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Famous Events For March 29

Famous Events For March 29 – Today In History

March 29: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 29  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

  1. 29th March 1461: Edward IV defeated Henry VI’s Lancastrians at the battle of Towdon and secured his claim for the English throne.
  2. 29th March 1549: The first capital of Brazil, the city of Salvador de Bahia was founded today.
  3. 29th March 1632: The Treaty of Saint-Germain was signed. Quebec was returned to French control after the English had seized it in 1629.
  4. 29th March 1638: In Delaware, the first permanent European settlement was established today.
  5. 29th March 1673: King Charles II accepted the Test Act: Roman Catholics were excluded from public functions.


    18th Century – What Happened on March 29 – The 1700s

  6. 29th March 1798: The Republic of Switzerland forms.

    19th Century – March 29 This Day That Year – The 1800s

  7. 29th March 1804: In Haiti, thousands of whites were massacred today.
  8. 29th March 1806: Construction was authorized of the Great National Pike, popularly known as Cumberland Road which became the first United States federal highway.
  9. 29th March 1831: The Great Bosnian Uprising: Bosniak rebels against Tey.
  10. 29th March 1847: Vera Cruz in Mexico was captured by 12,000 U.S. troops.
  11. 29th March 1847: U.S. troops led by General Winfield Scott took possession of the Mexican stronghold at Vera Cruz.
  12. 29th March 1848: An ice jam stopped flowing in Niagara Falls for one day.
  13. 29th March 1849: In India, Great Britain formally annexed Punjab after defeating the Sikhs.
  14. 29th March 1850: SS Royal Adelaide sinks in a storm. About 200 people lost their lives.
  15. 29th March 1852: More than 10 hours of work for women and children under 18 was made illegal in Ohio.

  16. 29th March 1857: The Indian Mutiny against British rule in India began with Indian troops that were in service of the British East India Company. Sepoy Mangal Pandey of the 34th Native Infantry refused orders on the parade ground at Barrackpore and was hanged leading to increased violence and mutiny.
  17. 29th March 1864: Great Britain gives the Ionian Islands back to Greece.
  18. 29th March 1867: Congress first approved the building of the Lincoln Memorial.
  19. 29th March 1867: The British Parliament today passed the North America Act to create the Dominion of Canada.
  20. 29th March 1871: The Royal Albert Hall was today opened by Queen Victoria of U. K., in London.
  21. 29th March 1882: The State of Connecticut today granted a charter to the Knights of Columbus organization today.
  22. 29th March 1897: Japan today adopted the Gold Standard.


    20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 29th – The 1900s

  23. 29th March 1901: Australia today held its first federal elections. Edmund Barton was elected Prime Minister.
  24. 29th March 1903: A regular news service was started between New York and London on Marconi’s wireless.
  25. 29th March 1906: 500,000 coal miners struck work today demanding higher wages in the United States.
  26. 29th March 1912: Captain Robert Scott, storm-bound in a tent near the South Pole, made a last entry in his diary “The end cannot be far”.
  27. 29th March 1913: To finance the new military budget, the Reichstag announced a raise in taxes today.
  28. 29th March 1916: The fifth attack on Isonzo was today called off by the Italians.
  29. 29th March 1932: Jack Benny today made his radio debut.
  30. 29th March 1936: Nazi propaganda today claimed that 99% of Germans voted for Nazi candidates.

  31. 29th March 1936: The city of Harar, the capital of Ethiopia was today firebombed by Italy.
  32. 29th March 1941: The British, today, sank five Italian warships off the coast of Peloponnesus in the Mediterranean.
  33. 29th March 1942: German submarine U-585 sinks.
  34. 29th March 1942: In the Barents Sea, the British cruiser HMS Trinidad torpedoed itself today.
  35. 29th March 1942: In World War II, the Bombing of Lübeck was the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.
  36. 29th March 1942: British destroyer HMS Campbeltown exploded in St Nazaire killing 400 Germans.
  37. 29th March 1943: The U.S. today began the rationing of meat, butter, and cheese during World War II.
  38. 29th March 1946: The God Coast became the first British colony to hold an African parliamentary majority.

  39. 29th March 1946: Fiorella LaGuardia became the director general of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Organization.
  40. 29th March 1949: Turkey recognizes Israel.
  41. 29th March 1951: MacArthur’s offer for a truce in Korea was today rejected by China.
  42. 29th March 1951: Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg were today convicted in the United States of conspiracy to commit espionage. They were executed on 19th June 1953.
  43. 29th March 1961: The 23rd amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allowed residents of Washington DC to vote for president, was ratified today.
  44. 29th March 1961: After standing trial for over 4 years Nelson Mandela was today acquitted of treason in Pretoria.
  45. 29th March 1962: Jack Paar today made his final appearance on the “Tonight” show.
  46. 29th March 1962: Cuba today opened the trial of the Bay of Pigs invaders.
  47. 29th March 1962: President of Argentina Arturo Frondizi flees from the army
  48. 29th March 1966: Leonid Brezhnev, today, became the First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party. He denounced the American policy in Vietnam calling it an aggression.
  49. 29th March 1967: France launched its first nuclear submarine today.
  50. 29th March 1968: Students today seized a building at Bowie State College.

