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Famous Events For March 20

Famous Events For March 20 – Today In History

March 20: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 20  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

  1. 20th March 1602: The United Dutch East India Company (V O C) was formed today.
  2. 20th March 1616: Walter Raleigh was released today from the Tower of London to seek gold in Guyana.
  3. 20th March 1627: France and Spain today signed an accord to fight Protestantism.


    18th Century – What Happened on March 20 – The 1700s

  4. 20th March 1739: Nadir Shah of Persia occupied Delhi, in India today and took possession of the Peacock Throne.
  5. 20th March 1760: The great fire destroyed 349 buildings in Boston.
  6. 20th March 1792: The use of the guillotine in France was today approved by the Legislative Assembly in Paris.

    19th Century – March 20 This Day That Year – The 1800s

  7. 20th March 1816: The US Supreme Court today affirmed its right to review state court decisions.
  8. 20th March 1852: Today marks the publication of the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, subtitled “Life Among the Lowly”.
  9. 20th March 1865: A plan to abduct President Abraham Lincoln, by John Wilkes Booth failed when Lincoln changed his plan and did not appear at the Soldier’s Home near Washington D.C.

  10. 20th March 1883: The Unity treaty was signed in Paris today. This was aimed at protecting industrial property.
  11. 20th March 1886: The first alternating current power plant in the US began commercial operation today.
  12. 20th March 1890: The General Federation of Women’s Club was founded today.
  13. 20th March 1891: The first computing scale company was incorporated today in Dayton, OH.
  14. 20th March 1896: With a view of protecting US citizens in the wake of revolution US Marines landed today in Nicaragua.
  15. 20th March 1897: In New York today the first US Orthodox Jewish Rabbinical Seminary was incorporated.
  16. 20th March 1899: Martha M. Place, sentenced to death for the murder of her stepdaughter, became the first female prisoner to be executed in the electric chair at the Sing Sing prison.


    20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 20th – The 1900s

  17. 20th March 1900: It was announced today that the European powers had agreed to keep doors open for trade with China.
  18. 20th March 1902: The Anglo-Japanese alliance was today acknowledged by France and Russia. They asserted their right to protect their interest in China and Korea.
  19. 20th March 1903: The paintings of Henry Matisse were today shown at the “Salon des Independents” in Paris.
  20. 20th March 1906: There was a mutiny of army officers at Sevastopol in Russia.
  21. 20th March 1911: The National Squash Tennis Association was today formed in New York City.
  22. 20th March 1915: The Champagne offensive on the western front was today called off by the French.
  23. 20th March 1918: American aid was today asked by the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union to rebuild their army.

  24. 20th March 1922: The US troops were today ordered back from Rhineland by President Warner G. Harding of the US.
  25. 20th March 1922: The first aircraft carrier for the US Navy, the USS Langley was commissioned today.
  26. 20th March 1922: The US Post Master General, Hubert Work, today ordered that all homes must have mailboxes, else relinquish delivery of mail.
  27. 20th March 1933: Various European countries were discussing a new peace plan which leaders like Prime Minister Benito Mussolini of Italy and Prime Minister Ramsay Mac Donald of Great Britain were facilitating.
  28. 20th March 1933: The first German concentration camp at Dachau was completed today.
  29. 20th March 1934: In Kiel Germany, Rudolf Kuhnold today gave a demonstration of the radar.
  30. 20th March 1935: The American radio show “Your Hit Parade” debuted on the American airwaves today. It opened up opportunities for the most successful singers in the American Music Industry.
  31. 20th March 1940: An all-night air raid was conducted by the British Royal Air Force on the Nazi air base at Sylt, Germany.

