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Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The House Of Surprises

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Surprises

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Surprises

Let us understand more about the different suits of playing cards in the house of Surprises of the Gong Hee Fot Choy Chinese Oracle.


Fot Choy: The Clubs Suit In The House Of Surprises

7 of Clubs: A message may infuriate you. You may get unexpected news from one that you least expected to call.

8 of Clubs: You may surprise others with your accomplishments. You may achieve something that you have been trying for since long.

9 of Clubs: Your luck will surprise you. Check the card in the house of luck. Excellent, if it is a heart or a diamond card. Be on your guard if a spade.

10 of Clubs: You may set out on a journey all of a sudden. A sudden unplanned trip or unexpected invitation for a tour may bring pleasure to you.


Jack of Clubs: Relatives will be the cause for your amazement. A call from a distant relative may astonish you.

Queen of Clubs: A big and pleasant surprise is in store for you. It can come to you in any way.

King of Clubs: A pleasant surprise may come your way shortly. The surprise is most likely concerned with your profession.

Ace of Clubs: You will be surprised to get a gift. The gift may be something that you hardly expected. Or, the gift may come from someone whom you least expected to gift you something.


Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The Diamonds Suit In The House Of Surprises

7 of Diamonds: Have you done something very unusual, or assumed unrewarding? A surprise! There are high possibilities of your achieving success that you hardly expected or presumed.

8 of Diamonds: You are going to inherit something all of a sudden, – something that you hardly ever expected to get. You may get the payback of a loan that you had given to someone years ago.

9 of Diamonds: The surprise ahead of you may be the biggest and the most significant in your life. Be prepared and keep your cool. You have to be prepared to face anything and everything. Nothing can be predicted. The surprise card in the house of surprise indicates this.


10 of Diamonds: It’s money that awaits you. You will get a lump sum amount that you least expected. You may also receive a gift or a salary hike.

Jack of Diamonds: A letter will surprise you. The news of a friend’s hasty wedding or the compulsion for you to join your new assignment may surprise you.

Queen of Diamonds: Vibes of financial benefit from a kind or generous relative hovering around you. Look out for opportunities. Do not just let it pass, without doing any good for you.

King of Diamonds: Some legal papers may reach you much to your surprise. You may inherit something that you did not even expect. However, your surprise gain is in the professional field.

Ace of Diamonds: If you are going for a trip or taking up a new venture, there are surprises for you. Chalk out plans but make them flexible. You may have to change your plans for proceeding with the venture. You may also be offered a business proposition all of a sudden.

Gong He Fot Choy: The Hearts Suit In The House Of Surprises

7 of Hearts: If the recent times have been too tiring and exhausting, you can expect time for relaxation. You will complete your work by midweek and be ready to party with your colleagues.

8 of Hearts: You are in for a pleasant surprise. You may find someone showing his or her love and care for you.

9 of Hearts: Your wish will surprise you. Or, someone else’s wish may also seem to be quite surprising. Check your card in the House of Wishes. An unexpectedly favorable time ahead, if it’s a heart or diamond card.

Interpret the Heart Suit with the Chinese Book of Fortune

10 of Hearts: Keep track of whatever is going on around you. There are strong chances for a sudden marriage – either yours or of a friend or relative. However, if you are attending a marriage ceremony, there are chances that you will get married instead. However, things are in your favor. New communications at this time will prove lucrative for businessmen.

Jack of Hearts: You will hear good things about yourself from people whom you never expected to favor you. There are chances of your becoming popular. You may also get an admirer. Vibes of romance with an important person are also there.

Queen of Hearts: Friends will surprise you. Things are favorable for you. You may get sudden unexpected help from a friend. But, do take care since one of your friends may turn unusually hostile to you. Check the card in the house of friends. Good if a heart or a diamond but watch out if it’s a spade.

King of Hearts: You cannot but be surprised with the way you get help from a kindly person. You may also expect a surprise gift.

Ace of Hearts: Something surprising will happen at home. You may also buy a new home and surprise everyone; there is also a possibility of your partner buying a new house and giving you a pleasant surprise.

Gong Hee: The Spades Suit In The House Of Surprises

7 of Spades: Try not to stress yourself. Take rest. You may suddenly fall victim to ill health. You may also get the news of someone’s ailment. Do not lose your cool. Time will heal everything.

8 of Spades: Do not just laze on your past achievements or successes. Troublesome times ahead. Look before you leap. Caution is the word.

9 of Spades: Someone’s behavior may disappoint you unexpectedly. You may also lose something valuable. Unpleasant gossip or rumors about you may frustrate you a lot. Don’t lose heart. Things will straighten out.

10 of Spades: Before the end of the day something might disillusion you. Someone whom you trusted and thought to be your friend will turn out to be surprisingly different from what you had thought. Take care if you have someone with whom you share all your secrets.

Jack of Spades: Thoughts will surprise you. It may be your thought that is inspired by reading a book seeing a TV program or reading some mail. Someone else’s thoughts may also surprise you.

Queen of Spades: If you have helped an impudent and ungrateful person, get ready to experience his or her criticism. Do not give up the habit of helping due to one instance of someone ignoring your goodness.

King of Spades: You will get a surprise call. It may be from your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It may also be from the tax collector. The experience would be something that you would resent.

Ace of Spades: Death news will stun you. You may also be taken aback by the news of the break-up or divorce of a close friend. You may also be separated from your beloved.

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