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March 20 Famous Birthdays

March 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 20 are funny Pisces. They don’t ever meet a stranger and find it easy to make everyone laugh. However, they are not like the other fishes. People think they are weird. Compared to most, I guess they are.

The March 20th famous birthdays have many talents. But they can be reclusive. Being isolated gives them the opportunity to think and to plan. They have goals they want to meet on time. Their friends think the world of them. Although they don’t have many friends or even many family members in their circle, they should keep them close.


As a profession, famous people born on March 20th should look to caring for others. Maybe a doctor or a nurse is a good match when it comes to looking for work in the health care field. When it comes to being thrifty, they could write a book. They love to visit the local thrift or consignment stores to find interesting and low priced items.


Famous people born on March 20 are adaptable personalities. This Pisces zodiac individual wants freedom more than anything. Typically, they expect anyone close to them to be understanding of this. On the other hand, they can be isolated and withdrawn. Below are a list if famous March 20th birthday celebrities.


March 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20th March Good Traits:

  • Original
  • Compliant
  • Magnetic
  • Inquisitive

20th March Bad Traits:

  • Stubborn
  • Vicious
  • Excessive
  • Inflexible
  • Wary

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March 20th Famous Birthday Personalities

2mgovercsquared, 1991, YouTube Star
Abraham Beame, 1906, Politician
Adam Freier, 1980, Rugby Player
AJ Jacobs, 1968, Memoirist
Aleah Simpson, 2005, Dancer
Alex Edelman, 1989, Comedian
Alex Jamieson, 1975, Chef
Alex Kapranos, 1972, Rock Singer
Alex Whiteford, 1991, Guitarist
Alka Yagnik, 1966, World Music Singer
Amy Aquino, 1957, TV Actress
Andre Crawford, 1962, Criminal
Andrei Sokolov, 1963, Chess Player
Andrew McQuinn, 1985, TV Producer
Angel Taylor, 1988, Pop Singer
Anne Bradstreet, 1612, Poet
Ant Ortiz, 1991, Instagram Star
Arath Delatorre, 1975, TV Actor
Arjun Atwal, 1973, Golfer
Ashley Jay, 1989, Family Member
Ashlyn Martin, 1946, Model
Barron Trump, 2006, Family Member

BeBe Zahara Benet, 1981, Reality Star
Beth Jordan, 2000, YouTube Star
BF Skinner, 1904, Scientist
Bianca Lawson, 1979, TV Actress
Biel, 1996, Pop Singer
Bill Martin Jr., 1916, Children’s Author
Billy Bibby, 1990, Guitarist
Bobby Hornsby, 1990, Boxer
Bobby Orr, 1948, Hockey Player
Brian Dannelly, 1973, Screenwriter
Brian Mulroney, 1939, Politician
Britton Colquitt, 1985, Football Player
Bruce Wagner, 1954, Novelist
Camille Cosby, 1944, Family Member
Caprice Coleman, 1977, Wrestler
Carl Palmer, 1950, Drummer
Carl Reiner, 1922, TV Actor
Carlos Luis Torres, 1968, Soccer Player
Catherine Ashton, 1956, Politician
Catherine McNeil, 1989, Model
Cathy Debuono, 1970, Volleyball Player
Cecil Newton Jr., 1986, Football Player
Cedric Yarbrough, 1973, TV Actor
Celine Rae, 1996, Pop Singer
Chad Michaels, 1971, Reality Star
Charley Hull, 1996, Golfer
Charlie Simmer, 1954, Hockey Player
Charly Martin, 1984, Football Player
Chase Coleman, 1985, TV Actor
Chester Bennington, 1976, Rock Singer
Chilly Gonzales, 1972, Music Producer
Chris August, 1982, Rock Singer
Chris Hoiles, 1965, Baseball Player
Chris Hollins, 1971, TV Show Host
Chris Wedge, 1957, Director
Christian Daniel, 1984, World Music Singer
Christy Carlson Romano, 1984, TV Actress
Clare Crawley, 1981, Reality Star
Danger Dolan, 1986, YouTube Star
Daniel Cormier, 1979, MMA Fighter
Danny Garcia, 1988, Boxer
Dave Tango, 1985, Reality Star
David Thewlis, 1963, Movie Actor
Dean Geyer, 1986, Pop Singer

