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Riding The Gemini Solar Eclipse Square Into Neptune’s Murky Waters

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini

The moment of the eclipse is over, but the energy is still there to ride these cosmic waves towards your ideal future.

The Cosmos presents us with its version of a reboot to the planet (as well as to our systems) every time an eclipse occurs. A solar eclipse occurs in tandem with a New Moon, which is the natural time of the month to announce your goals to the Universe.


The idea is that those intentions will manifest at a Full Moon – if not the next Full Moon, then another one down the road. But I’m ahead of myself; we’ve got this new Moon eclipse to get through first – and how you choose to meet the circumstances that present themselves plays a role in how you will manifest your desires down the road.


For starters, this eclipse is calling upon us all to keep an open mind. Sometimes we look at or hear something that seems wildly improbable and altogether illogical. We may either dismiss it outright or question the possibility that there may be even a kernel of truth. At other times, the opposite effect occurs: we look at or hear something that seems altogether reasonable, based on what we know to be true, and accept it wholesale without delving into any type of critical inquiry. This may be the case for major news stories as well as trivial gossip.


In either case, I’m describing a more-than-meets-the-eye scenario. And that’s partly what this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini challenges us to delve into more deeply. This is all the more highlighted by communicative Mercury’s current transit through double-speak Gemini.

Eclipse in Gemini

The fact that the eclipse occurs in the sign of two of everything Gemini highlights the need to look for more than one pathway to the truth, as you understand it. You’ve heard the old saw that there are two sides to every story; this Gemini eclipse calls us to look for even more sides than that for, just as we live in a multi-dimensional universe, there are multiple issues
to grasp if you wish to ‘see’ clearly.


And, even then, you’ve got to factor in the very unique and personalized way in which you tend to filter information, knowledge, and experience. (Your Rising Sign reveals much about that, incidentally. If you could use an extra pair of eyes to determine how your own ‘filtration system’ works then, by all means, contact me for a reading.)

One reason why the quest for a glimpse behind the veil takes on such significance this week is that this eclipse is in a 90-degree square angle to nebulous Neptune. I’ve used a wide orb for this aspect because I think that Neptune is very much a part of this story – all the more emphasized by Neptune’s station retrograde the day after the eclipse, as well as Mercury square Neptune retrograde.

Another thing that presents itself with Neptune’s challenging solar eclipse is the need to let go of the outcome. It’s a New Moon: the timing is perfect to make your cosmic orders – but then, once you’ve written down your manifestation goals, give it up to the Cosmos and expect your dreams to manifest in their due time, which may be quite different from our human-made construct of time, especially if Saturn’s challenging angles to Pluto retrograde and Uranus have anything to do with it. When you put out your request to the Universe, think in these terms: you walk into a dark room and flick on a light switch.

You don’t stand there at the light switch obsessing over whether or not the light will come on, right? You flick a switch with the confidence that the natural outcome is for the light bulb to do its thing. Cosmic ordering is much like that: Place your order and let go of the outcome. You are not in control of all of the details; some faith is required on your part. And if you’re not someone who places faith in a Creator, for instance, then place your faith in the process of Life.

Mystic or a Material stance

Either way – whether you take a mystic or a material stance – one thing that science and mysticism agree on is that thoughts, being pure energy, shape external reality. And, this week, with Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries, and square Neptune retrograde in Pisces it begs the question: what is freedom of thought? This is not an academic question.

Now that most media are used as a means to manipulate people into ‘buying into’ something (whether it’s merchandise or a political agenda), how certain can you be that your mind is an independent operator? Neptune governs illusion on a mass scale and most people are aware of how subtly (or sometimes blatantly) we’re manipulated to ‘see’ or ‘believe’ one story or person over another. Mercury in The Twins Gemini tends to emphasize our natural capacity to polarize all things.

Neptune Square

And yet, if Neptune’s square to the eclipse and Mercury pose a problem, it also offers the solution, for Neptune points to the unity of all things, especially polarities. If you look a little deeper behind the veil of Neptunian illusions and Mercurial polarities, you will remember what has always been the truth: that all things are possible; that truth is in the eye of the beholder (Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries), and that All is One.

May this eclipse season (for there are two more to come in the next four weeks) be a steady vehicle that propels you closer to the truth of who you are: a magnificent being of light that is here to share with the world your unique take on what it means to be alive on Spaceship Earth in these magical and changing times.

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