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Moon Astrology: Symbolism And Characteristics

Symbolism And Characteristics: Moon Astrology

Since ancient times, the Moon was worshiped under many names and considered the universal mother divinity. The cosmic egg from which all beings are created. His graphic image is the full Moon. Moon astrology, rather than dealing with personal identity, goes towards the support and the need that they can offer their relationships.


Your home is the sign of Cancer, is in exaltation in Pisces, in exile in Capricorn, and Virgo fall. Check around the zodiac in 27 days; the daily commute is about 13 º and is in each sign between two and a half days. It is an essential component of intellectual ability.


If the day we were born was a new Moon, we tend to focus on our creative projects. Be sensitive, but we worry, especially about the feelings of others. Some fear that hurt us, to feel hurt.

If there is a full Moon, we tend to be constantly concerned for others, insecure, and wondering if anyone was offended by our attitude. There is a fear of loneliness and abandonment.


Moon Symbolism

Our Moon symbolizes the need we all have to a greater or lesser degree that comforted us and that we want to satisfy our emotional life.

As the sun-seeking individual fulfillment as an independent person,

The sign where we have this planet and home suggests how and in what area of life we seek shelter and what we need to achieve our emotional well-being. Where we are more sensitive to the needs of others and also where we let influence, in that area of our life, is childish behavior, demanding protection.



Principle: fertility. The receptivity, the change, which is transitional material and negative. Mobility, relative to the phases, through every 28 days. The personality, the soul or astral psyche, the lower psychic aspect. I am a matriarch.

Features: feminine, negative, cold, and wet. Corresponds to the House IV and the sign of Cancer.


Symbolizes: silver. The popularity, the people, fertility, women, mothers, wives, changes, movements, and people, candid, shy, passive, fearful, silent young things. Water, lakes, rivers, ponds, and public places. Meetings of children and women, mass.

The family and home. You can develop superior emotional faculties such as faith, reverence, hope, charity, love, and peace. Liquids. Mirrors. Objects commonly used in cleaning. Business silverware. Substances are smooth and polished. Silver, beryl, crystal, moonstone, and pearls. Gray, blue, silver, opal, light blond, pale blue, and iridescent hues. Rana hare nightingale, parrot, swan, crab, and shellfish. Monday. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Zeeland.

Provisions: a public life, subordination, service spirit, psychology, psychic vision, small business, or public service. Food and Beverages. Fluctuating and very adaptable mentality.


Qualities: large carrying capacity, imagination, magnetism, plasticity, desire for change, intellectual receptivity, contemplative tendencies. Prone to prints. The inner life, the subconscious attraction. Sensitivity, passivity, generation, obedience, altruism, maternal love, and intuition. Respect for people regardless of age. Great sense of family and is very protective. Romantic and visionary. Mucha Moon hampers one’s will because it is more concerned with what happens in their environment or appears to have a certain lack of personality. Cycles in moods.

Defects (if distressed): dreamy spirit, timidity, inconsistency. Frivolity, susceptibility, excessive imagination, indecision, laziness, low memory, whims. Short attention span. Easily influenced. Unstable.

Occupation: domestic jobs, small businesses, public services, public administration-related works, liquid brewers. Constant occupation changes, peddlers, servants, sailors, midwives, nurses, and hoteliers.

Ruling: The functional harmony, the subconscious natural functions, stomach, and digestion. The Lymph. Internal female organs (womb), fluids, eye (left eye), and the sympathetic system.


Anatomy and conditions: the body substance acted on solar vitality. Taste. The alimentary canal. Female organs and functions of gestation. The lymphatic system and its disorders. The sympathetic nervous system. The star indicates the formation of periodic oscillations, menses, cyclic psychoses, sleepwalking, and epilepsy. The degeneration of the blood (chlorosis, leukemia, anemia), catarrhal conditions, and dropsy. Loosening overall sluggishness. The cerebellum and lower nodes.

The belly, breasts, especially the left side of the body, bowels, bladder, liver, and genital tract of women, and diseases of these parts. Endocrine imbalance, impaired vision, allergies, emotional depression, and poor health of the mucous membranes. Of medium height, the tendency to heaviness. Round face, pale complexion. Big sweet eyes. Hands and feet are short and thick, generally with short bones and irregular curves.

Pathological Effects

Pathological effects: dropsy, chlorosis, vomiting, scrofula, tumors and abscesses, poor eyesight, myopia – in Aries conjunctivitis -. Dolores and menstrual losses. Cold and flu. Fluidic disorders, stomach diseases, dizziness, hysteria, and epilepsy.

Lunar Type: inadequacies, atony, stagnations, and passivity. Sleepwalking. Tuberculosis. Ovarian failure.

There should never be surgery in transit when the Moon passes through the sign that governs the diseased part of the body or when the Moon transits through the natal Ascendant sign of the sick individual.

Plants and plants associated with the Moon: Aquatic plants generally cane. Tamarisk. Tilo. Poppy. Sleep-inducing poppy, lily, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, melon, water lily, melon, and Cucurbitaceae.

Lunar Type

Lunar Type: unstable destination; acquiring a definitive range is almost always tricky. Continuous changes. Frequent travel. Subaltern situations. The Lunar type used to be a satellite of any personality. Rather a tiny stature, plump and round body. Lymphatic externality, dreamy look, weak voice, lazy and confused gestures. Semicircular body shapes.

Carnes is poorly distributed without much consistency. Pale complexion. Almost round face, round face, abundant ash tone hair, pale, round, and slightly bulging eyes. Short and round nose, bad mouth shut with rounded lips. Small, fleshy chin.

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