Declan Bennett, 1981, Rock Singer
Dennis Wideman, 1983, Hockey Player
Don Edwards, 1939, Country Singer
Dr Zeus, 1976, World Music Singer
Duncan Ban Macintyre, 1724, Poet
Edgar Buchanan, 1903, TV Actor
Edmund Goulding, 1891, Screenwriter
Edoardo Ballerini, 1970, TV Actor
Eiji Kawashima, 1983, Soccer Player
Elisabeth Bourgine, 1957, Movie Actress
Elliott Hanna, 2003, Stage Actor
Emilia Attias, 1987, TV Actress
Emily Giffin, 1972, Young Adult Author
Emma Willis, 1976, TV Actress
Eric Drysdale, 1969, Screenwriter
Erica Luttrell, 1982, TV Actress
Eva Gray, 1971, Stage Actress
Evan Ambrosio, 1989, Drummer
Exploring With Josh, 1993, YouTube Star
Faith Leon, 1985,
Fei Fei Sun, 1989, Model
Fernando Torres, 1984, Soccer Player
Fiona Wade, 1979, TV Actress
Francesco Sole, 1993, YouTube Star
Frank Stanton, 1908, Entrepreneur

Fred Rogers, 1928, TV Actor
Frederick Winslow Taylor, 1856, business exective
Freema Agyeman, 1979, TV Actress
Friedrich Holderlin, 1770, Poet
Fritz Pfleumer, 1881, Entrepreneur
George Godfrey, 1853, Boxer
George John, 1987, Soccer Player
George Topîrceanu, 1886, Poet
German Robles, 1929, Movie Actor
Grace Bruce, 1991, YouTube Star
Greg Searle, 1972, Rower
Gregory Murtha, 1988, YouTube Star
Hal Linden, 1931, TV Actor
Harold Mabern, 1936, Guitarist
Head I.C.E, 1960, Rapper
Henrik Ibsen, 1828, Playwright
Henrik Ibsen, 1828, Playwright
Hesta Prynn, 1978, DJ
Holly Hunter, 1958, Movie Actress
Hugh MacLennan, 1907, Novelist
Ian Moss, 1955, Guitarist
Ingrid Kavelaars, 1971, TV Actress
Israel Rodriguez, 1982, TV Actor
Jack Barry, 1918, Game Show Host
Jack Kruschen, 1922, TV Actor
Jack Lyall, 2002, Stage Actor
Jafar Jabbarly, 1899, Poet
Jake Guzik, 1886, Criminal
Jake Hoffman, 1981, Movie Actor
Jake Marcionette, 2001, Young Adult Author
Jakub Gierszal, 1988, Movie Actor
Jalen Collins, 1993, Football Player
Jam Sebastian, 1986, YouTube Star
Jamal Crawford, 1980, Basketball Player
James Barr, 1924, Religious Leader
James Bradshaw, 1976, TV Actor
James Clunie, 1889, Politician
Jamie Mathias, 1991, Bassist
Jane March, 1973, Movie Actress
Janine Kunze, 1974, TV Actress
Jean-Antoine Houdon, 1741, Sculptor
Jeff Tutuana, 1982, Soccer Player
Jenni Vartiainen, 1983, Pop Singer
Jennifer Arroyo, 1975, Bassist
Jeremy Larner, 1937, Poet
Jerry Reed, 1937, Country Singer
Jim Sears, 1931, Football Player
Jimmie Vaughan, 1951, Guitarist
Jionni LaValle, 1987, Family Member
JJ Castillo, 1974, YouTube Star
Jo, 1987, Soccer Player
Joanna Hausmann, 1989, Comedian
Joe Conaboy, 1994, Pop Singer
Joe McGinnity, 1871, Baseball Player
John Cameron, 1944, Composer
John De Lancie, 1948, TV Actor
John Grogan, 1957, Autobiographer
John Moraga, 1984, MMA Fighter
Johnny Powers, 1943, Wrestler
Jonas Bridges, 2001, YouNow Star
Jonathan Daniels, 1939, Civil Rights Leader
Julio Voltio, 1977, Reggae Singer
