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Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune The House Of Compass

Gong Hee Fot Choy – Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Compass

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Compass

Let us understand more about the different suits of playing cards in the house of Compass of the Gong Hee Fot Choy Chinese Oracle.

Fot Choy: The Clubs Suit In The House Of Compass

7 of Clubs: To contact you or not, this is what someone is thinking. If you can make out, call him or her since your call is much wished and awaited.

8 of Clubs: If into business, this is a busy time for you. Don’t put off what needs to be done at once. There’s much to do.

9 of Clubs: Luck will be on your side in whatever you do. Feel it and be confident. Your plans will start working.


10 of Clubs: You will travel a lot. You may also shift to a new place to settle as you have done many times before. So, this is a ‘let’s pack up and go’ time for you.

Jack of Clubs: A special message from a dear relative will reach you. You may have to hurry after getting the message. Work may concern radio contacts or air travel.


Queen of Clubs: Let your wishes and thoughts merge. It is the best time for your wishes to come true. Better things are in store for you. Just try them out. Things are changing for the better.

King of Clubs: You will get chances to better your lifestyle. But, don’t forget to be thankful for what brings you to where you are and will be.

Ace of Clubs: Who is it that is thinking of giving you a gift? You may receive presents from more than one. They are even thinking about what you would like.


Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The Diamonds Suit In The House Of Compass

7 of Diamonds: Vibes of success surround you. Put in your best efforts to reach the peak of your achievements. Chalk out plans. Materialize them.

8 of Diamonds: You are going to inherit some money, little though. However, it will help you fulfill one of your needs.

9 of Diamonds: You are in someone’s dreams and thoughts. Control your anxiety. He or she is going to meet you or call you up.

10 of Diamonds: Plan to add to your income. The vibes of money approach you. Do not let it go. Chances of prosperity and achievement hover around you.


Jack of Diamonds: Don’t be hasty in deciding. Postpone taking decisions if there’s any sense of doubt confusion or lack of confidence.

Queen of Diamonds: This card always involves time. This card in the house of Compass brings the message of your prayers and wishes being granted but it will take time.

King of Diamonds: You would be in good health. If suffering from some health problem, you will recover soon. Genuine help from a physician will heal you soon.

Ace of Diamonds: You may have to take up a new venture. Do as you like. Trust your intuition. Someone wants your help.

Gong He Fot Choy: The Hearts Suit In The House Of Compass

7 of Hearts: Happiness is knocking at your door. No need to feel down. Better days are ahead.

8 of Hearts: Someone is thinking of you. If you are single, this person may turn out to be your sweetheart. You may also get a marriage proposal.

9 of Hearts: You are not sure of your wishes. What do you want? Give it a thought, decide, and then relax.

10 of Hearts: If a businessman or a merchant, you may settle for a long-distance deal.

Jack of Hearts: A big success for those of you, involved in theatrical work. People in other professions may get promoted through a medium of space.

Queen of Hearts: Friends and relatives are thinking lovingly of you.

King of Hearts: A radio program may please or amuse you a lot. You may also purchase CDs DVDs or new recordings.  Somebody near and dear is thinking of you and missing you.

Ace of Hearts: The Ace of Hearts in the House of Compass also indicates the possibility of a new home for you.

Gong Hee: The Spades Suit In The House Of Compass

7 of Spades: Take care of your health. This is the best time you can improve your health and fitness. Let not the tiny affairs hamper the routine you are following for your health.

8 of Spades: Vibes of disturbance may be a spoilsport in your work. This will slow your progress. Do not worry. You have the potential to overcome them.

9 of Spades: Disappointments are there but they are not all too disappointing. The flow of work may get stuck or your creativity may feel wanting.

10 of Spades: Better things are in store for you. Bright and happy days are awaiting you. If you have been through tough times, this is the time for you to perform.

Jack of Spades: Is someone from your family in the media? His/her favor is going to promote you to prominence. Such favor may also come from a friend.

Queen of Spades: Time for you to be grateful. Also, someone else will show his or her gratefulness for your help in the past.

King of Spades: Your friends in the world of spirits call you on. You may feel nostalgic. Don’t ignore the work at hand.

Ace of Spades: There are vibes from the dead around you. If any of your near and dear ones has passed away, he or she is trying to communicate with you. Relax. No harm is going to happen to you. Just be good.

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