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Tammy Hembrow

Birthday :

April 22, 1994

Also Known For :

Fitness Instructor

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Tammy Hembrow was born on April 22, 1994, in Gold Coast, Australia. Tammy Hembrow is an Instagram star and a famous social media personality. She is twenty three years old. She was brought up alongside six siblings. She began her career when she started posting fitness videos and photos on her Instagram account. She has more than four million followers on Instagram and almost seven hundred thousand followers on YouTube. Most of her followers are young women who admire how she strives to keep fit. She is also a fitness expert as she advises how to stay fit and eat healthily.


Tammy Hembrow was interested in sports while she was growing up. As a young lady, she lived an extravagant and carefree life which led to her lifestyle being unhealthy. She later learnt about fitness and eating healthy that she quit her boring lifestyle and chose to reform. She started working out and received excellent results, and since then she has never looked back. She always posted her fitness journey on her Instagram account. Her fan base supported her in her quest even when she was pregnant. She posted all her pregnancies, that is, two pregnancies on Instagram.

Tammy Hembrow also posted photos of how to regain one’s body after giving birth. The body changes once a woman gets pregnant. She posted videos of her pregnant body and her work out details. She is a role model to many ladies who want to regain their perfect bodies after giving birth and to the ladies who want to keep fit and eat healthily. She became famous on Instagram because of her videos and pictures that she turned the social media platform into a business. She has a YouTube channel where she posts fashion videos and vlogs.


What Makes Tammy Special?

Tammy Hembrow is determined and hardworking. She is so much into fitness and eating healthy. She works out five days a week. She inspires women to lead a healthy lifestyle to boost their self-esteem.


Personal Life

Tammy Hembrow lives in Queensland, Australia with her fiancée Reece Hawkins. Her fiancée is her trainer. The couple has two children together, Wolf and Saskia.

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