  32. 20th March 1943: Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s forces were today attacked by the Allied forces.
  33. 20th March 1945: The British today liberated Mandalay in Burma from Japanese occupancy. Japan had in 1942 captured Mandalay.
  34. 20th March 1947: In the South Atlantic a blue whale weighing 180 metric tons was caught today.
  35. 20th March 1948: An Australian company that was hiring workers put up an advertisement today that it is willing to pay up to $32.00 to each employee that referred workers to the company (upon hire).
  36. 20th March 1952: The treaty with Japan was today ratified by the US Senate.
  37. 20th March 1954: The first newspaper vending machine was installed in Columbia, Pennsylvania.
  38. 20th March 1955: In Japan two Americans were held for involuntary manslaughter after a girl was shot. They were however acquitted later as the situation was ruled an accident.
  39. 20th March 1956: Tunisia today gained independence from France.
  40. 20th March 1956: U.S.S.R performs nuclear test test.
  41. 20th March 1956: The 156-day strike in Westinghouse Electric Corporation, ended today.

  42. 20th March 1956: Today Mount Benzymianny on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the USSR exploded.
  43. 20th March 1957: Britain accepts NATO’s offer to mediate peace in Cyprus, but Greece rejects it.
  44. 20th March 1963: The “Pop Art” exhibit began today in New York City.
  45. 20th March 1963: The US Air Force planned to use chute-less parachutes. Assault troops would soon be exiting aircraft without parachutes fairly soon.
  46. 20th March 1964: The European Space Research Organization (ESRO) was established today.
  47. 20th March 1965: Today 4000 troops were ordered by US President Lyndon B Johnson, for the protection of the Selma-Montgomery civil rights marchers.
  48. 20th March 1966: The World Cup which was kept on display in Westminster Hall in London, before the start of the World Cup. It was found a week later in a South London garden. It was lying in the garden, wrapped in a newspaper.
  49. 20th March 1969: US Senator Edward Kennedy called on the US today to close all bases in Taiwan.
  50. 20th March 1969: US President Richard Nixon today proclaimed that he would end the Vietnam War in 1970.
  51. 20th March 1972: During an Avalanche, 19 mountaineers were killed on Mount Fuji in Japan.
  52. 20th March 1974: There was an attempt to kidnap Prince Ann and her husband Captain Mark Phillips as they were returning to Buckingham Palace. They escaped the kidnap attempt.

  53. 20th March 1976: For her role in the hold-up in San Francisco Bank, Patricia Hearst was convicted today.
  54. 20th March 1977: The municipal elections in France were won by Communists/Socialists.
  55. 20th March 1977: Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India lost the general elections.
  56. 20th March 1980: The US today made an appeal to the International Court regarding the American hostages in Iran.
  57. 20th March 1981: Isabel Peron, the ex-president of Argentina was today sentenced to eight years in a convent.
  58. 20th March 1982: France performed a nuclear test today.
  59. 20th March 1982: The US scientists who were on an expedition to Antarctica, returned today with the fossils of the first land mammals found there.
  60. 20th March 1984: The US Senate today rejected an amendment to permit spoken prayer in public schools.
  61. 20th March 1985: Avon representatives today received a salary for the first time in 99 years. Till now they were only paid commissions.
  62. 20th March 1986: The first lesbian and gay rights legislation was passed by New York City.
  63. 20th March 1987: The US Food and Drug Administration today approved AZT, a drug that was proven to slow the progress of AIDS.

  64. 20th March 1987: NASA today launched Palapa B2P.
  65. 20th March 1988: In the Eritrean War of Independence the Peoples Liberation, after defeating the Nadew Command enters the town of Afabet, Victoriously concluding the battle of Afabet.
  66. 20th March 1989: Two policemen were today killed in Belfast for which the IRA claimed responsibility.
  67. 20th March 1989: The deputy director of the CIA, Robert M Gates was today replaced by Richard J Kerr.
  68. 20th March 1990: Namibia today became independent, ending 75 years of South African rule.
  69. 20th March 1990: To quell ethnic riots that had broken in Rumania, tanks were sent to the town of Tirgu Mures.
  70. 20th March 1991: Pop singer Michael Jackson today signed a $65 million deal with Sony Records for 6 albums.
  71. 20th March 1991: An American Jet fighter shot down an Iraqi SU-22 which was operating after an unofficial cease-fire agreement was made.
  72. 20th March 1991: The US Supreme Court today unanimously ruled that employers could not exclude women from jobs where exposure to toxic chemicals could damage the fetus.
  73. 20th March 1991: The US today wrote off the $ 2 million loan to Poland.
  74. 20th March 1992: Panama’s General and dictator Manual Noriega’s wife Falicidad was arrested for stealing buttons from dresses.
  75. 20th March 1993: An Irish Republican Army bomb was detonated today in Warrington. Two boys, one three-year-old and the other 12 years old were killed.
  76. 20th March 1993: Emergency rule was declared by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He set a referendum on whether people wanted the hard-line Congress to govern or they trusted him.

