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8 Effective Feng Shui Health Cures

Feng Shui Health Cures: What Is Feng Shui Healing?

Our lives are filled with stressors. Our smartphones are never more than an arm’s reach away, which means we never leave work. News cycles are constant feeds on social media and television, most of them negative. What do Feng Shui health cures have to offer about our well-being? As it turns out, it has quite a bit to say. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to work, take care of the kids, take care of the house, and take care of ourselves. Something must give. Very often, that something is our health. What does Feng Shui have to say about our health? As it turns out, it has quite a bit to say.


How Can Feng Shui Cures Help You Feel Better?

#1. Clear the clutter

A home filled with clutter and chaos will not permit a clear flow of Qi or energy. Besides, clutter adds stress, and stress damages one’s health. Start small. Give yourself only a handful of minutes (say 20 to 30) and focus on the room’s surface items.

Let yourself feel good about what you have accomplished, even if it is a small step. Please do it again later in the day, or perhaps even the next day. Eventually, you will find yourself organizing unopened mail (not knowing what mystery bills lurk under the mess adds a tremendous amount to your stress level).


This may seem like just common sense, but Feng Shui has been around for millennia and is based on observation and philosophy. Lower stress levels mean better health. If one has stress-related health issues, one should look around the home. Does it create harmony or stress?

#2. Leave your shoes outside

Why would this be important? Feng Shui dictates that one’s shoes carry the stress and much of the outside world. Why drag that inside the home? Again, this is a preventative measure as well as a cure. It comes down to keeping the physical space and the energy flow clean.


One could look at this symbolically as well. Leave work problems at work. Leave the arguments and stresses of the outside world outside. One’s home should be a sanctuary. Keep stress levels as low as possible. One’s health depends upon it.

#3. Wear or use items of a particular color

Feng Shui teaches that there must be a balance of the elements to maintain health, wealth, fertility, and fortune in general. Each element (earth, metal, water, wood, and fire) represents different energies. If one has too much of one element or not enough of another, their Qi is out of balance.

Sickness or some other disorder is the outcome. If one has a sore throat, for example, one is said to have too much fire, and wearing black or drinking from a black teacup would quench the fire because black is the water’s color.


The color green, be it light, paint, or plants, promotes healing. Adding a green dragon to the southeast corner of one’s living room will boost health and wealth.

#4. Wear or display jade

While various crystals are said to have specific properties, authentic jade (beware of artificial jade passed off as genuine) is a long-time favorite of Feng Shui followers.

The main reason has to do with history and tradition. It has always been the favorite material for making cures, from the laughing Buddha to money frogs. Another reason is the variety of colors it comes in. Each color cures a different ailment. The best overall color is deep green.

#5. Display an image or figure of the Three Immortals

The Three Immortals (Fuk, Luk, and Sau) each represent something slightly different on their own, but they are always supposed to be presented together.

Fuk signifies family and love, Luk symbolizes wealth and power, and Sau is known as the god of long life, meaning good health. Having all three means that one is welcoming the positive energies of all three; therefore, if one is looking for health, this is an excellent place to begin.

#6. Use mirrors wisely

The shape of one’s mirror holds meaning. Round ones signify completeness, while square ones signify equilibrium. Octagonal mirrors (eight-sided mirrors) indicate potency. They must be in good shape. Why? Because they reflect one’s image, and that image should not be distorted.

Good mirrors may deflect negative energy away. Interestingly, stairs leading directly out the front door direct good energy out of the house, so it would be wise to place a mirror facing the stairs’ bottom to reflect the good energy into the home. One may wonder what this has to do with health.

If too much bad or not enough good energy, it will negatively affect one’s health. The cure is to create and maintain balance.

#7. How To Counteract Poison Arrows With Feng Shui Health Cures

Negative energy can be an issue not just on one’s person or inside one’s house but also from outside one’s property. The term “poison arrows” means an outdoor location creating negative energy that attacks one’s home. The arrows are the energy flows.

How one handles this depends upon where the poison arrows are coming from. If the cause is a dead-end street in front of the home, build a landscape element that contains two or three trees and a large boulder. This will create a barrier to deflecting the arrows.

If the cause is a hospital, cemetery, or even intersecting roads in front of the house, hang a mirror outside or in a window, facing the problem. The mirror will repel the arrows effectively. Poison arrows are a severe concern in Feng Shui. Taking these steps to address them is guaranteed to improve one’s health.

#8. Place a Wu Lou on either side of the bed

A Wu Lou is traditionally a dried gourd, although, in modern times, it may be made of wood, metal, glass, or jade. This gourd’s history goes back to descriptions of Sau Sing Kung (as in the Three Lucky Stars) and the Monkey King. These deities were known to carry


Wu Lou with them, and they are seen in artwork depicting the stories. Several places one malposition these, but a pair of them on either side of a sick person’s bed is the best. This will speed healing if one is ill or prevent illness if one is prone to such things.

As one can see, prevention is just as crucial as a reaction. Even if someone is already ill, preventative measures may prevent things from worsening.

It all comes down to managing the home’s energy flow and, therefore, the influences on the residents of that home. Most sources will say that the very center of the house is considered the “health section.”

Please keep it clean and clear of clutter, and add earth elements such as ceramic pots with pictures of earth features. This will center the home and allow all the other things one does to work better. Here is to good health and longevity!

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