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8 Feng Shui Tips For Prosperity

8 Feng Shui Secrets For Prosperity

#1 Create a strong front door

In Feng Shui Tips for Prosperity, the front door is a significant symbol. It is through the front door that the house receives its good chi or positive energy. Typically a red door symbolizes good luck and prosperity, but your door faces have a lot to do with the best color choice.

For example, the Feng Shui element for east-facing doors is wood, so the right color for this door type is green or brown. When choosing the best door for the most Feng Shui-appropriate home, research how your door faces and make your decisions in accordance.


#2 Give to receive

An old saying states, ‘You give what you get,’ just as it applies in life. In general, this saying applies to Feng Shui as well. Compassion relates directly to prosperity. If you give to others in their time of need, you will find that this compassion will also come back to you.


#3. Feng Shui For Prosperity: Welcome guests

When it is positive fresh energy is perfect for your home. Having new people over who bring in new forms of positive energy will brighten your home and bring prosperity to it.

You should set aside a space for entertaining and brighten that space with a little red, as red is a cheerful color in Feng Shui.


#4 Detox your home

Using commercial cleaners that contain many harmful chemicals is not only bad for the environment but can also destroy the positive energy in your home.

Many poisons can linger about your house when harmful chemicals go all around and underneath your home. There are plenty of good alternatives to those toxic cleaning solutions, including lemons, baking soda, and vinegar.

#5 Free your home of clutter

Many people have clutter issues that leave their homes imbalanced and unable to meet the standards that allow for a Feng Shui-driven life.

Clutter causes there to be stagnant and confusing energy around your home. For the best Feng Shui, pay special attention to the far left corner of each room when decluttering your home.

#6. Display symbols of wealth

Displaying symbols of wealth in your home can attract the kind of energy that will achieve prosperity. Traditionally good symbols to display would be something like the wealth ship.


This will symbolize the energy of abundance in your home. If you do not feel wealthy, you choose to display things that symbolize wealth to you personally.

#7. Clean windows are Feng Shui For Prosperity

Clean windows symbolize fresh eyes through which to see life in new ways. Also, clean windows suggest being able to approach life with a clear and open mind.

Because windows represent the mouths and eyes of the home inhabitants, it is essential to keep them clean. So that you can see and communicate with the world, remember to use a natural cleaner like vinegar instead of one filled with chemicals.

#8. Grow plants

Plants are excellent at detoxifying the air around your home and reducing electromagnetic energy. Besides, plants are the ultimate symbol of nature and abundance. They are perfect for achieving Feng Shui for prosperity. Any plants will bring positive energy, but if you want to be more specific for capital.

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