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Lyndon B. Johnson

Birthday :

August 27, 1908

Died On :

January 22, 1973

Birth Place :

Stonewall, Texas, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Lyndon B. Johnson rose to fame as the thirty-sixth President of the United States. He remained in the seat for six years. He took office not by the majority of votes but because of the killing of thirty-fifth President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. He was one of the chosen few who managed to get a seat as a senator, vice president, and president. Before fame, Johnson published several proposals including Appeasement in Munich while still studying at Harvard University. 

Childhood and Early Life

It was on 27th August 1908 that Lyndon Baines Johnson was first seen in the world in Stonewall, Texas. He was born to Rebekah Baines and Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr. He loved to spend time with his younger brother and three younger sisters as he was the eldest child. His protective father served as a politician and at the same time a rancher. Throughout his teenage life, Lyndon became talkative and self-reliant lad who loved to participate in debates classes. He also loved to play baseball.

At 15 years of age, he passed from Johnson City High School after graduation in 1924. It was here that he got a taste of life where he went to look for odd jobs for his upkeep. Simultaneously he joined the Southwest Texas Teacher College in San Marcos where he served as a teacher. He graduated in 1930 from the college.


Early Career

After his graduation, Lyndon B. Johnson opted to follow his father’s footsteps. It was in the same year of 1930 that he joined the political world. Richard Kleberg, one of the US Congressmen, gave Lyndon a position as a parliamentary secretary. It was there that he got a seat as a Little Congress speaker.

Early in 1935, Johnson’s incredible work led him to lead the Texas National Youth Administration, a position that he held for over a decade. Before his retirement, he also got a chance to serve as a lieutenant commander during the WWI. He was sent into a battlefield where he received a Silver Star since his plane survived the brutal attack by Japanese fighters. In 1942 he gathered himself back in politics.

In 1952 during the general elections, the Republican Party garnered more votes in both the Senate and House. Being a member of the Democratic Party, Lyndon B. Johnson was appointed as the Minority Leader after a year. It was here that he became the youngest representative in the Senate. The following year Lyndon’s party won with more votes when he was appointed as the Majority Leader.

In the mid of 1960, Lyndon B. Johnson was advised by his team to vie for a presidential seat. Unfortunately, John F. Kennedy took more votes, and Lyndon was appointed as the Vice President of the US in 1961. It was in this doctrine that his works emerged around the world. For instance, he made sure that Southern Vietnam was at peace by sending the American military in the background. He also hustled for the minority and majority leaders to have equal measures.

On 22nd November 1963 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was murdered in Texas. It was here that Lyndon B. Johnson took over as the 36th President of the US. As soon as he got a chance to speak to the public; he promised them of tackling what Kennedy left in his seat. As a start, he proved this by signing a Civil Rights Acts in 1964. It was the same year that Lyndon came up with one theme called Great Society during campaign time. He tirelessly promised the public on several improvements such as better education, medical care, and employment.


Later Career

Lyndon B. Johnson was lucky to get a seat as the President of US once more where he surpassed Barry Goldwater and William Miller. In his tenure, he found himself signing tons of acts just to make sure that his motto Great Society was achieved. Just to mention but a few; he signed the Economy Opportunity Act, other legislation such as food stamps followed. Due to the rise of killing that was experienced in the 19th-century, Lyndon signed a Gun Control Act of 1968.

All people loved Lyndon B. Johnson, and he was expected to rule for another term. However, he opted to retire where he announced that he wouldn't be vying for the presidency. It was in 1969 that he stepped down as the President of the US.


Personal Life and Achievements

In 1965 and 1980 Lyndon B. Johnson received a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award followed by Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award. In 1934 he married Claudia Alta with whom he had two daughters. Claudia aka Lady Bird was an intelligent woman who supported her husband in the course of his career.

It was in January 1973 that Lyndon B. Johnson started to suffer from heart problems and his health continued to deteriorate. He breathed his last on 22nd, January 1973 due to a heart attack in Texas. In his honor, The Manned Spacecraft Center that is located in Houston was named after him. Texas celebrates on 27th August to mark the day he was born.

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