Justin Faulk, 1992, Hockey Player
Justine Ezarik, 1984, YouTube Star
Kamiah Adams, 1993, Reality Star
Kang Ji-Hwan, 1977, TV Actor
Karen Steele, 1931, Movie Actress
Kari Ann Peniche, 1984, Model
Kasey James, 1982, Wrestler
Kathryn Harrison, 1961, Autobiographer
Kathy Ireland, 1963, Model
Keenan Cahill, 1995, YouTube Star
Keven Mealamu, 1979, Rugby Player
Kevin Betsy, 1978, Soccer Player
Kevin Hernandez, 1997, Movie Actor
Kevin Vieira, 1996, YouTube Star
Koston Eaton, 2008, Skateboarder
Larry Elgart, 1922, Saxophonist
Latisha Tankard, 1987, Reality Star
Lauren Fendrick, 1982, Volleyball Player
Lawrence Makoare, 1968, Movie Actor
Lee Scratch Perry, 1936, Music Producer
Leo Flanagan, 1995, TV Actor
LeTesha Marrow, 1976, Family Member
Lili Estefan, 1967, TV Show Host
Lincoln Palomeque, 1977, TV Actor
Linda Larkin, 1970, Voice Actor
Lindsay Ell, 1989, Country Singer
Lisa Corrao, 1975, Comedian
Liza Snyder, 1968, TV Actress
Lois Lowry, 1937, Children’s Author
Louie Vito, 1988, Snowboarder
Louis Sachar, 1954, Children’s Author
Lt. Lickme, 1996, YouTube Star
Luca Cruz Comrie, 2012, Family Member
Lucie Jones, 1991, Pop Singer
Luisito Comunica, 1991, YouTube Star
Madan Lal, 1951, Cricket Player
Madison Watkins, 1995, Pop Singer
Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, 1969, TV Actress
Maggie Estep, 1963, Poet
Mal Walden, 1945, News Anchor
Mannie Fresh, 1969, Music Producer
Marc Warren, 1967, TV Actor
Marcos Rojo, 1990, Soccer Player
Marcus Denmon, 1990, Basketball Player
Marcus Vick, 1984, Football Player
Maria Del Cerro, 1985, Model
Marian McPartland, 1918, Pianist
Mary Ellen Mark, 1940, Photographer
Mary Roach, 1959, Non-Fiction Author
Mason Gonzales, 1999, Vine Star
Matt Barnes, 1989, Bassist
Mattia Destro, 1991, Soccer Player
Mavournee Hazel, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Menaye Donkor, 1981, Entrepreneur
Mendy Pellin, 1982, Comedian
Mews Small, 1942, Movie Actress
Michael Cassidy, 1983, TV Actor
Michael Lowry, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Michael Rapaport, 1970, Movie Actor
Michael Redgrave, 1908, Stage Actor
Mike Francesa, 1954, Radio Host
Mike Mills, 1966, Director
Mikey Day, 1980, TV Actor
Molly Mesnick, 1984, Reality Star
Mookie Blaylock, 1967, Basketball Player
Morgan Amalfitano, 1985, Soccer Player
Mort Dixon, 1892, Songwriter
Murray Bartlett, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Nandi Mngoma, 1988, Pop Singer
Nasiba Zeynalova, 1916, Movie Actress
Natacha Atlas, 1964, World Music Singer
Neal Dow, 1804, Politician
Nick Blood, 1982, TV Actor
Nick Gallo, 1984, Vine Star
Nick Leddy, 1991, Hockey Player
Nick Paul, 1995, Hockey Player
Nick Wheeler, 1982, Guitarist
Nicky Boje, 1973, Cricket Player
Nicolas Lombaerts, 1985, Soccer Player
Olga Katysheva, 1990, Instagram Star
