that information, check out the following five tips to achieve those goals:

Feng Shui Fame Areas

#1. Find the South sector

The south of the home is where the fame and reputation area is, so the first step is to find where that area is! In that way, things should be included and made to that area. Find a map, use the sun, or use a compass to find that part of the house.


#2. Put some light on the matter

So add the appropriate lighting to this area. Use warm or even red-toned lighting to help light a spark, so to speak, and get things moving on the road to fame and recognition. It can be in the form of an area with a lot of natural lighting or simply adding candles or extra lighting.


#3. Use Good images to attain fame with Feng Shui

Have the power to encourage and inspire, so use them to help encourage this process along. Images of the sun can be powerful tools in the fame area. Also, perhaps consider displaying images of respected, admired, or other famous individuals to help encourage inspire, and get a goal-oriented vibe going in that area.

#4. Get birdy

Birds are most auspicious in this area, especially the Phoenix, peacock, and rooster. Use images or figurines to portray the birds, sure to bring the desired good fortune and success! Even bird feathers will suffice to represent the image of a bird. Birds can be a lovely decorative enhancement in any home, so it’s possible to get creative here.

#5. 9 is the lucky number

In the south part of the home, 9 is the auspicious number. When decorating, brainstorm how nine can be incorporated. Perhaps nine candles can be grouped or spread throughout the south area. Or maybe nine images can be put into a grouping on the walls of that section. Either way, nine would be most promising to include in this home sector.

#6. The color red

Red represents the fire element, which is just the appropriate element for fame and reputation/recognition. Try to include it in as many ways as possible, but don’t overdo it. But it could be in the picture frames, the candles, or the other decorative pieces in that section. So red is an activating color. But it’s almost as if it’s the spark getting the whole thing in motion!

#7. Don’t forget the past accomplishments

If seeking further fame and success, recognizing and appreciating past accomplishments can go a long way. So Incorporating these things into the decorations can be helpful. For example, hang up diplomas or certificates on the wall as a daily reminder. Include images of graduation or other accomplishments that could help lead to future success.

#8. Fire Element

Hence many of these tips, the fire element is the underlying similarity. That is the element of the southern sector. So many ways as possible should include it. But the image of the sun, the Phoenix, and the color red are all ways to incorporate the fire element in one’s home.

The Right Bagua To Attain Fame With Feng Shui

There are many more tips than this, but it can be overwhelming to a person when too many suggestions are given at once. Chew on these 7 for a while, and see how that works for the time being. These tips are pretty general because it depends on what type of fame.

This sector on the Bagua is entitled Fame and Reputation or Recognition, so it isn’t just about becoming a famous movie star. So success in this sector is relative to each person.

Fame and Reputation can be simply getting recognition at work for accomplishments, receiving higher pay, making good connections that help further one’s career, getting a book published, having others notice you more, etc.

These are all things that people may desire, and if so, then the south area of the home should be adjusted.

So how does one know if they need to adjust their south area? Let’s say someone has no desire for fame but finds some things difficult to show that their southern site needs a bit of work. So, they may worry too much about people’s thoughts and opinions.

So they may feel inferior to those around them or like people are taking advantage of them. But they may find that their ideas are rejected at work, and the list continues. These people would use the tips above to shore up their south area well.

Feng Shui for Fame: What to Avoid

Don’t forget that there are things that should also be avoided in this area to not detract from the power of the excellent chi that will come to this sector. But in the south part of the house, avoid mirrors, dark rooms, clutter, black, water, and heavy things.

Water in certain areas can be most auspicious for wealth and success, but not here. But avoid them if possible and focus on the right and positive things to be added here. Because we’re talking about Feng Shui here, a note must be made about balance’s beauty. So fame can be a dangerous thing to desire and achieve. So depending on what it is or how it comes about, it can negatively change a person.


Too much (a lack of balance) of any good thing can upset the calm and peaceful equilibrium that is the art of Feng Shui. So, it is essential to consider what fame and success it is to consider their effect on one’s life.


Recognition and Reputation can be tempting to desire because we all want to feel special, accepted, and loved. But, it shouldn’t consume our whole lives, or all of our energy, or take away from who we are as people.

But each person has gifts to show the world, and they should understand them. So, build up that south sector, and see where that road leads!

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