  51. 29th March 1969: The Communist New People’s Army was founded today in the Phillippines.
  52. 29th March 1971: A jury in Los Angeles today recommended the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers for the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders. The death sentence was converted to life later.
  53. 29th March 1971: Conrad Van Emde Boas became West Europe’s first sexology professor.
  54. 29th March 1971: The development of a serum hepatitis vaccine for children was announced today.
  55. 29th March 1971: As a result of the M Lai massacre in Vietnam on 16th March 1968, Lt. William Calley Jr. of the US Army was found guilty of premeditated murder of at least 22 civilians of Vietnam. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  56. 29th March 1971: In Chile, President Allende nationalized banks and copper mines.
  57. 29th March 1973: The last of the US troops left South Vietnam, 9 years after the Tonkin Resolution.
  58. 29th March 1973: The Puerto Rican version of the rock opera “Tommy”, “Hommy”, opened in New York City.
  59. 29th March 1974: Chinese farmers today discovered the Terracotta Army near Xi’an, 8000 clay warrior statues were buried to guard the tomb of China’s first emperor QinShi Huang.
  60. 29th March 1974: Eight Ohio National Guardsmen were indicted on charges stemming from the shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University on the 4th All of them were acquitted later.

  61. 29th March 1974: The U.S. space probe Mariner 10 became the first spacecraft to reach the planet Mercury. It was launched on 3rd Nov 1973.
  62. 29th March 1975: Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, declared today that he would re-open the Suez Canal on 5th June 1975.
  63. 29th March 1979: The committee of assassinations today reported to the U.S. House of Representatives that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a result of conspiracy.
  64. 29th March 1981: USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk in USSR.
  65. 29th March 1982: An earthquake coupled with a volcanic eruption at El Chichon in southern Mexico, left thousands of people dead. The volcanic eruption caught people unaware and unprepared as it had not erupted for 130 years.
  66. 29th March 1983: Erno Rubik today received a patent for his magic cube.
  67. 29th March 1984: USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh.
  68. 29th March 1985: Christos Sartzetakis was today elected president of Greece.
  69. 29th March 1986: Six men who were charged with plotting to kill the Pope were today acquitted by a court in Rome.
  70. 29th March 1986: Beatle records officially go on sale in Russia.

  71. 29th March 1988: US Congress discontinues aid to Nicaraguan contras.
  72. 29th March 1989: The first private commercial rocket of the US, makes a suborbital test flight today.
  73. 29th March 1992: Bill Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner said “I didn’t inhale and I didn’t try it again”. He was referring to his experiment with marijuana.
  74. 29th March 1993: Clint Eastwood today won his first Oscars, for best film and best director for his film “Unforgiven”.
  75. 29th March 1993: In South Korea, the government agreed to pay financial support to women who had been forced to have sex with Japanese troops during World War II.
  76. 29th March 1994: A cease-fire agreement was today signed between Serbs and Croats to end the war of Croatia.
  77. 29th March 1995: A constitutional amendment limiting terms to 12 years in the U.S. House and Senate, was today rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives.
  78. 29th March 1998: Vasco da Gama Road bridge, the longest bridge in Europe was opened today in Lisbon, Portugal.
  79. 29th March 1999: The Dow Jones industrial average closed above the 10,000 mark for the first time.
  80. 29th March 1999: There was an earthquake in the Himalayan foothills of India. 87 people lost their lives in the quake.

    21st Century – March 29 This Day In History – The 2000s

  81. 29th March 2002: Israel today deployed tanks and armored personnel carriers to isolate Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who was considered an enemy of Israel, in his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.
  82. 29th March 2004: The Republic of Ireland became the first country in the world to ban smoking in all workplaces including bars and restaurants.
  83. 29th March 2004: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia became members of NATO today.
  84. 29th March 2006: A total solar eclipse has taken place which can be seen in places like Eastern Brazil, Western and North Africa, Turkey, Central Asia, and Mongolia.
  85. 29th March 2007: Notwithstanding President Bush’s veto threat, the Senate approved the $122 billion spending bill with a timeline for troop withdrawal. The bill requires start of the troop withdrawal process from Iraq to start120 days after its
  86. 29th March 2007: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia made a forceful appeal for Arab unity and denounced the U.S. policy in Iraq and the Palestinian embargo at the Arab League summit in Riyadh. He termed the U.S. presence in Iraq as illegal.
  87. 29th March 2009: A man shot and killed seven patients and a nurse at a nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina. The man was identified as Robert Stewart. The purpose of his shooting was unknown.
  88. 29th March 2010: The Skytree Tower in Tokyo became the tallest structure in Japan when it reached a height of 1,109 feet.
  89. 29th March 2010: Two female suicide bombers hit the Moscow Metro system at the peak of the morning rush hour killing 40 people.
  90. 29th March 2012: In Poland today a bus crashed into a trailer of a truck in the southern part of the country killing 8 people.
  91. 29th March 2013: In a blast outside the US consulate in Pakistan, 10 people were killed and 31 injured.
  92. 29th March 2013: American horse, Animal Kingdom, today won the 2013 Dubai World Cup.
  93. 29th March 2013: A sixteen-floor building collapsed in Dar es Saaam in Tanzania. 36 people were killed in the collapse.

  94. 29th March 2013: The UN regulation of International arms trade was today blocked by North Korea, Iran, and Syria.
  95. 29th March 2013: Buddhist monks in Colombo, Sri Lanka led an attack on a Muslim-owned warehouse for the clothing store “Fashion Bug”. Many people were injured. It is believed that the attack was a result of extreme Buddhist groups lobbying against the “Muslim lifestyle”.
  96. 29th March 2013: Soyuz TMA-08M sets a new record of 6 hours in orbit before docking with the International Space Station.
  97. 29th March 2013: In coordinated bombings on Shiite mosques in Iraq, 23 people were killed today.
  98. 29th March 2014: Andrej Kiska was today elected as President of Slovakia.
  99. 29th March 2014: Anti-government protests resumed as the protestors marched in the capital city of Bangkok, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and an overhaul of the political system.
  100. 29th March 2015: In the Nigerian General Election voting was extended to a second day. The death toll due to Boko Haram attacks stood at 43.

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