Lucretia Mott Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Lucretia Mott

Birthday :

January 3, 1793

Died On :

November 11, 1880

Also Known For :

Women's Right Activist, Quaker, Social Reformer

Birth Place :

Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Lucretia Mott will always be remembered for her epic work in founding the American Anti-Slavery Society. The organization helped women to know and identify their rights. The movement regularly met at Seneca Falls Convention. She played a significant role in 1840 where she served as the American Equal Rights Association’s president.

In her middle age, Mott used to teach at the Nine Partners School in New York. She later served as a Quaker minister. She then teamed up with other members and they established The Pennsylvania Swarthmore College.

Early Life

On January 3, 1793, Lucretia Coffin was born in Massachusetts, Nantucket in the United States to Quaker parents. Lucretia grew in a brutal environment that encouraged her to become a social reformer. At 13 years old, she joined Quaker boarding school that was based in New York. Here she landed a teaching job where she met her future husband, James Mott. Throughout her life, she loved to follow Elias Hicks' experience as an active abolitionist.


The Civil Rights Activist

Lucretia Mott held the Quaker administration in 1821 where she was noted due to her confidence. In 1827 Mott’s fight against slavery started where she advised her followers not to purchase the slave labor products. Due to her partners support, he was forced to let go of his cotton trade business in 1830. Her radical sentiments made her befriend exile in her middle years.

In 1840 Lucretia Mott joined the World Anti-slavery Convention that was organized in London. The rule stated that it was an abomination for any woman to chair any governmental seat. This made her join Seneca Falls Convention in New York. Her husband, James Scott was given a chance to govern the convention. This made her dedicate fully to human rights where she published Discourse on Woman in 1850. Lucretia Mott was also a member of the Society of Friends where it helped her to establish the Free Religion.


Association in Boston.

While still at it, Mott was a hardworking woman both at home and administration. She maintained her motherly routine where she also continued to advocate for African-Americans rights. In 1864 she founded Swarthmore College where she attended her activism calling.


Personal Life and Legacy

In the mid of 1848, Stanton and Mott took a stance where they signed the Seneca Falls Declaration. In the middle of 1850, Mott managed to release her first speech the Discourse of Women. At this point, she asserted that every being should be taken as equal and not as a compromise. Unfortunately, her life was cut short due to pneumonia.

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