  77. 20th March 1994: El Salvador holds its first Presidential election followed by a 12-year civil war.
  78. 20th March 1995: In Tokyo, packages containing nerve gas were released in separate subway trains by terrorists belonging to the doomsday cult. Twelve people were killed and over 5,500 were taken ill.
  79. 20th March 1995: In pursuit of the separatist rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), 35,000 Turkish troops crossed the northern border of Iraq.
  80. 20th March 1996: It was announced in the UK that humans can catch the Mad Cow Disease (MCD).
  81. 20th March 1996: Eric and Lyle Menendez, in Los Angeles, were found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of their parents.
  82. 20th March 1998: The Indian government today pledged to “excise the option to induct nuclear weapons”.
  83. 20th March 1999: The Earth was circumnavigated for the first time in a hot air balloon by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones. The non-stop trip began on 3rd March and covered a distance of 26,500 miles.

    21st Century – March 20 This Day In History – The 2000s

  84. 20th March 2000: Pope John Paul II visited the Holy Land-Jordan, Israel, and Palestine.
  85. 20th March 2001: The world’s largest oil rig, Petrobras 36 Oil Platform sank with 400,000 US gallons of fuel and crude oil on board, after suffering three explosions on March 15th.
  86. 20th March 2003: The British and American forces today invaded Iraq from Kuwait.
  87. 20th March 2003: It was today announced by Cisco Systems Incorporated that it was buying The Linksys Group Inc. for $ 50 million in stock.
  88. 20th March 2003: American missiles today hit the Iraqi capital Bagdad signaling the US-led campaign to unseat Saddam Hussein.
  89. 20th March 2004: Stephen Harper was today elected leader of the newly elected Conservative Party of Canada to become its first leader.
  90. 20th March 2005: An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 struck Fukuoka in Japan. This was Japan’s first major earthquake in over 100 years. One person was killed and hundreds were injured and evacuated.

  91. 20th March 2006: In Eastern Chad, members of the rebel UFDC, a rebel movement that sought to overthrow Chadian President Idriss Deby, killed about 150 Chadian soldiers.
  92. 20th March 2010: At the 56th National Film Awards in India, the film “Antaheen” won the Golden Lotus.
  93. 20th March 2010: Nepal declares a national day of mourning in honor of Girija Prasad Koirala an elder statesman of South Asia who died at the age of 86 in Katmandu.
  94. 20th March 2012: There was a wave of terror attacks across ten cities in Iraq which killed 50 and injured 240.
  95. 20th March 2012: A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.4 struck near the border states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.
  96. 20th March 2013: Zillur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh, died in office, after a long illness at a hospital in Singapore. He was 84.
  97. 20th March 2013: Pierre Deligne won the 2013 Abel Prize in mathematics.
  98. 20th March 2014: The increase in Asian demand for Champagne will represent increased export growth. Japan is currently the fourth largest export market behind the U.K., the U.S., and Germany.
  99. 20th March 2015: Aducanumab, a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s was developed by Biogen. The drug has shown success in reducing the rate of mental impairment in trials.
  100. 20th March 2016: American President Barack Obama arrived in Cuba for a 2-day tour. He became the first US president to visit Cuba since 1928.

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