Rutherford B. Hayes Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Rutherford B. Hayes

Birthday :

October 4, 1822

Died On :

January 17, 1893

Also Known For :

Congressman, Abolitionist

Birth Place :

Delaware, Ohio, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


In 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes vowed as the 19th President of the United States where he remained in the sit till the end of 1881.While at the office, he made sure that the country was at peace. He did so by maintaining peace treaties with neighboring countries. Not to mention he fought with corruption to the latter. Having studied law, Rutherford B. Hayes collaborated with William K. Rogers where they launched law enterprise. It was here that he rose to fame as a slave defender as well as a criminal defense attorney. Hayes also acted as a major general in the course of the Civil War.

Hayes devotion and thirst for saving others impressed the Republicans. He was then asked to vie for the presidency where he obliged without holding a grudge. Read along to understand more about his early and later life.

Early And Childhood Life

On October 4, 1822, Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born in Ohio, Delaware in the US to a storekeeper, Sophia Birchard and Rutherford Hayes, Jr. It was unfortunate that his father died before setting his eyes to his born child, Hayes. His mother did everything to take care of his children’s upkeep. Hayes later joined Methodist Norwalk Seminary in Ohio for his early education. He then graduated with highest honors in 1842 from Kenyon College. Hayes interest was to become an eminent lawyer, and that is where he went to join with other gurus at Harvard Law School in 1845.



In the mid of 1850 Rutherford B. Hayes went to live in Cincinnati where he established a law business with the help of Richard M. Corwin and William K. Rogers. At first, Hayes concentrated with preliminary issues, but he later advanced as a reputable lawyer. He acted as a loyal lawyer who opposed slavery in every demeanor. It was also at this time where he joined the Republican Party.

During the American Civil War in 1861 Rutherford B. Hayes secured his place in the army. During his tenure, he showed his bravery by devoting his own life in the military field. It was here that he gained more respect due to his visible wounds. Without further ado, Hayes was appointed as the major general. After the Civil War, Hayes was selected as a Republican to the United States Congress in 1865. Two years later he vied for a governor seat in Ohio where he won in 1867. 

As an Ohio Governor, he made sure that has constructed more schools for mutes and deaf as well as girls. He remained in the seat for more than a decade. He was then elected as the President of the United States in 1877. In his regime, he made sure that he has re-built every little thing that was damaged by previous leaders. It was unfortunate that Hayes announced that his serving was meant for one term and not more. By the end of his tenure in 1881, he retired where he spent the rest of his life advocating for education charities.   


Personal Life And Legacy

In 1852 Rutherford B. Hayes married his longtime partner Lucy Webb. The couple was blessed with eight children. In 1889 Hayes was saddened by Lucy’s death where he mourned till his demise in 1893.

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