Ollie Locke, 1987, Reality Star
Ozzie Nelson, 1906, TV Actor
Pamela Harriman, 1920, Family Member
Pat Riley, 1945, Basketball Coach
Paul Annacone, 1963, Tennis Coach
Paul Merson, 1968, Soccer Player
Paul Wahlberg, 1964, Chef
Paula Garces, 1974, Movie Actress
Pedro Lamy, 1972, Race Car Driver
Phil Judd, 1953, Rock Singer
Potsy Clark, 1894, Football Coach
Prince Eazy, 1993, Rapper
Quinn Starner, 2002, Dancer
Ragon Miller, 1991, Dancer
Rainer Kattel, 1974, Politician
Ray Goulding, 1922, Radio Host
Raymond Cattell, 1905, Scientist
Renato Salvatori, 1933, Movie Actor
Richa Gangopadhyay, 1990, Movie Actress
Rickey Jackson, 1958, Football Player
Robb Wells, 1971, TV Actor
Robbie Lawler, 1982, MMA Fighter
Robert Swindells, 1939, Young Adult Author
Robertas Javtokas, 1980, Basketball Player
Rollo Weeks, 1987, Movie Actor
Ronnie Brewer, 1985, Basketball Player
Rory Fallon, 1982, Soccer Player
Rosetta Tharpe, 1915, Gospel Singer
Ruby Muhammad, 1907, Religious Leader
Ruby Rose, 1986, Model
Ruddy Rodriguez, 1967, Model
Sami Slimani, 1990, YouTube Star
Sandeul, 1992, Pop Singer
Sapardi Djoko Damono, 1940, Poet
Sara Wheeler, 1961, Non-Fiction Author
Sasha Belle, 1986, Reality Star
Scott Gardiner, 1976, Golfer
Segundo Cernadas, 1972, TV Actor
Shilique Calhoun, 1992, Football Player
Sigi Schmid, 1953, Soccer Coach
Sloane Stephens, 1993, Tennis Player
Sonny Fai, 1988, Rugby Player
Sophia Sassoon, 1990, Reality Star
Sophie Falkiner, 1974, TV Show Host
Spike Lee, 1957, Director
Stephen Georg, 1989, YouTube Star
Stephen Sommers, 1962, Screenwriter
Steve Borden, 1959, Wrestler
Steve Maneri, 1988, Football Player
Steve McFadden, 1959, Soap Opera Actor
Steven Spence, 1988, DJ
Takenaka Naoto, 1956, Movie Actor
Tame One, 1970, Rapper
Tamim Iqbal, 1989, Cricket Player
Tanja Savic, 1985, Pop Singer
Tanya Boyd, 1951, TV Actress
Tasia Alexis, 1998, Vine Star
Taylor Davis, 1987, Violinist
Tessa Violet, 1990, YouTube Star
Theresa Russell, 1957, TV Actress
Tiffany Poirier, 1980, Children’s Author
Tina Keeper, 1962, TV Producer
Toby Love, 1985, World Music Singer
Tom Olbison, 1991, Rugby Player
Tomasz Kuszczak, 1982, Soccer Player
Tommy Meyer, 1990, Soccer Player
Tony Perkins, 1963, Politician
Toure, 1971, TV Show Host
Tyler Shelton, 1994, YouTube Star
Ultra Nate, 1968, Pop Singer
Valtteri Filppula, 1984, Hockey Player
Vanessa Bell Calloway, 1957, Movie Actress
Vaughn Meader, 1936, Comedian
Vera Lynn, 1917, Pop Singer
Victor Calderone, 1967, DJ
Vitalina Sidorkina, 1994, Model
Wilds P. Richardson, 1861, Explorer
William Hurt, 1950, Movie Actor
William Yarbrough, 1989, Soccer Player
Xavier Dolan, 1989, Voice Actor
Yelena Romanova, 1963, Runner
Yu Asakawa, 1975, Voice Actor
Yvette Cooper, 1969, Politician
Zonnique Pullins, 1996, R&B Singer


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